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Thursday, Jan 01, 2015 Happy New Year!

Aliens: Colonial Marines and AvP 2010 No Longer Sold on Steam

The Aliens vs. Predator Steam forum offers a confused post which notes the game associated with the forum is no longer being sold on Steam, though it remains playable for those who have already purchased it. There is an extensive discussion of this and the concerns it raises on reddit. There's also a related post on Polygon noting that a Aliens: Colonial Marines is similarly no longer for sale on Steam, with this forum post raising questions about what's going on which have so far gone unanswered. They also note that for those still interested, Steam codes for Aliens: Colonial Marines can still be found on Amazon along with the Aliens: Colonial Marines Season Pass.

Battlefield 4 Server "Strike" Plans

A post on the WeAreBattlefield forums outlines plans for a "strike" by Battlefield 4 server operators to protest a lack of communication with DICE and other issues they've encountered in operating servers for the first-person shooter sequel (thanks Siliconera). The plan is to take down their servers on January 3rd at 12:00 UTC (7:00 am EST), and here's word on what they are protesting and what they hope to accomplish:


  • Admins are unhappy about changes.
  • Admins use the CTE forums to communicate issues but are being ignored
  • Dices politic regarding ranked servers
  • Hidden patches and usually without warning
  • Patchnotes arriving too late
  • No consistency in running servers
  • Too many restrictions in server presets (e.g. idle timeout, max. vehicle spawn delay, etc.)
  • Not enough control about amounts of vehicles that spawn or classes/weapons to use
  • Splitting up the community with premium
  • Official preset not administered
  • No admin-only spectator
  • The fight against cheater (why does every client get all data?)

What do we hope to achieve with this strike:

  • Better in-time communication from Dice to admins
  • To stop decieving admins with hidden patches
  • That Dice establishs a communication pipeline with admins which is being listened to

Problems that result out of the named points:

  • Players are unhappy because they die ingame because of rules
  • Admins have to put too much work into servers
  • Starting a server without big community behind it takes alot of time because of preset restrictions (=>custom)
  • Admins feel being forced to use official preset
  • Cheaters/Cheatcoders can "destroy" servers
  • many more... please discuss in forums

Do you really believe this will change anything?

Just turn the question around: what will change if nobody stands up ?

The answer is pretty diverse:
No, we dont believe this will make DICE change anything _soon_ but
on the other hand the attention already is there. Maybe Dice uses it
productively to show they are willing to work on the issues and listen
to this alliance of admins.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 OS X Beta

A Steam Community announcement has word (admittedly from a couple of weeks ago) that a beta OS X version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 is now available on Steam along with the Windows and Linux editions of the transport simulation. CarGamingBlog has word from the developers at SCS Software that this isn't "just a port" as they plan on it equaling the Windows and Linux versions (which doesn't actually mean it's not a port.) Word is: "We will release the Mac version for everyone when we are confident about stability of the game. It can be next month, or it can take longer." For those interested, the game is currently steeply discounted as part of the encore Steam Holiday Sale.

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