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Monday, Oct 24, 2016

DARK SOULS III Ashes of Ariandel Released

Steam News announces the release of the new Ashes of Ariandel DLC for DARK SOULS III, FromSoftware's action/RPG sequel. Would you like to know more? Here's word:
You are the unkindled. Expand your Dark Souls™ III experience with the Ashes of Ariandel™ DLC pack. Journey to the snowy world of Ariandel and encounter new areas, bosses, enemies, weapons, armor set, magic spells and more. Will you accept the challenge and embrace the darkness once more?

Farming Simulator 17 Sprouts

Farming Simulator 17 is now available for Windows and OS X on Steam, offering a new installment in the agriculture series. Steam News says: "Take on the role of a modern farmer in Farming Simulator 17! Explore farming possibilities in a new North American environment. Drive over 250 farming vehicles and equipment from over 75 manufacturers, including new brands such as Challenger, Fendt, Valtra or Massey Ferguson." The launch trailer offers a look, and here's more on what to expect from the game.
Immerse yourself in a huge open world loaded with a yield of new content. Explore farming possibilities over hundreds of acres of land, including a detailed new North American environment.

Drive over 250 authentic farming vehicles and equipment from more than 75 manufacturers, including huge new brands such as Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra.

Harvest many types of crops, including for the first time sunflowers and soy beans. Take care of your livestock - cows, sheep, chickens and now pigs - take part in forestry, and sell your products to expand your farm!

Transport your goods with trucks and trailers, or load and drive trains to reach your destination. Grow your farm online with other players, and download community created mods across each platform for an ever-expanding Farming Simulator experience!
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Kim Released

The Secret Game Company now offers Kim, an open-world RPG set in colonial India based on the work of Rudyard Kipling. This is available for Windows and OS X on and Steam. The official trailer came out last week providing a look at the game's top-down gameplay and hand-drawn style. Here's the description:
The Secret Games Company today released Kim, for PC on Steam and Kim is set in the world of Rudyard Kipling’s stories about colonial India; it invites players to explore this fascinating era as one of its most beloved literary heroes. The game features an enormous open world of 17 hand-painted towns and 450 procedural levels from Afghanistan to the Himalayas. It uses branching narratives with Kipling’s exquisite dialogue as well as stealth, combat and survival systems to let players tell their own versions of this classic adventure.
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Heroes of the Storm Halloween Event Tomorrow announces the Hallow's End event for Heroes of the Storm will get underway tomorrow. This will involve and XP bonus, a new event quest with a unique reward portrait, and new skins. Word is: "Hallow’s End is creeping up on the Nexus, and we’ve got an XP Bonus, a new event quest, and several new cosmetic items ready to begin haunting Heroes of the Storm next week. Get your costume on and enjoy a few treats during Hallow’s End 2016, which kicks off Tuesday, October 25, and lasts until November 8."

BATMAN - The Telltale Series Episode 3 Trailer

A new trailer shows off New World Order, episode three of BATMAN - The Telltale Series. The new chapter in the comic-based adventure is due tomorrow, and the clip lays the groundwork. Telltale also offers some new details on what to expect:
In Episode 3, Penguin's brutal attack broadcast on live TV has left Gotham City reeling. As Bruce and Batman, you'll dig deeper into the web of intrigue surrounding the newly revealed Children of Arkham. Meanwhile, behind closed doors, the mysterious Selina Kyle reveals more of herself to Bruce. And in the aftermath of the attack, Bruce's friend and Gotham's new mayor, Harvey Dent, is a deeply changed man. Who can be trusted when the future of Bruce Wayne - and the Batman - could be determined by the flip of a coin?
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Dishonored 2 Trailer

A new "Take Back What's Yours" trailer from Dishonored 2 promotes the upcoming assassination sequel. The description reiterates their preorder offer, but does not explain why the clip uses live action instead of gameplay footage. Here's word:
Pre-order Dishonored 2 now to receive exclusive early access and play the game a day before its official release. See the official website at

So it begins.

A stolen throne. An empire in chaos. An Empress and a Royal Protector are all that stand between a mad witch and absolute power. When Dishonored 2 launches on November 11 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, it will be up to you to choose the legacy you leave behind as either Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano. Will you soak the streets in blood as you fight to take back what’s rightfully yours from Delilah? Or will you ghost through the world, quietly uncovering the mystery brewing in the Empire of the Isles? Celebrate the impending launch with a new live-action trailer.

Dishonored 2 will launch worldwide on November 11, 2016, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.
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Watch Dogs 2 Trailer

A new trailer from Watch Dogs 2 introduces the virtual version of San Francisco that serves as the open-world setting for Ubisoft's upcoming hacking action sequel. Here's the description outlining what this shows off:
For Marcus Holloway, the San Francisco Bay Area is his playground. From Marin to Oakland to Silicon Valley to the City, the neighborhoods and people are as diverse as the activities dotted everywhere in the Bay Area. Watch the “Welcome to San Francisco” Trailer and take in all of the sights, sounds and action that the world of Watch Dogs 2 has to offer.
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SAG-AFTRA Picketing EA Today

SAG-AFTRA will be picketing Electronic Arts today as part of the just-announced strike of video game voice actors. Los Angeles, CA is not a hotbed of foot traffic, so they offer directions, saying from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm (Pacific time) they will be marching at EA's offices at 5510 Lincoln Boulevard in Playa Vista, noting the actual picketing will take place at Fountain Way Gate. This post has details on what this is all about, and we also have the Reader's Digest version:
SAG-AFTRA is striking the following video game employers: Activision Publishing, Inc.; Blindlight, LLC; Corps of Discovery Films; Disney Character Voices, Inc.; Electronic Arts Productions, Inc.; Formosa Interactive, LLC; Insomniac Games, Inc.; Interactive Associates, Inc.; Take 2 Interactive Software; VoiceWorks Productions, Inc.; and WB Games, Inc. The strike covers all games made by these companies that went into production after Feb. 17, 2015.

U.K. Sales Charts

Battlefield 1 is number one on the GFK Chart-Track chart of the bestselling games in the U.K. for the week ending October 22nd. Civilization VI debuts at number two, dropping Fallout 4 to the number three spot. On the all formats chart Battlefield 1 also debuts in the top spot, Batman: Return to Gotham enters the chart in the fifth position, while the new Civilization game debuts way down at number 15. Here's the summary of all the action:
EA knock themselves off the top spot with the highly anticipated ‘Battlefield 1’ debuting at No1 (PS4, Xbox One and PC).

The Battlefield series, developed by Digital Illusions has been around since 2002’s PC only ‘Battlefield 1942’ and the current release is a definite return to form, outselling the combined week 1 sales units of the previous 2 versions (‘Battlefield 4’ in 2013 and ‘Battlefield Hardline’ in 2015). ‘Battlefield 1’ week 1 sales units are just under the amount generated by Ubisoft’s week 1 for ‘Tom Clancy The Division’ back in week 10 this year. EA’s ‘FIFA 17’ drops to No2 after 3 successive weeks at No1 (-36%) and 2K/Take 2 remain at No3 with ‘Mafia III’ (-59%). Microsoft drop 2 places to No4 with ‘Gears of War 4’ (-76%). The second highest new entry at No5 is Warner’s PS4 and Xbox One ‘Batman: Return to Arkham’.

There are 2 other new releases within the Top40: debuting at No15 is 2K/Take 2’s ‘Civilization VI’ for PC and debuting at No19 is Warner’s ‘Lego Harry Potter Collection’ on PS4.

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Out of the Blue

I finally made a decision on a new phone, opting for the Galaxy Edge in spite of its high price-tag (and the explosions of its Note sibling). The phone has great ergonomics, and hopefully I can avoid any disasters with the curved screen. As it turns out, I am quite pleased with the switch to Android. I think I was kidding myself that I didn't need so much control over my phone, but I have to agree with all who told me that it's a more pleasant and familiar experience for a serious PC user.

R.I.P.: Tom Hayden, famed anti-Vietnam war activist, dies aged 76.
R.I.P.: Junko Tabei, first woman to climb Mount Everest, dead at 77. Thanks Digg.

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Bill Murray feels the love as he receives Mark Twain Prize.
Science: The “432 Hz vs. 440 Hz” conspiracy theory. Thanks Digg.
Media: Makeup artist transforms herself into Han Solo.
TEENS TOURNAMENT! Madden 17 NFL (React- Gaming).
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