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Wednesday, Jul 31, 2013


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Demo

Steam's Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Ultimate Edition page now includes a playable demo from the upcoming PC edition of this action/adventure sequel (thanks Frans). We don't have any details on the demo, so here's word on the game itself, which is being offered at a 10% preorder discount:

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Ultimate Edition is the complete edition of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, a dark and vivid new re-imagining of the Castlevania mythology. It is the end of days and ungodly powers isolate the Earth. The world's alliance with the heavens has been threatened by a dark and malevolent force - the mysterious Lords of Shadow. Across this shattered land, the souls of the dead wander unable to find peace, whilst creatures of evil wreak chaos and death upon the living.

Gabriel Belmont is a member of the Brotherhood of Light, an elite group of holy knights who protect and defend the innocent against the supernatural. His beloved wife was brutally murdered by the evil forces of darkness and her soul trapped for eternity. Neither living nor dead she realizes the horrific truth of what is at stake and guides Gabriel to his destiny and hopefully salvation for the world.

New S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat MISERY Mod

The newly launched MISERY mod website now offers a new version 2.0 MISERY modification for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat, which collects together the work of many mod authors to change most aspects of the game. Word is: "This is a heavy ‘full package’ conceptualized version of STALKER Call of Pripyat that touches almost every game aspect including graphics, audio, interface, difficulty, weapons and more. It resets vanilla Call of Pripyat with a more serious ‘skin’ that makes the game worth a new more intense and authentic playthrough. MISERY is all about dread, realism, high difficulty and expanded and variated arsenal." Thanks MajorD.

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New GeForce Beta Drivers

The GeForce website now offers new version 326.41 beta drivers for NVIDIA graphics cards. There's an article on the main page about this, but the "more" link is broken, so here's all we can read about this: "The new GeForce 326.41 beta drivers are a required download for NVIDIA SHIELD owners who intend to stream PC games from their desktop to SHIELD." Thanks Iggy.

Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny Remake Woes

Steam now offers Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny, Australian developer Crafty Studios' effort at a "faithful remake" of the original game of the same name from back in the early 1990s. Unfortunately, the launch of the remake has not gone smoothly, as evidenced by the unhappy Steam Community posts on the topic, which complain of rampant bugs and other issues (thanks RPGCodex via Allen). A post from one of the developers offers apologies, explaining that their plans for a day one patch were derailed, and they are working on a catch up patch with fixes:

First of all, I am neither a publishers nor a developers spokesman, and my CM times were over a long time ago. I am now speaking as helping hand of the dev team and coordinator of the next patching efforts.

Let me apologize first. It was in no way intended to deliver the game with a load of bugs, glitches and errors, and I fully understand the outrage of every single player who played the game now and stumbled upon problems that shouldn´t be present in ANY released version. There is no time for and no sense in blameshifting, so I can only tell you the truth. We ran during the work on the Day1 patch into unexpected troubles. Severe unexpected troubles that costed many days of otherwise productive bugfixing and optimization work. I know that the release should have been delayed by the lost time (+ an additional security timeframe), but that is not the developers decision.

However, we are tackling the issues fast, and we hit them pretty good. (As former American football champ I like the words "tackling" and "hit" here). This means, we will give you DAILY updates and fixes, and we will adress many of the issues during the next days.

The first patch today will already bring relieve to many of you, and you can look up the plan for the next days here:

And I will keep you updated on a daily base untill all is done and good.

Batman: Arkham Origins Multiplayer Details

WBIE announces details on multiplayer support in Batman: Arkham Origins, saying Splash Damage is developing this aspect of Ubisoft Montreal's upcoming stealth/action prequel. A bunch of Batmen duking it out makes no sense, and this is avoided in an asymmetrical design where some players are criminals engaged in a three-on-three third-person shooter battle, two players will also play as Batman and Robin, and once per match one criminal can take on the role of Bane or the Joker. There are hands-on previews of this showing up on places like GamesBeat, IGN, Kotaku, and Polygon. Here's a trailer showing this off, and here's the announcement:

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment today confirmed that Batman: Arkham Origins will ship with a mode that allows players to take the franchise’s award-winning gameplay online to play with friends and foes. The online component blends the traditional Arkham gameplay with third-person shooter mechanics and is in development by Splash Damage.

The online mode will be available for the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PC. The game is scheduled to launch worldwide Oct. 25, 2013.

The Batman: Arkham Origins Online mode offers players the chance to hunt as Batman or Robin against the most challenging opponents yet, friends and other gamers online. Players can also take on the role of a Super-Villain Elite and get a peek behind the curtain of what it’s like to side with The Joker or Bane as they establish their legacy by taking down Batman and Robin, and anyone else who gets in their way. Fans will even be able call in the ultimate reinforcement to help turn the tide in any match by playing as The Joker or Bane themselves.

Ships Ahoy - Rise of the Triad announces that Rise of the Triad has risen, as they now offer digital distribution of Interceptor Entertainment's remake of Apogee's over-the-top old school shooter. The game is also available from the Apogee Software Online Store where the Apogee Throwback Pack is included for free, though you have to pay a premium for extended download privileges. The Steam version won't unlock for several hours, which also provides a last-minute opportunity to get the Apogee Throwback Pack for free as their preorder bonus. Here's word on the game:

Rise of the Triad brings back everything we loved about the first-person shooters of the 1990s. Swarms of enemies, no hand-holding, awesome guns, badass one-liners, a pretense story, and ridiculous amounts of virtual guts flying all over the place--all checked and accounted for. Apart from a diverse and challenging single-player campaign, that pays a tribute to the game's predecessor, the new Rise of the Triad offers many multi-player game modes (the game supports its own DRM-free server network). The game's fully moddable and a robust creative tool comes with every copy, so you can extend your experience indefinitely. All that, for a fraction of the price of most modern FPS games of comparable scale!

Steamships Ahoy - Narco Terror

Steam News announces the release of the Windows PC edition of Narco Terror, which is offered at a 10% discount for the first week of availability. Here's what this entails: "Dishing out justice, one grenade at a time! Narco Terror combines the good of the old and the amazing of the new in an action-packed twin-stick shooter about an over-the-top one-man war against a drug cartel. In true arcade-style, it is filled with unlimited ammo, ear-splitting grenades, huge explosions, massive tanks, armed helicopters and fast planes."

Deadpool DLC Released

One Of Swords has news that the Merc With a Map Pack DLC for Deadpool is now available to all, after previously only being available to GameStop preorder customers. Here's word:

Deadpool gets some DLC this week! The Merc with a Map Pack is now available on Xbox 360 for 240 Microsoft Points and on PC & PS3 for the real-money equivalent of $2.99. The DLC contains two new maps for use in both Infinite and Challenge modes, plus two new outfits for the leaderboard-tracked Infinite mode: the blingtastic D-Pooly duds and the decidedly more sedate and stealthy Uncanny X-Force outfit.

If you preordered the game through GameStop, this content should look very familiar, since you already own it. But you have no excuse for not dominating your friends’ scores on these maps!

Capcom Financials

Capcom offers their latest financial reporting (Adobe Acrobat format) for the first quarter of their current fiscal year. As summarized by Develop, it turns out that not releasing a lot of games can damage the bottom line. Word is:

Capcom profits fell by 37.3 per cent to £5.5 million during the last quarter from the same time last year, according to the company’s latest financial report.

Net sales also decreased by 6.2 per cent to £118 million. The publisher blamed the “scant” release schedule in the market across the industry for falling profits.

The firm said Resident Evil Revelations, released in May, had achieved projected sales, while Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen also enjoyed solid sales.

The Bureau XCOM Declassified YOLO Trailer

A new YOLO trailer from The Bureau XCOM Declassified shows how cheerfully the cannon fodder in your squad rushes to their deaths in the upcoming XCOM game, in spite of how ill-advised your command to advance might be. The NPCs accept their fates with gleeful cries of YOLO, and though they may only live once, no player characters were harmed in the making of this video. Continue here to read the full story.

MouseCraft Alpha and Trailer

MouseCraft, "the cheesiest game ever," is a tile-matching puzzle/platformer described as a cross between Lemmings and Tetris. This is playable for free under a pay what you want model as they strive to get the game accepted by Steam's Greenlight program. Here's a trailer and the short description: "MouseCraft is a tile-matching puzzle game where players help mice in their relentless quest for cheese by stacking world’s most famous blocks: Tetrominos. Starring: Crazy Cat Scientsist [sic], Three Blind Mice and Tons of irresistibly delicious Cheese." Continue here to read the full story.

Infinite Space 3: Sea of Stars Video

The Infinite Space Website has a new update from Digital Eel on progress on Infinite Space 3: Sea of Stars, their recently Kickstarted space adventure sequel. They introduce Les Betterley as the second 3D artist on the project and offer this video with the majority of the update. Here's how they describe the clip: "Hello, it's time for a fresh new Sea of Stars video update! This time we'll talk a bit about how the game distributes stars and planets, as well as discuss the cat problem before showing off a bundle of shiny new starships!" Continue here to read the full story.

Meridian – New World Website & Trailer

A new Meridian – New World website is online as an official home to the recently announced sci-fi RTS game in the works at Elder Games. They take the opportunity to provide us with the first trailer for the game, which is chock full of gameplay footage. Continue here to read the full story.

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Out of the Blue

After the guys were done fixing our roof, we found a hunk of scrap metal lying on my grill, and closer examination showed it had ripped the grill cover. We informed the contactor that we would deduct the cost of a new cover from the job, but when he came to follow-up on the job, his suspicion that this had not been placed there by one of his workers turned out to be correct, as it had actually fallen from the roof, and had in fact caused pretty significant damage to the grill cover. They are willing to make good on this, and the good news for them is that the two metal skins required to repair this are sold separately by Napoleon, though the polished outer skin is not exactly what you'd call cheap (it's about $180.00). It's not surprising that this scrap caused such damage, as it was mostly lead, and was several pounds of sharp edges, so all we can imagine is the horror of this falling on one of the workers, because it seems like it could have very easily killed someone.

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