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Wednesday, Oct 24, 2012

Nihilistic Becomes nStigate Games

The Nihilistic Software Website announces that the company is reorganizing, and will cease to exist as it has for 14 years. In its place, they have reformed as nStigate Games, a new company focused on downloadable, on-line, and mobile games. Here's word:
So is this newsworthy? Well, honestly it probably isn’t, except that we are making this transition without any planned layoffs or leaving any debts behind. Nihilistic will fade into the sunset the way it started; a collaboration of talented folks dedicated to transparency and respect for employees. Over the next couple months we’ll get leaner as some of our talent finds new homes, and emerge as a smaller and more focused company.

The future for nStigate is yet to be written, but the history of Nihilistic is coming to a close. We thank all the people who have worked here over the last 14 years. It’s been a privilege and a joy to serve our players for the past years. We love what we do, and we love it when you guys like it. Thank you for playing.

Warframe Closed Beta Begins

A new Warframe Website is online, as home to this upcoming free-to-play multiplayer shooter from Digital Extremes. The site is home to a Warframe Dev Diary #3 as well as the announcement that closed beta testing is now underway. Here's how they are handling invitations: "We're slowly turning on the tap to let as many players in as possible while fine tuning our infrastructure. The first players are being chosen randomly from our lengthy VIP list formed by referring 3 or more friends to Warframe. Once that list is exhausted, we will randomly choose from the rest of the registrants. Closed Beta members will be under NDA during this play-test process but we'll continue revealing details on Warframe over the coming months."

Left 4 Dead 2 Free Weekend

The Left 4 Dead 2 Website announces a free weekend for the zombie shooter sequel:
To celebrate Halloween, we are unleashing L4D2 on the world. Starting this Thursday, the entire game will be free to play for the whole weekend. New players can begin pre-loading now. For long time players, it is time to welcome your new found friends and help them survive the zombie apocalypse.

For current players, we created a new achievement. Good Guy Nick - – “Plays games with free weekend players and helps them survive a campaign.” Who is a free weekend player? You’re going to have to talk to each other to find out or you could always let your friends know Left 4 Dead 2 is going to be free this weekend and have them join you. Spread the word! It’s the zombie apocalypse, bring friends.

To preload or install the game, you can click this link.

RAGE Mod Tools Still Coming

John Carmack tweets that there are still plans to release the overdue mod tools for RAGE, id's semi-recent first-person shooter (thanks VG247/Joystiq/NeoGAF). He ruefully says:
BFG work pushed the Rage tools, but Real Soon Now. I hope. Sigh. I think we have made poor decisions on this all year.

F1 Race Stars Trailer

The F1 Race Stars Website now offers a new trailer offering the first look at gameplay from Codemasters' upcoming arcade cart racing game. Word is: "In the gameplay video, the cast of F1 RACE STARS speed through loop-the-loops, soar through the sky making huge jumps and charge through tunnels whilst collecting and using a range of fun power-ups to boost ahead or slow down their rivals."

New ESRB Digital Ratings

The ESRB, announces a new rating system for digitally delivered games that will offer parents more information while offering developers and publishers a free service:
This morning, ESRB announced a new streamlined, no-cost service for rating all digitally delivered games (console download games, online games, streaming, social network games, etc.). Also, this new Digital Rating Service will not only assess content and age appropriateness, but now adds interactive elements that matter a great deal to parents, such as sharing personal information or physical location and exposure to unfiltered user-generated content.

For consumers, especially parents, this new service means extending a single, consistent and credible rating standard across the many platforms on which their kids can access content. Parents concerns now extend beyond just content; they want ratings to address sharing of kids’ personal information or interaction with others.

For the game developers, the streamlined rating process makes obtaining an ESRB rating fast and easy by assigning a rating immediately. By simplifying the process and eliminating the cost to developers, ESRB expects to broaden adoption of its ratings among game providers of all types. ESRB’s Digital Rating Service joins the CTIA Mobile Application Rating System with ESRB, which was launched last year and uses a similar process to assign ESRB ratings to mobile apps.

Evening Screenshots

Into the Black

Link of the Day: The Science Of Dogs. Every word is true. Thanks nin.

DiRT 4 Hints?

This tweet from Codemasters designer Paul Coleman offers a photo of the Ford Focus used to promote previous installments in the DiRT franchise, along with a caption suggesting this is a tease for the rally racing series: "Commence your speculation. #dirt." A follow-up says: "Another teaser. Sadly I can't say what I am actually doing but it's fun." So? Get to speculating! Thanks VG247.

Star Citizen Hits Kickstarter Goal

The Kickstarter Campaign for Star Citizen has hit its $500,000 goal after just four days of fundraising for this upcoming space simulation from Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts. The Roberts Space Industries Website now shows the game has raised $1.35 million of its overall two million dollar goal (which apparently does not count the half-million from Kickstarter).

WoW Hotfixed; PTR Patch Notes; Free Character Moves

The World of Warcraft Website lists a bunch of new hotfixes recently applied to Blizzard's MMORPG with class and raid tweaks as well as bug fixes. Also, the World of Warcraft Website offers notes for a new patch that's now live on the public test realm, allowing players to test the upcoming version 5.1. They also offer a new article on unique challenge mode gear effects and word that free character moves are available. If all this sounds enticing, the WoW Battle Chest is 75% off this week.

Diablo III Hotfixes

The Diablo III Website has a list of new hotfixes on the server side for the action/RPG sequel. This includes the previously announced fix to lower the damage dealt by enemies in Monster Power mode as well as changes to the Keywarden and a bug fix that addresses a problem that could cause the game to crash.

Team Fortress 2 Linux Indications

The Team Fortress Wiki has a diff file for a new newly released beta version of Team Fortress 2 that includes Linux-related files such as a hardware driver compatibility list, and the a shell script launcher now has a case for Linux as well as OS X. Valve has been gearing up for Linux support, so things seem to be moving along in this regard. Thanks Ant via Slashdot.

Hardware Reviews

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  • LG ND5520 Docking Station on t-break.
  • Mach Xtreme MX-DS Turbo 120 GB SLC on techPowerUp.
  • Matrox DualHead2Go External Multi-Display Adaptor on Overclockers Club.
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  • MSI Big Bang Z77 MPower on Bjorn3D.
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  • Mushkin 7mm Chronos Deluxe 120GB SSD on HiTechLegion.
  • Palit GeForce GTX 660 Ti 2GB JetStream Graphics Card on eTeknix.
  • Razer BlackShark Battlefield 3 Edition PC Gaming Headset on eTeknix.
  • Silverstone HE01 Performance Heatsink on


  • Open beta testing of the European edition of Raiderz is now underway, and characters won't be wiped after the game goes live…

Out of the Blue

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