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Sunday, Aug 02, 2015

Ironclads 2 Released

Totem Games now offers digital distribution of Ironclads 2: American Civil War, an unexpected sequel to their strategy game set in the early days of modern naval conflict. Here's word:
In 1862, when Farragut's Union squadron was preparing to occupy the vital hub of the South - New Orleans, the Confederate agent L. Merton approached the Austrian government for a passible naval arms deal. Relations between the Austrian Empire and the North were poor during the war. The Austrians tried to interest the Confederacy in steam warships, many of them gunboats. With the New Orleans ironclads, they could present a dangerous challenge to the Union navy on the high seas, potentially capable of overwhelming squadrons on individual blockading stations. In reality, the deal never took place - but it could have happened!

Create your fleet, hunt the enemy's fleet, hide your weak squadrons in protected ports until reinforcements arrive, blockade enemy trade routes, struggle for dominance over the seas in turned-based strategic mode – All of these actions are possible in Ironclad 2 American Civil War. The real time tactical battle mode allows you to set up battles and squadron groups with their formations and management using realistic ship models and characteristics as well as advanced ballistics and weapon models. Choose your ships, increase the experience of your crews and send your squadron into the high seas. Command a battle formation and experience the power of iron and steam in a turned- based maritime strategy mode while fighting battles with a tactical real time naval simulation game. Raise anchor and get Ironclads 2 American Civil War now!

Resident Evil 2 HD Hints

The Resident Evil Facebook page indicates the recent Resident Evil HD may be followed by a similar high definition remake of Resident Evil 2 (thanks Destructoid). Here's word on the survival of this survival/horror sequel:
Hello RE fans! This is H again!

Right after the RE HD Remaster project was finished, I actually started putting together my ideas for this "RE2 Project". So, I just brushed it up and went to see my boss to present the basic concept of the project already…

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Thanks Ant.

Out of the Blue

I finally relented and installed the downstairs air conditioner yesterday. There were a couple of points in July where this almost happened (and probably should have), but yesterday it got to be a bit too much, and the AC provided the expected relief. I can't quite put my finger on why we stubbornly make this such a dramatic decision around here (though hauling the unit up the stairs from the basement served as a bit of a reminder). It's not like anyone is forcing us to turn it on if we don't want to. Oh well, people can be funny.

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