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Saturday, Feb 01, 2014

Duke Nukem Announcement This Month?

The domain is now active, though it currently displays a message saying the "application is offline for maintenance." An image on All Games Beta is purportedly from the site before the maintenance began, showing an empty pack of "Kick-Ass" bubblegum, recalling Duke Nukem's declaration that "it's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of gum." The image is topped by a countdown which shows 24+ days remaining, and they say this means the next Duke Nukem game will be announced at that time by Interceptor Entertainment. True to that, a whois search on the domain does list Interceptor Entertainment as the registrant, though if it turns out this is faked, it would not be the most elaborate hoax we've seen by a long shot. Stay tuned.

EA Class Action Suit Plans

"Professional Corporation" (aka law firm) Brower Piven announces it "encourages" investors who lost money on EA stock purchased during the second half of last years to contact them before February 17 to participate in a class action suit as lead plaintiff:
The complaint accuses the defendants of violations of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 by virtue of the defendants’ failure to disclose during the Class Period that Battlefield 4, one of the Company’s signature video games, was riddled with bugs, connectivity issues, and several other problems that caused the EA unit publishing Battlefield 4 to put all other projects on hold to permit it to focus its efforts on fixing Battlefield 4. According to the complaint, following the November 15, 2013 disclosure that EA games experienced multiple glitches and significant crashes on the newly released Sony Play Station 4 console and the December 4, 2013 disclosure that bugs, connectivity issues, server limitations and other problems plaguing Battlefield 4 indefinitely halted the rollout of Battlefield 4 and delayed other EA projects, the value of EA shares declined significantly.

If you choose to retain counsel, you may retain Brower Piven without financial obligation or cost to you, or you may retain other counsel of your choice. You need take no action at this time to be a member of the class.

Report: Ghost Games Layoffs Halt New NFS

Ghost Games has suffered layoffs, reports Polygon, saying the studio formerly known as EA Gothenburg was working on an unannounced installment in the Need for Speed series that is now on hold. They say this unconfirmed report comes to them from "multiple sources," but has not yet been confirmed by Electronic Arts. They also add another layer of unconfirmed rumor on top of this, saying: "Electronic Arts earlier this week let go of their contractors at the office and told full-time staffers they could either take compensation and leave or continue working in the office to support work on Visceral's rumored police-themed Battlefield title, code-named Havana. Sources say Havana is due out later this year."

StarCraft II Balance Testing puts out the call for those interested in helping test balance changes in StarCraft II, Blizzard's sci-fi real-time strategy sequel. This outlines specific changes to be tested, though they note that none of this is final, saying: "During this testing phase, please keep in mind that none of the changes listed below are final. Our plan is to first explore how each change impacts the game and potentially test additional changes after reviewing your feedback."

Infinite Space 3: Sea of Stars Beta Nears; New Trailer

Here's a new trailer from Infinite Space 3: Sea of Stars to accompany the January progress report on Kickstarter for Digital Eel's upcoming outer space sequel. Word is they are working on implementing the game's combat as well as a "combat simulator" system which will allow players to work on their skills, and will also assist the developers in weapon balancing. Finally, they announce the game has been accepted for distribution on several gaming portals including Steam, and that they will conduct their public beta program through Steam, saying this is expected to begin in "a couple of months." Continue here to read the full story.

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Out of the Blue

I had to make a run into Manhattan yesterday, and got to see the NFL's Super Bowl "experience" first-hand. There really isn't much to the setup besides the toboggan run ride in Times Square, which looks pretty unexciting (if they had a zipline like the one they set up last year in New Orleans I would have waited on line to try it). The most noteworthy thing to notice was that there are actually more tourists in the midtown area than usual, which is saying something. And while you can normally pick out tourists in the city from their slow walking pace and fixation on the tops of buildings, this crowd took it to a whole other level, as the ones not wearing Broncos and Seahawks gear were wandering around with their plastic credential badges hanging around their necks. It's a good thing the crime rate in NYC has been addressed so strongly over the past couple of decades, as I can remember a time when a situation like this would have been bringing muggers out of retirement for one last big score.

R.I.P.: Arthur Rankin Jr, 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' co-producer dies, age 89.

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