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Monday, Feb 06, 2017 Happy Waitangi Day (New Zealand)


Fallout 4 High-Resolution Textures

Steam News announces the release of the promised high-resolution texture pack for Fallout 4. The post-apocalyptic wasteland has never been so beautiful. Here's word:

Experience the wasteland like you’ve never seen it before with the Fallout 4 High-Resolution Texture Pack! From the blasted buildings of Lexington to the shores of Boston Harbor and beyond, every location is enhanced with ultra-deluxe detail. Note: Requires an additional 58GB of hard drive space.

Use WoW Gold for Other Blizzard Games

The World of Warcraft website details how players can now trade in WoW gold for credit towards their Blizzard Balance. This will allow earnings from the MMORPG to be used in other Blizzard games to buy Hearthstone cards, Heroes of the Storm skins, and Overwatch loot boxes. Here's word:

The goblins of the Bilgewater Cartel have a golden opportunity for you, friend—introducing a new way to use your WoW® Token. It’s just as easy as ever, but now when you use gold to buy a WoW Token from the Auction House in certain regions, you can to choose whether to convert it into 30 days of game time or Balance*. You can use Balance to buy services like World of Warcraft character transfers, digital products like pets and mounts, and even purchase in-game items for other supported Blizzard games you play.

Buying a Token is simple: just visit the Auction House and use your hard-earned gold to purchase one of the WoW Tokens put up for sale. Once the Token arrives in your in-game mailbox, right-click it to add it to your bag, then right-click it in your inventory. You’ll then be able to choose whether to add 30 days of game time or add Balance ($15 USD; currency and amount varies by region) to your account.

For more information, check out our Balance support page and WoW Token support page.

The Elder Scrolls Online Adds Housing

The Elder Scrolls Online website announces the Homestead update is now live in Bethesda's Windows and OS X fantasy MMORPG. This includes the opportunity to own and customize homes in the game, purchasable with either crowns or with in-game gold. Housing ranges from apartments to lavish manors, and it is possible to buy all of them, as detailed in this guide. Here are all the changes in the new update:

The Homestead update, free to all ESO players, includes the following features:

  • Player housing, complete with the following:
    • 39 homes, available for purchase with gold or crowns
    • Robust Housing Editor tools
    • Over 2,000 unique home furnishings and decorations available for purchase with crowns, gold, or created with Furnishing Crafting
    • Home previewing
    • Specialty furnishings
    • Customizable home permissions for guildmates and friends
    • Housing achievements with four prestigious new titles
  • Furnishing Crafting
  • Master Crafting Writs
  • Four new Crafting Motifs:
    • Ebony
    • Mazzatun
    • Ra Gada
    • Silken Ring
  • Cyrodiil vendor changes and improvements
  • Improved rewards for Cyrodiil town quests
  • Dungeon ready check added to the Dungeon Finder
  • Champion Point cap increase from 561 to 600
  • Razer Chroma support for PC
  • …and more!

To learn more about the new features and additions listed above as well as the base-game fixes and improvements, head on over to our Homestead patch notes. For more helpful info about the player housing system, including how to get your first home, how to decorate it, and where you can get home furnishings, check out our in-depth Homestead Basics Guide and our Introducing Homestead article.

Adr1ft set Adrift

Gamasutra notes that Adr1ft developer Three One Zero has "run its course," as noted by cofounder Adam Orth in an article on GamesBeat about him joining VR developer First Contact. They point to this tweet by Three One Zero from the end of last year commemorating their closure. "I love VR," Orth said. "I am super passionate about it still. The experience of making Adr1ft was a real awakening for me on what is possible. For me, creatively, it opens up a lot more opportunity to do new and exciting things. I’m all in on VR."

For Honor Trailer

A new 360° "In the Heart of Battle" trailer from For Honor offers the chance to scroll around for your own view of the carnage in a battle in For Honor, the upcoming sword fighting game. Here's word on the cinematic clip and plans to follow this tomorrow with a livestream of gameplay on Twitch:

Today, Ubisoft released ‘In the Battle’, a CGI video that transports viewers directly to the centre of an epic clash on the battlefield. This motion-captured, 360-degree video experience introduces viewers to the world of For Honor as Knights, Samurai and Vikings embark in perpetual conflict.

In the midst of a foggy plain, an everlasting war continues as the three great Factions are locked in battle. Each of them strives to rebuild their nations as they take to the frontlines in fierce close-range combat to bring glory back to their people.

Players looking to experience the thrill of ruthless melee-combat first-hand can now pre-load the For Honor open beta on consoles and PC. Available from February 9th to February 12th, 2017, this beta will include the new Elimination mode, a best of five rounds four-versus-four match with no respawns. Elimination joins three additional modes playable in the open beta including Dominion, Brawl and Duel, and nine playable Heroes. At launch, For Honor will feature twelve playable characters, five different multiplayer modes and a Story mode.

On February 7th, 2017, at 22:00 UK time, Ubisoft and Twitch, the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers, will call forth the fiercest warriors to participate in War of the Factions Live – a livestreamed event that will showcase the new Elimination Mode and help decide which Faction reigns supreme. Players looking to get a head start in the battlefield can sign up for Twitch Prime to receive 10-day Champions Status, available at launch on February 14th, 2017, which comes with XP boosts that can be shared among friends along with more XP from crafting, more loot at the end of each match, and a special emblem they can use to customize their warrior. For more information and to sign up for Twitch Prime, visit:

Continue here to read the full story.

Halo Wars 2 Trailer

Xbox Live's Major Nelson offers the official launch trailer from Halo Wars 2, the upcoming RTS sequel. The clip is almost entirely cinematics, setting the stage for the game, which will support cross play on Windows 10 and Xbox One. Here's the description of gameplay that accompanies the trailer:

In addition to the robust campaign, Halo Wars 2 is packed with a full suite of multiplayer modes that are suited to players of all skill levels and familiarity with real time strategy (RTS). Build your base, assemble your army and battle for control of the map in Domination, test your strategies solo or with a friend against AI in Skirmish, fight to hold more bases than your opponent in a timed Strongholds match, duke it out until you’re the last one standing in Deathmatch, or jump straight into the action with the all-new deck building multiplayer experience, Blitz.

Continue here to read the full story.

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Into the Black

Starbreeze Publishing Psychonauts 2

Starbreeze Publishing announces they've signed on to publish Psychonauts 2, Double Fine's highly anticipated platformer sequel (thanks nin). Word is they will be investing $8 million to bring the game to market next year:

Starbreeze AB, an independent creator, publisher and distributor of high quality entertainment products, has signed a publishing agreement with Double Fine Productions regarding the game Psychonauts 2, to be released in 2018. Starbreeze will invest 8 MUSD to bring the game to PC and other console platforms through digital distribution.

Starbreeze will be the major investor in the project, which also has been funded by Double Fine itself, as well as through a successful crowdfunding Fig campaign in which gamers invested directly to take part in potential future profits.

Starbreeze will be able to recoup 100% of its full investment including marketing costs with an initial revenue share of 85% after distribution and platform fees and Fig crowdfunding revenue share. Starbreeze share of revenues will become 60% after the investment is recouped. Double Fine will retain 100% of the intellectual property relating to Psychonauts 2.

Psychonauts 2 is a third-person action/adventure platformer where players control Razputin Aquato – a newly graduated Psychonaut with powerful psychic abilities – as he delves into the minds of others. The player will use Raz’s PSI powers, such as telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and levitation, in combination with Raz’s acrobatic platforming skills, to explore the mental worlds of the game’s eccentric characters.

The story of Psychonauts 2 picks up directly after the events of the first game, and the VR adventure Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin, but players will not need to have played those games to follow the events of Psychonauts 2. In this new story, Raz arrives at Psychonaut headquarters, excited to finally become an official Psychonaut, but soon finds himself torn between the laws of the Psychonauts, his loyalty to his friends, and a secret mission that could undo everything for which he has fought so hard.

Rainbow Six Siege Velvet Shell Details

With Velvet Shell due tomorrow, UbiBlog offers more details about this map pack for Rainbow Six Siege and the new operators it will add to the game. Here's word on the map:

First, there’s the Coastline map itself, a two-story neon-decorated party palace filled with pool tables, lounge spaces, and purple mood lighting. It’s surrounded by Balearic ruins and a beautifully tiled swimming pool, but the main focus in the matches we played was indoors. With a big roofless atrium and breachable trapdoors on the second floor and rooftop, it offers plenty of entryways for attackers, and the large rooms that the defenders’ bombs appear in can be tricky to protect if your team isn’t on the ball with barricades, traps, and deployable shields.

TimeSplitters: Rewind This Year

A new teaser trailer from Cinder Interactive for TimeSplitters: Rewind shows off, well, nothing, unless you count green crystals as something (thanks DSOGaming). The only thing that redeems this from being a complete waste of time is the included tease of a release window for the CryENGINE sequel, as the clip concludes with a "2018" that rewinds to read "2017." In that one move they save everyone a year of waiting, and with this post, we save everyone from 2½ minutes of watching the clip. Continue here to read the full story.

U.K. Sales Charts

Football Manager 2017 returns to the top spot on the GFK Chart-Track top 30 chart of the top-selling PC games in the U.K. for the week ending February 4th. The new Resident Evil game was number one last week, but now drops to the fifth spot. Resident Evil 7 retains the top spot on the all platforms top 40 chart where the Hitman complete season disk debuts at number four. Here's the summary of what went down:

‘Resident Evil VII: Biohazard’ (-68%) lives on at No1 for a second week.

It will have to last another week at No1 if it wants to match the franchise’s longest run at the top (Resident Evil 3 and Resident Evil 5 both hung on for three weeks). ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ (-2%) is a non-mover at No2 while ‘FIFA 17’ ( -1%) climbs one place to No3, meaning new entry ‘Hitman: The Complete First Season’ released on Tuesday, has to settle for a debut at No4. It originally charted as a premium boxed digital collector’s edition just under a year ago, when it reached No29.

‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ doesn’t move from its position at No5 despite sales climbing 4% in the wake of the release on Tuesday of its first DLC pack ‘Sabotage’. Also staying put is ‘Rocket League’ (+16%) at No6 and ‘Battlefield 1’ (-8%) at No7. Square-Enix now have 2 games in the Top 10 as ‘Final Fantasy XV’ (+19%) re-enters, up from No15 to No8 after a continued price promotion.

The Top 10 is rounded off by 2K/Take 2’s ‘WWE 2K17’ (-5%) and ‘Mafia III’ (-12%) both creeping back in, up from No12 to No9 and No11 to No10 respectively – giving the publisher three Top 10 games this week. The only other new entry to break in to Top 40 is Nintendo’s 3DS title ‘Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World’ at No20.

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