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Wednesday, Aug 14, 2013


America's Army: Proving Grounds This Month

The U.S. Army announces America's Army: Proving Grounds will launch on August 29th on Steam, offering the next installment in this tactical first-person shooter series. They have released a new teaser trailer and they are also offering the chance to reserve your soldier's name in advance through this page. Here's word:

Huntsville, AL (August 14, 2013) -- The U.S. Army today announced that America’s Army: Proving Grounds, the next version of its official Army game, will launch on August 29, 2013 on Steam. The new America’s Army: Proving Ground website ( features the game’s first trailer, as well as a registration form for players to reserve their Soldier name for the game.

As with its predecessors, America’s Army: Proving Grounds (AA: PG) showcases the Army by emphasizing Army Values, teamwork, training and completing the objectives through gameplay that reflects the Soldier’s Creed. Bringing the best features of the previous versions to a new America’s Army environment, AA: PG stresses small unit tactical maneuvers and training that echoes true-to-life Army scenarios. AA: PG reflects the current day Army by focusing on these smaller self-contained, full spectrum units that can carry out a variety of objectives during missions.

In the game, players will experience the type of positional tactical training that U.S. Soldiers encounter at a real Army MOUT (military operations on urban terrain) site. Set in a fictional country, The Republic of the Ostregals, players are in the role of an 11B Infantryman practicing combat maneuvers at JTC Griffin, a fabricated training environment created by Conex modular containers and found materials. This training is crucial to the player’s success as part of a Long Range Combined Arms – Recon (LRCA-R) unit, a full spectrum capable team that embarks on special operations missions behind enemy lines.

Continue here to read the full story.

Former Steam Honcho Joins Microsoft

GamesIndustry International has word that former Steam boss Jason Holtman has joined Microsoft, with word one of his focuses is Windows gaming. "Yes, I have joined Microsoft where I will be focusing on making Windows a great platform for gaming and interactive entertainment," he tells them. "I think there is a lot of opportunity for Microsoft to deliver the games and entertainment customers want and to work with developers to make that happen, so I'm excited to be here." Desktop App Beta

Blizzard now offers beta access to their new desktop app for Here's what this is all about:

In the months ahead, the game launchers for World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, and Diablo III will be automatically updated to our new desktop app for, designed to improve the launcher experience and streamline your ability to play Blizzard games—but if you're interested in upgrading now, you can!

The open beta test has begun, and everyone's invited to download and install the app now in preparation for the switchover. If you're interested in upgrading in advance, simply click the button below.

What's this launcher update do? The new single sign-on functionality allows players to log in once to access World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, and the upcoming PC and Mac versions of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, and stay logged in for up to 30 days.

Players can also install games directly through the app and, if you choose to leave the app running on your desktop, keep them up-to-date automatically even while you’re away from your computer. Please note that it’s entirely up to you whether you wish to leave the app running—you can exit it at any time, and it will automatically re-launch whenever your standard launchers would.

For more information, check out the FAQ.

Betrayer Early Access

Steam now offers early access to Betrayer, allowing the chance to influence development of Blackpowder Games' recently revealed, mostly monochromatic first-person action adventure set in 17th century colonial America. This carries a 10% discount over the coming week. Here's word:

“We are excited to get feedback while there’s still time to react to it and make the game better,” said game designer Craig Hubbard. “There are only six of us, so being able to hear from gamers who are motivated to help us deliver the best possible experience while we’re still in active development will help us prioritize on the fixes and features that will have the biggest impact.”

Betrayer is an eerie first person action adventure game that takes you to the New World at the turn of the 17th century. The game focuses on exploring, unraveling mysteries, collecting loot to spend on better weaponry, and engaging in brutal combat against deadly enemies.

“We deliberately chose to make a game that doesn’t explain everything to you. You’ll find clues about what’s happening and what befell the colony, but it’ll be up to you to put the pieces together. It’s challenging to strike a balance where players are getting just the right amount of information. Too much and you can lose the sense of accomplishment. Too little and it can get frustrating. We’re hoping the community can help us with the fine tuning.”

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Arms Deal Update

The Counterstrike Blog announces the new Arms Deal update is now live in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve's tactical first-person shooter sequel. The new version walks a fine line, courting the masses with in-game weapon microtransactions, while currying favor with the hardcore by building tournament kitties. Here's a FAQ, and here's word:

August 14, 2013 - Valve, creators of best-selling game franchises (such as Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, Portal, and Team Fortress) and leading technologies (such as Steam and Source), today announced the release of The Arms Deal Update for its tactical first-person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which allows players to collect, buy, sell and trade decorated in-game weapons for the first time. The Update will also introduce weapon cases, which can be acquired through timed drops and opened by purchasing or trading for the appropriate key.

The Arms Deal Update will also actively support the CS:GO competitive community with the introduction of the eSports Weapon Case. A portion of the proceeds from sales of eSports Case Keys will go towards prize purses at competitive events. This update also adds two classic Counter-Strike: Source silenced weapons to the game in the form of the M4A1-S and USP-S.

Dogs of War Online This Fall

Cyanide announces Dogs of War Online will begin closed beta testing next month in preparation for the release of their free-to-play tactical multiplayer game this fall, a delay from the announced plan to have it out during Q2 of this year. A new Dogs of War Online website is online, and here's what they say: "By visiting, players will have access to new Dogs of War Online content, such as a description of the units and factions in the game, as well as the game’s latest updates. With the launch of the Closed Beta to begin at the end of September 2013, prospective testers can keep up to date via the website and find out more about registration details."

Call of Duty: Ghosts CE Details & Multiplayer Trailers

One Of Swords offers details on Collector's Editions for Call of Duty: Ghosts , the military shooter sequel. One has a camera and the other has a strap (you can work out for yourself which is more expensive), and both include this map. Also, this Multiplayer Reveal Trailer is from today's Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer reveal, showing off gameplay modes and a bunch of in-game combat footage where the twist is your opponents are other players. This trailer is also from the event showing off squad play, but there seems to be something a little odd how this one is rendered. This clip reveals features like their new Marksman rifles and the Create-a-Soldier system, which even includes the ability to play as a female soldier. Finally, this video has the entire presentation, which runs almost an hour. Continue here to read the full story.

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Into the Black

Link of the Day: Blade Runner - 8 Bit Cinema. Thanks nin via Paleofuture.

The Wolf Among Us Revealed

A Telltale Games teaser page reveals development of The Wolf Among Us, a new series from the episodic game specialists. The page offers signups for future updates, and in the meantime only has this to say about the game: "Based on the Vertigo Comic Books 'Fables' by Bill Willingham and published by DC Entertainment." There's a little more on this in this new teaser trailer which shows off some stylized cinematics that look cel-shaded, and says that "Episode One: Faith - A new series of choice and consequence," is "premiering soon." Continue here to read the full story.

World Zombination Announced

Startup developer Proletariat announces World Zombination, a faction-based strategy game coming to Windows and mobiles next year. Proletariat was recently formed by veterans of Harmonix, Insomniac, Turbine, 38 Studios, and Zynga Boston, and they say they will be attending PAX Prime at the end of this month to show the game off to the press. In the meantime, they offer an "infected" teaser trailer and promise a "survivor" trailer in the fall. Here's word on the game:

In World Zombination, players choose between The Infected and The Survivors and fight with (and against!) their friends to control cities around the world. With compelling and asymmetrical moment-to-moment gameplay, the choice of faction gives a totally different experience and is a new take on real-time strategy combat. The Infected players control a horde of hundreds of zombies while The Survivors control a band of heroes trying to hold off the onslaught.

Proletariat Design Director Jesse Kurlancheek says, "The most fun and memorable moments in games come when you're playing with your friends, whether it's team death-match in an FPS, raiding in MMOs, or just sitting around playing cards. We're hoping to provide those experiences, distilled down, with World Zombination." The game features a constantly changing world map that allows guilds and players to team up and work together to control the world in real-time and on a massive scale.

Proletariat's CEO, Seth Sivak , adds, "We are focused on bringing cutting-edge multiplayer games to tablets. This is the sort of game we love to play. With World Zombination, we've come up with fun and unique gameplay that real-time strategy gamers will find refreshing."

"We are creating a world that is both beautiful and utterly devastated," says CTO Dan Ogles. "Quality keeps going up on tablets and we're pushing ourselves from both a technical and a design perspective to take advantage of what these devices can do."

Continue here to read the full story.

Hot Wheels World's Best Driver Announced

The Hot Wheels website has word on a new racing game coming from Mattel and WBIE called Hot Wheels World's Best Driver. in development at Firebrand Games. They say this is coming to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and DS, and offer a video showing off racing on a variety of vehicles that concludes showing the same platforms. However, Gamer's Hell has an official press release on this that includes a September release window, and also lists the PC as a target platform, so either there's an error somewhere, or Windows support is somewhat of an afterthought here. Here's word:

London, UK, August 13, 2013 – Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has entered into an agreement with Mattel, Inc. for the global distribution, sales and trade marketing of the upcoming video game, Hot Wheels World’s Best Driver launching on September 20 in the UK for the Xbox 360® games and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Wii U™ system, Nintendo 3DS™ hand-held system and PC.

In Hot Wheels World's Best Driver, players join the ranks of Team Hot Wheels™ and compete in dozens of unique, fast-paced, replayable challenges highlighting the driving styles of the different teams – the record-breaking speed of the Green Team, the show-stopping stunts of the Red Team, the super-tight precision with the best technology of the Blue Team or record-breaking jumps of the Yellow Team. Featuring 24 outrageous and iconic Hot Wheels vehicles and set in four under-the-radar test facilities around the world, the game pushes players to their limits to see if they have what it takes to become Hot Wheels World's Best Driver.

Continue here to read the full story.

NVIDIA Unleaks GTA5 PC Comment - New Trailers Released

Two new trailers are available for Grand Theft Auto V, revealing the gubernatorial campaigns for two candidates. There's a clip showing off the Jock Cranley Campaign and another showing the Sue Murry Campaign. Also, Forbes has a statement from NVIDIA attempting to put the horse back in the barn after spilling some beans about the PC edition of Grand Theft Auto V. They claim this "was made with the intent of expressing enthusiasm for the games industry in general," and that "NVIDIA does not have information on any possible PC version release of Grand Theft Auto or its availability." This may very well be true, but it certainly sounds like full-on spin. Here's the full statement:

“Please note, during our Thursday’s earnings call, our investor relations team provided a list of important games that gamers are looking forward to on PC this fall, and included Grand Theft Auto V on that list. This statement was made with the intent of expressing enthusiasm for the games industry in general, and was not intended to represent specific knowledge possessed by NVIDIA. NVIDIA does not have information on any possible PC version release of Grand Theft Auto or its availability. We deeply regret the error.”

Continue here to read the full story.

Diablo Tease

A new Reaper of Souls teaser page has appeared on While the Trademark news from yesterday caused some confusion about which franchise it is for, this new tease is unambiguously Diablo, as it uses the QUAKE Diablo Exocet typeface and quotes the Book of Tyrael, saying: "Death, at last, shall spread its wings all over." Thanks Polygon.

Ultra Street Fighter IV Dropping GFWL

Capcom's Haunts tweets that the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter IV will be dropping Microsoft's unpopular Games for Windows LIVE, and is turning to Valve and Steam for distribution: "It's coming to Steam, yes, we'll be transitioning from GFWL to Steam." Haunts also tweets that the PC edition should be released "around the same time" as the console editions. Thanks The Escapist.

AMD Gaming Evolved Evolves

Hardware Canucks outlines changes AMD is implementing to their "Never Settle" promotion which bundles free games with their graphics cards. Rather than a set game or games bundle, they will be offering their customers a choice of games from a selection divided into tiers: A Gold tier with three game, a Silver tier with two games, and a Bronze tier (you can see where this is going) with one game. These rewards don't have to be redeemed immediately, and they will add new games to the various tiers going forward.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Livestream Today

Activision is planning a livestream later today for a look at multiplayer support in Call of Duty: Ghosts, the next installment in the military shooter series. The event will get underway in Los Angeles at 1:30 pm EDT, and you can view the proceedings on the Call of Duty: Ghosts website and they provided an embed link, so those who wish to can also view this right here. Update:: Looks like the embed code doesn't work, sorry. Continue here to read the full story.

Dark Souls 2 "Forging a Hero" Trailer

A new trailer from Dark Souls 2 called "Forging a Hero," offering a cinematic with glimpses of the creation of armor and weapons. For those getting their hopes up that this is the blacksmithing simulator of their dreams, here's your letdown: Dark Souls II is the next installment in From Software's action/RPG series, so you probably won't get to man the forge yourself. Continue here to read the full story.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Cinematic Trailer

The Witcher 3: Killing Monsters page now offers a cinematic trailer from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This seems to be the outcome of the countdown we mentioned yesterday, so it didn't arrive when we expected even after recalculating this in our trusty HAL 9000. Here's the explanation: "CD Projekt RED is proud to present The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 'Killing Monsters' cinematic trailer to the public for the first time, offering a thrilling glimpse into the morally ambiguous universe of Geralt of Rivia. 'Killing Monsters' portrays the cruel and gritty world of The Witcher and foreshadows the mature mood of the upcoming story-driven RPG, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, set for release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2014."

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