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Thursday, Dec 14, 2017

Homefront: The Revolution Free Weekend and Homefront for Free

Steam News announces a free weekend is underway for Homefront: The Revolution, coinciding with a sale on the shooter sequel and another chance to get the original Homefront for free for the next 24 hours. Here's word:
Play Homefront®: The Revolution for FREE starting now through Sunday at 1PM Pacific Time. You can also pickup Homefront®: The Revolution at 75% off the regular price!*

You can also get a free copy of the original Homefront to keep forever! Offer valid until Friday 10AM Pacific Time

If you already have Steam installed, click here to install or play Homefront®: The Revolution. If you don't have Steam, you can download it here.

*Offer ends Monday at 10AM Pacific Time

H1Z1 Free Week Underway

The promised free week for H1Z1 is now underway. Steam News has the details, saying the battle royale game is also now on sale for 75% off. This post has more details on the news:
STARTS: Thursday Dec. 14th 10am PST
ENDS: Thursday Dec. 21st 10am PST

H1Z1 Free Week has arrived!

That's right, H1Z1 is now holding a FREE WEEK. It's time to grab some friends, download the game, and begin to drop in. Whether you go out guns blazing or sneak attack unsuspecting victims from the bushes, you’ve got to do whatever it takes to be the last one standing.

Have an awesome moment from this week? Tweet to us @H1Z1 with #H1Z1FreeWeek!

Here's a handy FAQ for new and current players:

    To download the game for free on Steam once the free week has started, GO HERE.
    Definitely! You can play with anyone who already owns the game or is also enjoying the free week.
    H1Z1 is currently available for 75% Off on Steam!
    All of your progress will carry over if you decide to purchase.
    The full game! Play solos, duos, fives, Combat Zone, and everything else present in the full version.

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Wolfenstein II: The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe Released announces the release of Wolfenstein II: The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe the first of three DLC packs that make up the Freedom Chronicles Season Pass for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Here's a trailer along with a description of what this brings to the first-person shooter:
The Freedom Chronicles’ first episode, “The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe,” is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. If you played Episode Zero of The Freedom Chronicles, you’ve already gotten a taste of the action Gunslinger Joe brings to the table. The Adventures of Gunslinger Joe features former professional football player Joseph Stallion as he barrels through legions of Nazis using his Ram Shackle ability. Follow him from the devastated ruins of Chicago to the vastness of space in the first in a series of three DLC packs, each starring a unique hero. Gunslinger Joe’s tale is available as part of the Freedom Chronicles Season Pass, which you can pick up for $24.99 (US) / £17.99 (UK) / $34.95 (AUS) / €24.99 (EUR).

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, you can download the free trial right now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC and play through the entire first level of the game. All your save data will carry over when you upgrade to the full game.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus launched on October 27 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, to widespread praise from the critics and community. Wolfenstein II even took home the coveted Best Action Game award at this year’s Game Awards and has been nominated in many press outlets’ “Best of 2017” lists.
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IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz Edition

IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover Blitz Edition is now available on Steam, offering an updated version of this Windows combat flight simulator. This carries a 25% launch discount, and it is a completely free upgrade for owners of the original version. Here's a trailer with a look along with word on what's improved here:
1C Game Studios, in partnership with Team Fusion Simulations, is proud to announce the release of a completely updated and improved BLITZ edition of the realistic air combat simulator IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover.

Already known for its incredibly detailed cockpits, massively popular Multiplayer, and complex flight, engine, weapons and damage systems, Cliffs of Dover has now been updated to state-of-the-art DX11 graphics and has had over 20 new flyable aircraft types and variants added to it.

In addition to the 25 original Spitfire, Hurricane, Bf-109 and Bf-110 types, players now have the opportunity to fly new aircraft, such as the rare Bf-109E-4N with its high octane, high-rpm engine and 30mm cannon. Players can also experience the C-6 ground attack version of the Bf-110 and the powerful twin-engine Bristol Beaufighter in both day and night-fighter versions.

Glorious new autumn and winter maps allow players to continue the campaign later into 1940 and the era of the 'Blitz'.

Completely revised special effects and damage visuals provide spectacular detail, allowing players to savor the effects of their powerful weapons before sending their opponent’s aircraft crashing and burning to the ground.

Speaking of which, new ground textures and scenery, as well as newly implemented cloud systems, provide for a stunning environment to fly over and through, using the revised and improved flight model that provides the accuracy and fidelity flight sim fans expect. On top of all that, new high-fidelity sounds bring the experience of virtual flight to life.

This title is a must-have for experienced flight sim enthusiasts as well as newcomers to the genre, and will provide endless hours of entertainment in the company of an established, numerous and dedicated online community.
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Hyper Universe Free Weekend

Another free weekend for Hyper Universe will offer one last chance to check out this side-scrolling MOBA before its official launch. Previous free weekends ran through the Nexus Launcher, but this time around they are testing the game on Steam. There is currently a "play game" button, but this doesn't work yet, as they say testing gets underway tomorrow. "We were excited to offer our passionate community the opportunity to join Hyper Universe’s Early Access period, allowing them to test the game and provide their valuable feedback," said Jungsoo Lee, General Manager of Nexon America. "The development team has made great strides since beginning the process and remain committed to supporting Hyper Universe through launch and beyond. We’re looking forward to getting the final game into the hands of our loyal fans and new players soon after gathering feedback from this important test period."

Fade to Silence Early Access

Early access for Fade to Silence is now available on Steam, challenging players to overcome the elements and other challenges in this Windows survival game. A new release trailer accompanies the news, which includes the following overview of the game:
In Fade to Silence, players take on the role of Ash, a natural leader forced to battle the elements and eldritch monsters in a post-apocalyptic environment blanketed in #EndlessWinter. Today’s Early Access launch will introduce players to the concept of simple mission as full expedition – whether collecting materials, upgrading equipment, building camp or defeating horrific supernatural creatures, players will continually struggle to navigate dynamic, accumulating snow, real-time snow trails, and completely immersive weather effects such as blizzards.

Surviving Mars Dome Trailer

A new trailer from Surviving Mars and a new developer diary look at the role domes will play in the upcoming space colonization game. Here's a bit on why there's no place like dome:
Beautiful, aren't they? The Domes are, at least in my eyes, the most iconic pieces of art in the game. Inspired by the classic somewhat naive, somewhat optimistic retro sci-fi aesthetics, these points of light in the Martian night represent our idealized idea for the first human settlement on another planet.

Our goal was not hard realism. Realistically, a manned colony on Mars would almost certainly be at least partially underground, and even if dome-like structures are employed, they would probably not look like our Domes. However, an underground colony will not be very appealing to live in, and we wanted to create a place that invokes the sentiment "Wow, I really want to leave Earth and go live there!"
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etc., etc.

Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan Early Access

Early access to Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan is now available on the Wild Buster website and Steam, offering a science fiction MMORPG featuring fast-paced hack-and-slash combat. Though early access underway, there is still the chance to support this project through its Indiegogo campaign. The game will also feature crossover characters Serious Sam and Duke Nukem, both of whom are shown off in the launch trailer. Here's word:
Publisher Insel Games and developer Nuri Works release their sci-fi MMO-ARPG Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan via Steam Early Access today, thus entering the next phase of its development cycle after several closed Alpha and Beta tests. To top off the tongue-in-cheek humour, full-fledged MMO systems and action-packed Hack’n’Slash gameplay, famous FPS heroes Duke Nukem and Serious Sam will join the line-up.

Wild Buster offers a challenging and fast paced combat system, unique skills per hero as well as a dodging system to evade bosses’ attacks during an action packed and hectic battle. Only those keeping an eye on their health and stamina bar might be able to save themselves from a critical hit. For extra backup, players can form groups of five to fend off the sinister cyborgs of the Broken, no matter which faction they belong to, because in Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan players from both factions can team up to maximize their damage.

The guild system and Raid dungeons offer more co-op possibilities and by mastering the crafting system players can enhance their loot to the max. The heroes of Titan do not only need to overcome difficult challenges in PvE, the real deal takes place in the PvP arena mode “Squad League”, where players compete in 5v5 matches in a play of power to determine which team is best.
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Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide: Death on the Reik Released

Death on the Reik is now available on Steam, offering new DLC for Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide, the fantasy action game for Windows. For those committed to the series, the Death on the Reik pack is also offered as a free bonus for those who pre-purchase Warhammer: Vermintide 2, the sequel that's expected in Q1 2018. This trailer introduces the DLC, and here's more:
Fatshark, an independent developer and publisher, today released Death on the Reik - a new DLC to their million selling hit game Warhammer®: End Times - Vermintide™.

“The announcement of Vermintide 2 does not slow things down for our heroes at present, as the Skaven continue to execute their insane plans and attacks” says Martin Wahlund, CEO Fatshark. “The adventure is still expanding, and all heroes are needed if we are to come out victorious”.

$6,99/€6,99 brings the players two new levels called Reikwald Forest and The River Reik, as well as a new melee weapon type, new achievements, and more.
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Take-Two Launches Private Division

Take-Two Interactive announces they are launching a new publishing arm called Private Division calling this "a developer-focused publisher that empowers independent studios to develop the games that they are passionate about creating." Private is Take-Two's third separate publishing label, taking its place alongside 2K and Rockstar Games, and will occupy offices in New York City, Seattle, and Munich. offers a private discussion of Private Division in a chat with Take-Two's Michael Worosz. Here's an outline of the plan and who's on board to start with:
Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ:TTWO) today announced the formation of Private Division, a new publishing label comprised of proven games industry veterans that is dedicated to bringing titles from top independent developers to market. Private Division is a developer-focused publisher that empowers independent studios to develop the games that they are passionate about creating, while providing the support that they need to make their titles critically and commercially successful on a global scale.

Private Division will publish several upcoming titles* based on new IP from renowned industry creative talent, including the previously announced Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey from Panache Digital Games, a studio led by the creator of the Assassin’s Creed franchise Patrice Désilets; an unannounced RPG currently codenamed Project Wight from The Outsiders, a studio founded by ex-DICE developers David Goldfarb and Ben Cousins; an unannounced RPG from Obsidian Entertainment led by Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, co-creators of Fallout; and an unannounced sci-fi first-person shooter from V1 Interactive, a studio founded by Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto. Additionally, Private Division is the publisher for Kerbal Space Program, which Take-Two acquired in May, 2017.

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Out of the Blue

Well, my second cold of the autumn is being a little nastier than my first one. Last time I was over it in three days and wasn't really too sick at all, but this time my URI is hanging around longer and making me feel worse, making it difficult to sleep last night. This shouldn't interfere with our plans to see The Last Jedi this evening, but I'm wondering if it will interfere with my doctor's appointment. My annual physical is coming up and today I am supposed to go to give some blood for them to test. I don't think being sick should affect this, but I'll call when they open to double-check. In unfortunate timing we also got snow last night which is still trickling in, so I'm going to have to drag my sneezing ass out there and shovel at some point. Hopefully the Force will be with me or my taunton will freeze before it reaches the first marker.

Cold Links: Thanks Ant.
Play: Deathmatch Apocalypse.
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Ever wondered what 1975’s The Star Wars would have looked like?
Stories: Disney to Buy 21st Century Fox Assets for $52.4 Billion. No more crap Fantastic Four movies!
Surgeon pleads guilty to burning initials into patients’ organs.
State trooper finds nothing funny about pulling over DeLorean going 88mph.
Science: Fracking linked to low-weight babies. Thanks RedEye9.
Math Says You're Driving Wrong and It's Slowing Us All Down.
Media: Fox reporter gets nailed in the face with snowball seconds before going live.
David Mitchell makes a Feng Shui expert squirm.
Water your Christmas Tree. Really.
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