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Thursday, Jul 26, 2012


Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition in September

The Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition Website is now accepting preorders of the upcoming Baldur's Gate revival, saying we should expect the PC edition on September 18th. Here's word on what this will include:

Running on an upgraded and improved version of the Infinity Engine, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition™ includes the entire Baldur's Gate adventure, the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion pack, and never before seen content including a new adventure, and three new party members: The Calishite Monk Rasaad yn Bashir, Neera the Wild Mage, and Dorn Il-Khan, the evil blackguard.

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition for Windows contains the following enhancements:

        • New Adventure: The Black Pits
        • New Character: Dorn Il-Khan
        • New Character: Neera the Wild Mage
        • New Character: Rasaad yn Bashir
        • A new collection of player character voice sets
        • Native support for high resolution widescreen displays
        • Over 400 improvements to the original game
        • Improved multiplayer support, with connectivity between all platforms

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition for Windows will be available as a direct download from Beamdog, with no client install necessary. Pre-purchasing will allow you to preload the game, so you can access it immediately after release.

New UDK Adds Version Management

The UDK Website now offers downloads of the July 2012 beta of the Unreal Development Kit, an update to this free SDK that supports the creation of commercial and non-commercial Unreal Engine 3 projects. This announcement has details on how this adds Perforce Software's Version Management system. Here's word on that: "The addition of Perforce’s industry-leading solution enables UDK developers to utilize enterprise-grade version control tools for up to 20 users and 20 workstations at no charge, with no restrictions on time limit or file quantity. In addition, the latest enhancements to Epic’s engine make it even more seamless to leverage Perforce for the game production pipeline."

GameStop Interested in Digital Resales

GameSpot has an interesting quote from GameStop CEO Paul Raines, who describes their interest in getting into the (currently nonexistent) market for selling pre-owned digital content. "It’s very interesting," he said. "There are some technologies out there in Europe, and we’ve looked at a couple that are involved. We’re interested; it’s not a meaningful business yet. Right now we’re not seeing that as a huge market, but I think we’re on the leading edge. There are a few companies, a few start-ups, out there that we’ve talked to that are doing this."

WB Games Seattle Layoffs

Joystiq has a confirmation from WBIE of layoffs at WB Games Seattle first revealed by George Broussard. Here's the statement they have about the developer currently working on Lord of the Rings: Guardians of Middle-earth: "Due to shifting business imperatives, WB Games Seattle has made staff reductions. The group will continue to remain an integral part of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment."

Carrier Command: Recruits Part 1 Released

The Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Website now offers the first installment in Carrier Command: Recruits, a four-part series of free Flash mini-games to pave the way for the release of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission next month. Word is: "Carrier Command: Recruits is an episodic series of free mini-games preparing you for the Gaea Mission. Spread over four chapters, Carrier Command: Recruits follows your story as you obtain the position of Technical Analyst. Your task is to unravel a mysterious plot by completing a diverse set of challenges."

Dishonored Trailer

The Bethesda Blog offers a new Daring Escapes trailer from Dishonored, showing three different tactics for getting out of a sticky situation in Arkane's upcoming stealth game. Word is: "You’ve infiltrated the Boyle Mansion, but things have gone poorly and the City Watch is on your tail. What do you do? In “Daring Escapes” discover three possible escape routes utilizing supernatural abilities available to Corvo: Blink, Bend Time, and Possession. Choose Corvo’s escape plans by selecting The Long Jump, Sleep Tight, or Chain Possession." Continue here to read the full story.

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Into the Black

Link of the Day: Raccoon mechanic reporting for duty. Thanks Ant.

Borderlands 2 Digital Preorders

The 2K Games Blog has news that Borderlands 2 is now available for preorder from digital distributors, and that the original Borderlands and all its DLC are now on sale to pave the way for the upcoming release of the role-playing shooter sequel. Here's word:

It’s the time many people have been waiting for - Borderlands 2 PC is now available for digital pre-orders.

Just like the physical version, digital pre-orders of Borderlands 2 come with access to the Borderlands 2 Premiere Club, featuring a free download of the Mechromancer character class once she is available (plus much more).

There’s more. For those of you who still haven’t tried Borderlands 1 (it sounds crazy but they assure me there are some of you out there), you can purchase Borderlands 1 and all of its DLC at 75% off through 7/30 at participating digital retailers.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to your favorite digital retailer and get your pre-order placed! Here are some of our digital retail partners that are also running some great promotions on Borderlands 2 through the weekend:

Steam | Gamestop | Amazon | Gamefly | Metaboli | Gamersgate | Greenman Gaming

Questions? Comments? Pleas for attention? We’re always listening! Feel free to send us a message on Facebook, come on over to our forums, or send us a tweet.

Orcs Must Die! 2 Demo

The Steam page for Orcs Must Die! 2 now offers a playable demo for Robot Entertainment's action/strategy sequel in advance of the release of the full game next week. They also now offer sales of the game's soundtrack, and a 75% off weekend sale on top of a price cut for the original Orcs Must Die! Here's word:

With just four days until the release of Orcs Must Die! 2, Robot Entertainment today has announced that they’re celebrating the final countdown with demos, deals, and the long-awaited release of the Orcs Must Die! soundtrack! Players looking to be the first to get their hands on Orcs Must Die! 2 can now download the demo and start sleighing their way through two of the game’s early levels in single-player or co-op. Play as either the Sorceress or the War Mage and test-drive a selection of new traps and upgrades. Hone your combat and trap combos this weekend in anticipation of the monstrous assault coming your way when Orcs Must Die! 2 releases on Monday, July 30th, 2012!

Crysis 3 Interactive Trailer

A tweet from the Crysis Twitter feed announces the release of the Crysis 3 Official Single Player Interactive Demo trailer, a video run-through of parts of the upcoming first-person shooter sequel that offers branching decision points to show how gameplay is influenced by the choice of whether to take a stealthy approach, or to take on the opposition head on using the nanosuit's armor capabilities.  Continue here to read the full story.

Microsoft Flight Grounded

Microsoft has cancelled development of Microsoft Flight, as well as Project Columbia, described as "a Kinect interactive TV project designed for children" by Kotaku. The site originally reported that the entire Vancouver studio responsible for these games was being shut down, but an update from MS clarifies that these projects are at an end, but not the studio itself. Here's the official statement:

Microsoft Studios is always evaluating its portfolio of products to determine what is best for gamers, families and the company, and this decision was the result of the natural ebb and flow of our portfolio management. Many factors were considered in the difficult decision to stop development on "Microsoft Flight" and "Project Columbia," but we feel it will help us better align with our long-term goals and development plans. For "Microsoft Flight," we will continue to support the community that has embraced the title and the game will still be available to download for free at

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Delayed

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 has a new release date of January 15, 2013, reports Computer and Video Games, noting this comes almost immediately after the sharpshooting sequel was delayed to October of this year. No reasons are offered for why this game is failing to hit its targets.

PlanetSide 2 Trailer

full "Death is No Excuse" trailer for PlanetSide 2 is now available, offering three-plus minutes of cinematic footage for SOE's upcoming MMOFPS sequel (thanks Cutter). Here's the accompanying description: "Drop in the middle of the war on Auraxis. Follow the path of one soldier as he powers through the battlefield determined to fulfill his mission. The war is raging, but his mission is clear. Death is No Excuse. The battlefield in the modern warfare epic first person shooter could make you a combat veteran or you could end up with a halo over your head. Just watch this epic trailer that shows you what it is like to go PlanetSide 2!" Continue here to read the full story.

Iron Brigade Coming to Steam?

The Open Steam Works Database now includes an entry for an Iron Brigade beta in this listing of game data mined from Valve's {steam } service. Iron Brigade is the final title of Double Fine's Xbox LIVE Arcade World War I tower defense/third-person shooter, but up until now we have not seen any announcement of plans for a Windows version. Thanks nin.

Ron Gilbert on Returning to Monkey Island

The gamesTM Website has excerpts from an upcoming interview with Ron Gilbert where the former LucasArts designer discusses the idea of returning to the beloved Monkey Island franchise. He says he'd want to this on his own terms, but doesn't envision being able to pile up enough loot to tempt George Lucas into parting with the IP. He lightheartedly suggests a nine-figure Kickstarter might do the trick:

“I don’t know the backstory about how Al Lowe got the rights to do Leisure Suit Larry, or any of these other games.” says Gilbert, “but the problem with the Monkey Island stuff is that LucasFilm hoards intellectual property. And George does not need any more money, right? I think if I showed up at their doorstep with a briefcase full of ten million dollars, they would not sell me the license. I think it would have to be an obscenely absurd amount of money to pry that license away from them. So yeah, I don’t think Kickstarter would ever” he trails off before adding, “I mean, maybe I should start a Kickstarter for a hundred million dollars, to buy the Monkey Island license. You never know!”

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We had a lovely time last night, as we celebrated the birthday of my step-grandma, who is one of the more vital nonagenarians you could meet. It was great seeing the family, and a good time was had by all. On the other hand, my talk of this all helping me get off on an earlier foot today proved wildly off-base, after accepting a cup of coffee to steel me for the drive home. This turned out to be a huge tactical error, as having cut down to one large cup a day has lowered my caffeine resistance to the point where this kept me awake until a few short hours ago, so I am operating in a bit of a sleep deprived mode, but the celebration was certainly worth a little sacrifice.

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