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Sunday, Jun 12, 2016 Superman Day

Battlefield 1 Trailer

EA also now offers the promised gameplay reveal trailer from Battlefield 1. This shows off the vintage brutal warfare from the upcoming military shooter, though this does still seem to be mostly cinematics. Here's the description: "Watch the official Battlefield 1 gameplay trailer and discover war on an epic scale, with 64-players engaging in some of the largest multiplayer battles in FPS history. Experience the Dawn of All-Out War, Only in Battlefield 1." There's also a post on the topic on the Battlefield website:
If you watched the trailers for Battlefield 1 (and if you're reading this, there’s a good chance you have) you likely noticed a variety of locations at the dawn of all-out war. Deserts. Forests. Crumbling cities. Battlefield 1 will bring you to new and exciting locations and let you take part in some of the largest battles in FPS history.

Want to take a peek at some more info on what those maps entail and – more importantly – what you'll be doing once you play them? Two new pages have been added to that should help you out. There's a Maps page , which includes four of the maps that will come with Battlefield 1, as well as a Modes page, complete with insight into three modes.

These, obviously, aren't the extent of what's going to be available. They're just a taste, and we'll update these pages as we approach the October 21 release (or October 18 if you pre-order the Early Enlister Edition). We can’t wait to tell you more.
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Titanfall 2 Trailers

EA unveils gameplay from Titanfall 2, offering single-player trailer and a multiplayer trailer showing off the upcoming mech shooter sequel (thanks nin). Here's word:
Pilot and Titan unite as never before in Respawn Entertainment’s highly anticipated Titanfall® 2. Featuring a crafted single player campaign that explores the unique bond between man and machine, players will step on to The Frontier as a Militia rifleman with aspirations of becoming a Pilot. Stranded behind IMC enemy lines, and against overwhelming odds, you must team up with a veteran Vanguard-class Titan and uphold a mission you were never meant to carry out.

In multiplayer, Titanfall 2 delivers best-in-class shooter gameplay backed by more depth and variety including new Titans – each with their own unique abilities, a deeper set of Pilot abilities, an expanded arsenal of weapons, more customization options, and a robust progression system.
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Star Trek VR Game Plans

Ubisoft tweets about plans to show off a Star Trek VR game at E3 (thanks GameInformer). They point to a story on ABC News about the game, which will simulate being on the bridge crew of a starship, with VR allowing the illusion of operating a computer while you are actually merely operating a computer. Word is we'll get a first actual look at this tomorrow, and in the meantime, here's a bit from the article:
"Bridge Crew" utilizes a VR headset and hand-held controllers to boldly mimic seated players' heads and hands on the virtual bridge, providing 360-degree views and the ability to complete such tasks as activating the warp drive, scanning foreign objects in space and broadcasting relevant imagery to the ship's viewscreen. Urban, whose character rarely mashes buttons on the bridge, came away with an appreciation for his cast mates.

"In a funny kind of way, it gave me a new understanding for the reality of what we as actors pretend to do in our jobs," said Urban, who will reprise his role as McCoy on the big screen in "Star Trek Beyond" on July 22. "When you're playing the game, it's almost like you're not pretending. You're actually doing it. In some ways, it's one step closer to the experience."

Battlefield 1 Teaser Trailer 2

A Battlefield 1 Teaser Trailer 2 shows off some anti-tank combat using dynamite in Battlefield 1, EA's upcoming World War I shooter (thanks DSOGaming). This is another teaser in advance of the EA Play 2016 conference that gets underway in about five hours, where word is we will see a full reveal trailer of the game. Continue here to read the full story.

Steam Top 10

Valve lists the following 10 titles as last week's bestsellers on Steam. Actually it's six titles and a controller, but as usual, we're not sure how their SKUs are skewed to cause the WARHAMMER dupe:

  1. Grand Theft Auto V
  2. Total War: WARHAMMER
  3. Total War: WARHAMMER
  4. DOOM
  5. Youtubers Life
  6. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  7. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  8. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Game + Expansion Pass
  9. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Blood and Wine
  10. Steam Controller

Hardware Reviews

  • Bitfenix Pandora ATX Gehäuse on Technic3D. German.
  • Corsair VOID RGB USB Headset on Vortez.

Out of the Blue

Got a replacement grate for one of the grills in Manstovia. Time to do some cast-iron seasoning... who's up for a little grilled bacon? I know, I know, that's totally a trick question.

Tricky Links: Thanks Ant and Acleacius.
Play: World's Hardest Game 4.
Images: Professor, Before and After. Grossness warning.
Media: HeroStorm Ep 14 Banshee Queen.
WARCRAFT (Honest Game Trailers).
Super Powered Energy Drinks.
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