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Friday, Jun 03, 2016

Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition

UbiBlog announces the limited-time release of a new Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition, offering a way to get started with the tactical shooter sequel for a mere $15.00 USD. This actually includes all the content of the full-priced version, and here is how this all works:
If you’re a PC gamer who’s been eyeing Rainbow Six Siege from afar, now’s your chance to jump into the action at a reduced price. The Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition – available via Steam and Uplay from now through June 19 – lowers the barrier to entry for new players to just $15. For that price, you get all of the content available in the standard edition, but progression works a little differently.

Aimed at newcomers, the Starter Edition begins by randomly unlocking two of the original 20 Operators from a pool of six – Rook, Ash, Sledge, Fuze, Smoke, and Mute – who were chosen for being the most intuitive to use while learning the game. You’ll then get 600 R6 Credits to spend on two original Operators (or one seasonal Operator), or other in-game content. Choose wisely, however, because after that, earning more Operators through gameplay costs 12,500 Renown (compared to 500-2,000 Renown in the standard edition).

Otherwise, the experience offered by the Starter Edition is identical to the standard version. You’ll have access to all of the same maps, modes, and challenges as other players, with no level caps or other restrictions. You’ll also retain that access after the sale period is over, letting you play as much as you want for as long as you want.

The Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition is available only on PC through June 19, while the standard edition is also available on Xbox One and PS4.

Battleborn Patched

The Battleborn Battleplan #4 has details on the release of Alani, the game's new character, along with a bunch of other changes for Gearbox's multiplayer first-person shooter. Here's word:
Our 26th Battleborn, Alani is officially here and playable for everyone! We’re seeing TONS of great reaction to her and her amazing water-based abilities. Maybe you’ve played Alani and you’re excited to dig in and find the best build to use with her. Well, you’re in luck! We managed to track down Battleborn Associate Producer, Anthony Nicholson for a few Alani tips and tricks and we’ll be bringing those to you tomorrow on! It turns out that Anthony had a big hand in creating Alani (along with a team of super talented developers), so he knows what he’s talking about. You’ll be able to read what Anthony has to say about Alani tomorrow, by reading the Alani Deep Dive post on the Battleborn blog!

This week’s hot fixes are mainly focused on community feedback and small tweaks to improve certain FX. It should be noted that, while the Voxis Core Legendary has been temporarily disabled, it will be returning. Hot fixes will start rolling out at 2pm CT/ noon PT.

  • Reduced Alani's base health from 1451 to 1035.
  • The Voxis Core Legendary gear has been temporarily disabled due to unintended balance implications.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to burn indefinitely in The Archive.
  • Fixed an issue with snow FX appearing inconsistently in The Algorithm.
  • Fixed an issue causing audible impacts to play continuously due to Temporal Traps.
  • Fixed an issue causing third person FX to appear misaligned on M3.Shepherds.

Atlas Reactor Free Weekend

Trion Worlds is conducting another free weekend for Atlas Reactor, their upcoming multiplayer, simultaneous, turn-based tactics game. Since this involves joining the ongoing closed beta, they offer some protips for new players, saying: "To help get players up to speed quickly, here are 11 gameplay tips, straight from the Atlas Reactor development team, giving players the tools and knowledge they need to outsmart and outgun the competition. As Atlas Reactor requires players to think steps ahead of the competition in high-risk, high-stakes battles, all players both seasoned and new should take the time to heed these pro tips and get one step ahead of the game." Here are their tips:

  1. Dashes are incredibly useful. Use them to dodge Dash phase and Blast phase attacks, or even save allies by dashing into the path of a shot meant for them!
  2. Sometimes the best move is standing still. Traps laid down during the Prep phase can punish players that Dash or Move.
  3. Knockbacks and Pulls are very powerful when used in conjunction with Traps. These displacement effects always happen at the end of the Blast phase.
  4. Being next to a wall will reduce damage taken from that direction by 50%, unless the attacker is also adjacent to you.
  5. You can "chase" a player by right-clicking on an opponent (or Ally!). When you chase an opponent you will try to move where they move to. Chasers will move at the end of the Move phase.
  6. If you think an enemy is going to chase you, make sure to run through some ally traps; you won't take damage, but your enemy will!
  7. Free Action abilities do not count towards the usual limit of 1 ability per turn; if you don't use an ability, you can sprint (double movement), which can help get you back to the fight or out of a bad situation.
  8. When choosing where to move, you can right-click more than once to set waypoints, which are great for moving around traps or through powerups on the way to your destination.
  9. There are light indicators at the base of powerups that will tell you when they will spawn. Landing on one when all 3 light indicators are lit up means you will automatically get that powerup next round.
  10. You can see powerups even in the fog of war. If you see one disappear you know an enemy is around that area.
  11. During Decision Mode, mousing over an enemy will display the cooldowns of his abilities, letting you know if s/he can dash or not. Mousing over allies shows the abilities they are targeting this turn. Holding Alt will display all of this information at once. If you Alt + Click, you will ping the map.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Mandalore’s Revenge

The Star Wars: The Old Republic website announces the release of Mandalore’s Revenge, the latest content update for the Star Wars MMORPG. This adds new gameplay experiences as well as new content, as explained here:
BioWare™ and Lucasfilm today released the latest chapter in the episodic storyline of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ – Knights of the Fallen Empire. Mandalore’s Revenge is available now and gives the Outlander an opportunity to confront Emperor Arcann with an army of ruthless Mandalorian warriors. Enlist the help of the infamous bounty hunter Shae Vizla to seize control of the most powerful armada in the galaxy – the Eternal Fleet. Brave the harsh desert world of Darvannis with your Alliance and survive its brutal enemy forces in a desperate attempt to save the galaxy from the Eternal Empire forever. Players of Star Wars: The Old Republic can play Knights of the Fallen Empire beginning with Chapter One: The Hunt through the current chapter, Mandalore’s Revenge, for free* as a Subscriber. Those subscribed by June 1 will also receive the in-game Eternal Empire Speeder mount as part of the Subscriber Rewards Program and Early Access to Chapter 15 coming later this month. To join Early Access, you must be an active Subscriber.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is also introducing new gameplay experiences with this chapter:

New Alliance Mission: Check out the new Alliance mission to recruit the savage Talz warrior, Broonmark, as your Companion. When a galactic diplomat reaches out to you for protection against a bloodthirsty assassin, your mission leads to a culprit seeking vengeance against everything the Republic stands for. New Revenge Cartel Pack: Inspired by the latest Chapter, the new ‘Revenge’ Cartel Market Pack offers players the opportunity to get rare battle items, including the Vaylin-inspired Wicked Huntress Armor, Commander Vizla’s Armor, Colicoid Droid Companion, and much more!

To get more details about the ongoing story of Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire, go to:

Read about the Subscriber Rewards Program here:

On Sale

etc., etc.

Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder Announced

ACE Team announces Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder, saying this rocking sequel will roll out this autumn for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The announcement trailer includes gameplay, showing off how this will allow you to visit new environments and crush new things. Here's word:
ACE Team is BACK and boulder than ever in Rock of Ages II: Bigger and Boulder! Coming this fall to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, the sequel has a brand new take on the action/tower defense genre as you breeze through periods of Art History, smashing everything in your path

Ant the only thing more fun than smashing through castles is doing so with friends! ACE Team improved the multiplayer aspect of Rock of Ages II to have up to 2 teams of 2 duking it out in local/online play! Don't take your turns for granite though, you'll need all the help you can get to eke out a victory.
Continue here to read the full story.

Hard Reset Redux Released

Flying Wild Hog now offers Hard Reset Redux in North America, saying this updated edition of their hardcore first-person shooter will come out in Europe on June 8th. They also announce that this carries an 85% discount for owners of the original game. Here's a launch trailer, and here's a bit on the reset of Hard Reset:
Hard Reset Redux comes loaded with enhanced visuals, new enemies, improvements to balance and performance, as well as an outrageously fun new weapon: the Cyber-Katana. Get up close and personal with the mechanical menaces of the future and tear through them in style. Brutal, electrifying style!

We can already hear players begging to decimate more baddies with the Cyber-Katana, which is why everyone who purchases Hard Reset Redux on Steam will also obtain the Cyber-Katana in Shadow Warrior 2 when it releases. Because sometimes you just have to switch up the shooting with some slicing.
Continue here to read the full story.

Grand Theft Auto Online Trailer

A new trailer from Grand Theft Auto V shows off the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update coming next week to Grand Theft Auto Online. Here's word:
Ever since you first stepped off that flight to Los Santos, it’s been all about rising up the criminal ranks, accruing wealth in your Maze Bank account, building a reputation, and taking no mess along the way...

Now, realize your goal to become the ultimate kingpin of Los Santos and Blaine County.

Build an empire as a CEO. Traffic illicit cargo and contraband. Disrupt rival supply chains. Acquire extravagant new vehicles. Open prestigious new offices. Hire an executive assistant. And run the town, one hostile takeover at a time.

Watch the official trailer and get ready for GTA Online: Further Adventures in Finance and Felony coming next week Tuesday June 7.

Just Cause 3: MECH LAND ASSAULT Early Launch

Avalanche Studios now offers the MECH LAND ASSAULT expansion for Just Cause 3 to those who own the Air, Land and Sea expansion pass for the open world action sequel. This advance access will last a week, and once that passes this will be for sale for everybody else. Here's a new trailer showing off gameplay from the pack, and here are some details:
MECH LAND ASSAULT takes Rico Rodriguez to the new island of Lacrima, home to an abandoned eDEN research base and a prison camp run by the mysterious Black Hand. Defended by huge powerful Mechs, Rico will need the new Bavarium Power Core rifle to disable their shields and hijack them. Once inside, Rico can use their powerful cannons and the GRIP Gravity Guns to hurl and smash the enemy into pieces.


  • Pilot two types of powerful Mech and drive them anywhere in Medici.
  • Unleash the Mech’s Gravitational Remote Influence Projector or “GRIP” to attract and hurl objects at your enemies.
  • Jump and smash helicopters from the sky or ground pound tanks with the GRIPS’s “Force Pulse” attack.
  • Prove your skills and earn upgrades in Mech arena challenges.
  • Call in a Rebel Mech buddy for extra firepower when the going gets tough.
  • Includes a powerful new energy weapon, the Bavarium Power Core rifle.

Continue here to read the full story.

Hardware Reviews


Out of the Blue

Happy National Donut Day! I am sad that this is a U.S. only event (also sad it's not an actually national holiday), but by drawing more international attention to such things, I'm hoping to help bring the entire world together towards a unified future when a World Donut Day is more than just a dream (*wipes away tear*). In the meantime, the local celebrations of this do provide the opportunity get in touch with your inner Homer to score free donuts in some places, as noted in this MONEY article. Enjoy.

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