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Saturday, Nov 21, 2015

Squad Early Access Next Month

Offworld Industries reveals plans to release Squad on Steam early access on December 15th, offering the first chance to check out this crowdfunded first-person shooter that will feature 100-player tactical battles. They are offering discounted pre-purchases through the end of this month on this page with exclusive founder's program perks, though that still mentions a September early access launch. Here's a trailer with a work-in-progress tune from the soundtrack, and here's more on the plan:
With the launch of Steam Early Access there will be two new maps revealed, a 16km^2 map based on a real world location in Afghanistan, and a firing range/close quarter combat training map for rehabilitation of gamers who are unaccustomed to proper tactical squad based CQB gaming, as well as two new factions, Russia Ground Forces and irregular Militia. This will bring the day one Early Access game to a total of four factions, five maps across two real world conflict zones, and four game modes.
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Out of the Blue

Well, today marks another complete orbit around the sun for me, as it's my birthday. I am all about it not being all about this occasion, so I am fine with it falling on a Saturday, which helps in keeping things low-key. I've already had a nice relaxing morning, and have plans for a steak dinner, so this one is working out just fine. I just need to figure out where to assign the points I got for leveling up.

Level Links: Thanks Ant and Acleacius.
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NASA Orders SpaceX Crew Mission to International Space Station. Thanks Slashdot.
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Blowing Up Your Kid Prank. #sadism.
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