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Wednesday, Aug 02, 2017

Creative Assembly Turning 30; Free Total War: WARHAMMER Unit Plans

Creative Assembly is turning 30, saying they are celebrating the big 3-0 with the release of 30 free new Regiments of Renown units for Total War: WARHAMMER. These will come on August 10th along with the release of the new Norsca DLC for the fantasy strategy game. This trailer celebrates the occasion and the free content, and this post has details and a FAQ. Here's word:
To celebrate 30 years of awesome strategy games development, xenomorph terrorising and gratuitous goblin-tossing, CA is gifting Total War: WARHAMMER players with 30 new Regiments of Renown. Fortifying the Race-rosters of the Beastmen, Bretonnia, Chaos Warriors, Norsca and the Wood Elves, this significant update is available free and easy through Total War Access. Players can register/log in here.

Regiments of Renown
The 30th Anniversary Regiments of Renown will add 30 brand new units to WARHAMMER I. With a variety of new abilities and stats available, the 30th Anniversary Regiments of Renown will be a prominent addition to the five races it features in – the Beastmen, Bretonnia, Chaos, Norsca and Wood Elves Races will each receive the unique six units.

WARHAMMER players will be able to download the 30th Anniversary Regiments by logging in / signing up to Total War Access, and activating the free content from the dashboard. The explosive Anniversary Regiments of Renown will be playable from August 10th.

Overwatch Summer Games Next Week

A new Overwatch developer update video reveals the return of the Summer Games to the multiplayer shooter, saying things will kick off on August 8th, and the festivities will include the return of Lúcioball. This will be a relief to anyone who thought they'd have to wait for the next summer Olympics to earn new skins and goodies. Jeff Kaplan brings us the news along with other future plans, describing all they learned from running the first event last year, and promising the new one will benefit from this experience. The description of the clip has an index of all the topics covered:
The Summer Games return to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on August 8! Join game director Jeff Kaplan as he discusses what's changed, what's the same, and what you can expect from this year’s event.

00:47 - Will last year's Summer Games items be available again this year?
01:08 - Confirmation that all Summer Games items can be unlocked via credits
01:36 - Summer Games 2017 loot box items teaser
02:31 - Overview of changes coming to credit unlocks for Summer Games 2016 items
03:50 - Lúcioball is back, and it's got a new arena!
04:16 - Discussion of some of the gameplay changes made to Lúcioball from last year
05:11 - Introducing Copa Lúcioball
06:20 - Have fun, and we'll see you August 8!
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Tacoma Released

Steam News announces the release of Tacoma, the narrative sci-fi adventure set aboard a space-bound Toyota pickup truck. Here's the description from the game's Steam page:
Tacoma is a narrative adventure set aboard a high-tech space station in the year 2088. As you go about your mission, you’ll explore every detail of how the station’s crew lived and worked, finding the clues that add up to a gripping story of trust, fear, and resolve in the face of disaster.

At the heart of Tacoma is the facility’s digital surveillance system, which has captured 3D recordings of pivotal moments in the crew’s life on the station. As you explore, echoes of these captured moments surround you. You’ll use your ability to rewind, fast-forward, and move through the physical space of these complex, interwoven scenes to examine events from every angle, reconstructing the multi-layered narrative as you explore.

Tacoma is the next game from the creators of Gone Home, and carries on that tradition of detailed, immersive, and powerful storytelling, while pulling players deeper into the narrative than ever before.

BioShock Remastered macOS Plans

Feral Interactive announces they are bringing BioShock Remastered to macOS, saying their port of the shooter update should arrive before the end of the year. The Windows version of this arrived last year along with a remastered edition of BioShock 2, but there's no word on a macOS version of the sequel remake, at least for now. Here's the plan:
Feral Interactive today announced that BioShock™ Remastered, a version of the ground-breaking first-person shooter running in 1080p, will be released for macOS later this year to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the game’s original release. Originally developed by Irrational Games and published by 2K for Windows and console, BioShock is set in the decaying underwater city of Rapture, a darkly imaginative and brilliantly realised gameworld.

Set in an alternative 1960, BioShock Remastered plunges players into Rapture, an individualistic utopia gone badly wrong. To survive the onslaughts of the city’s deranged inhabitants, players must rewrite their own genetic codes, and find creative ways to combine their terrifying new powers with devastating weapons. With a thought-provoking storyline, BioShock is at once beautiful, thrilling and frightening, and explores profound ideas about science, politics and human nature.

“We’re thrilled to bring an enhanced version of BioShock to macOS 10 years after its original release,” said David Stephen, Managing Director of Feral Interactive. “The improved graphics make the most of the spectacular art direction, combining art deco design, science fiction themes, and a horror sensibility. There’s never been a better time to visit Rapture.”

BioShock Remastered will be available as a full game (not an update) from the Feral Store, Steam and the Mac App Store.

System requirements and pricing will be confirmed closer to release.

Fall of Light Next Month; New Trailer

A new trailer for Fall of Light kicks off the Gamescom trailer season with a look at RuneHeads' upcoming story-driven dungeon-crawler. The clip is accompanied by word to expect this for Windows and macOS on September 28th. This blurb came along with the clip:
Help Nyx and his daughter Aether try to find their way along dimly-lit pathways in a fight for every ray of light left in the world. The darkness materializes in front of them in the form of various vicious enemies, deadly traps and intricate puzzles. Only together are they strong enough to overcome their hardships, slash their enemies to pieces and enter the world below – the birthplace of the Shadow threatening to end the Era of Men. But is saving the whole world as important as the life of one old warrior’s daughter?
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Battlestar Galactica Deadlock This Month

Black Lab Games announces an August 31st release date for Battlestar Galactica Deadlock, the upcoming space combat strategy game based on the second version of the sci-fi series. The news is accompanied by a new battle trailer showing off gameplay. The clip kicks off with this explanation of how it was captured, saying, "this video was entirely produced with the autocam replay feature included in the game." Continue here to read the full story.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Split-screen and Controller Support

A new Kickstarter update for Divinity: Original Sin 2 has more details in advance of the September 14th launch of Larian Studios' RPG sequel. Word is the PC edition will support both controllers and split-screen co-op play, and this video shows off how this works. Here's more:
Good news everyone! Divinity: Original Sin 2 will have controller support for PC on release! And for those who have been asking, yes, DOS2 does support split screen play with controller support. So you can play co-op with your best friend, fiance, your grandma, your pet chihuahua: you name it! Okay maybe not the chihuahua. They can get bitey. In addition, you can use controllers and split screen to go one step further to play a four player game on two connected PC’s.
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DreamsSoftGames announces SHOPPING TYCOON, saying this will come to Steam on September 12th. This is a mogul game that will allow you to operate a shopping mall for fun and profit, though achieving either goal as a real mall owner is apparently harder all the time. This trailer offers a look at the game in action, showing that a successful mall will attract world leaders, which is completely plausible, and YouTubers, which is transparently opportunistic. Here are further details on the glamour this involves:
Unlock the best brands of clothing, jewelry, technology and much more. Meet the needs of your customers with toilets, restaurants and other services. Manage and expand the transport (bus, metro and taxis) so that more people come to buy your products. Equip your building with fire prevention systems and avoid little disasters. Manage the temperature, lighting, decoration and security systems of your building. Hire and manage the best staff and make your customers happy! Get celebs visiting your mall. Upgrade it to satisfy trademark investors and building inspectors.
Continue here to read the full story.

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