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Saturday, Apr 18, 2015

Killing Floor 2 Regional Gore Cuts Possible

A post by Tripwire Interactive on Steam warns potential customers of Killing Floor 2 that the upcoming first-person shooter sequel may have some of its gore cut upon full release to comply with regional standards (thanks Here's word:
It is quite likely that there are some regions where we may be required to make cuts in the future, particularly in the gore system, to comply with local ratings boards, once we get the game into its full release status. Regions most likely at risk of this are Germany (via USK) and Australia (via OFLC). Japan is another possibility (via CERO), but is an unknown quantity to us. To be quite clear: this means that, if you are buying from a region which regularly forces cuts on to games for gore, you may get reduced gore when we go to the full release version of the game.

If we understand the Steam system correctly, if a change is made to a region this will apply to all keys from that region (post purchase).

New Mass Effect Details?

A post on reddit claims to offer details on the next Mass Effect game offered by a user named benjamin_stone who says they come from a survey. This survey would appear to answer as many questions as it asks, as the post if rife with details. All this is unconfirmed at this time, so we accept no responsibility for any high-stakes bets lost as a result of this information. Thanks VG247.

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