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Tuesday, Jul 17, 2012


Hacker Evolution Duality DLC & Giveaway Announced

The exosyphen studios website announces tomorrow they will celebrating their 10th anniversary by giving away 3653 copies of Hacker Evolution Duality to celebrate their 3653 days of game development (gotta give them geek credit for counting leap days). Also, it's not mentioned on the site, but they also announce plans for DLC for the strategy sequel. Here's the deal on that:

In addition, Exosyphen Studios are proud to announce the first downloadable add-on pack for Hacker Evolution Duality. The add-on expansion pack includes more than 20 new game levels along with a game update featuring new gameplay features. The add-on expansion pack is set for a summer 2012 release.

Torchlight 2 Progress Report

A post on the Runic Games Forums by Travis Baldree discusses the reasons Runic Games has not yet set forth a release date for Torchlight 2, their upcoming action/RPG sequel, in spite of once boasting that Torchlight 3 would be released before Diablo III. He proceeds to offer a giant brain dump on what it is they are spending their time on, admitting this detailed account may all be "tl'dr." He does not confirm the game is still expected this year, but does promise more such updates "more-or-less weekly basis until this ships to give you something to chew on." Thanks Joao.

DC Universe Online Updated

The DC Universe Online Website announces Game Update 16 is now live in SOE's superhero MMORPG, and heralding the Tides of War, a summer event in the game. Here's a bit on that: "During the summer, the seas become restless and churn with dangerous storms. Ocean Master, Aquaman's conniving half brother, has rallied a force of mutineer Atlanteans in an attempt to usurp the throne of Atlantis! Their civil war has breached the waters of Metropolis, a crucial piece in the plot to rule the sea."

Drox Operative Beta Patches

The Drox Operative patches page now offers new patches for Drox Operative to update the Windows and OS X betas of Soldak's action/RPG sequel to version 0.909. These notes outline all that's changed, and here's the Reader's Digest version: "This patch improves the win condition rewards, starts adding more race/race quests, improves the maps, and fixes a bunch of other little things."

World of Warplanes Video Diary

This trailer offers the fourth video developer diary for World of Warplanes with more on's upcoming MMO flying game. Once again the developers at Persha Studia are speaking Russian, so most of us will have to take advantage of the provided subtitles.

On Sale

Steam summer sale day six.

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops on Steam. Save 50%.
  • Company of Heroes on Steam. Save 75%.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV on Steam. Save 75%.
  • Indie Bundle VI on Steam. Save 75%.
  • LIMBO on Steam. Save 75%.
  • Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012 on Steam. Save 90%.
  • Spec Ops: The Line on Steam. Save 33%.
  • Stronghold 3 Gold on Steam. Save 66%.
  • Wargame- European Escalation on Steam. Save 50%.

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Into the Black

Link of the Day: EA Break-in. Thanks Ant.

The Old Republic EP Leaves; Other Staff Cuts?

Rich Vogel has left BioWare, where he was serving as executive producer on Star Wars: The Old Republic, reports Gamasutra, where they say their attempts to get a comment from BioWare or EA on the reasons for this have so far been unsuccessful. They also say this news comes amid rumors of layoffs at BioWare Austin, but it is not clear whether these reports of job losses at the developer of the Star Wars MMORPG are related to the cuts announced in May, though Gamasutra adds it "understands that Vogel's departure preceded the purported layoffs." Thanks Joao.

PlanetSide 2 Videos

This video is a teaser for an upcoming full-length trailer titled "Death is No Excuse" for PlanetSide 2, SOE's upcoming MMOFPS sequel. The trailer is expected to premiere on July 25th, so you can start shopping for a new outfit in the meantime if you plan on attending the red carpet festivities. In related news Ten Ton Hammer has a preview of the game and PlanetSide 2 has their own video featuring gameplay accompanied by a walkthrough narration, along with some new screenshots. Continue here to read the full story.

MOH Specs; Preorder BF4 Beta Access Confirmed

A new Fire Team Multiplayer Developer Commentary offers a developer commentary on multiplayer features in Medal of Honor Warfighter, the upcoming installment in the military shooter sequel. The blurb below the trailer confirms recent indications that prepurchasing the game will entitle customers to access beta testing for Battlefield 4, the unannounced next installment in that series. Word is: "Plus, pre-order Medal of Honor Warfighter to gain access to the exclusive Battlefield 4 Beta!" The preorder page also offers system requirements: Continue here to read the full story.

Orcs Must Die! 2 Prerpurchases

Robot Entertainment announces that Steam is now accepting pre-purchases of Orcs Must Die! 2, and offering a 10% discount on the action/strategy sequel (which also applies to two-packs for those looking to get in on the sequel's co-op action). Steam is also offering the original Orcs Must Die! for 50% off, relevant, since owners of both games can unlock 10 "classic" maps in the sequel.

Diablo III Game Limits Returning

The Diablo III Website announces Blizzard's plans to reinstate limits on the number of games a player can launch within a given time period to help curtail exploits and the use of bots. Here's a bit:

The use of bots not only impacts the stability of the game service, but it also has an impact on the player-driven economy. While we regularly take action against accounts for the use of unauthorized third-party programs and bots, this additional measure will help us further preserve and protect the integrity of the game and economy in between ban waves.

Once this change goes live, we're looking for your feedback to help ensure that the limit is working as intended. If you encounter the "Input limit reached" message and feel you should not have, please let us know how many games you were creating and why. This information will help us ensure the limit minimally impacts legitimate players while still protecting the game against bots.

Op Ed

PlaySF - Children Of Starflight.
So what did make the game great? What must we absolutely keep? The first and most obvious is that it needs to be a BIG universe out there. Somewhat less obvious, but almost as important, is that it has to be lonely. I can think of some ways that cooperative multiplayer might work, but the core game experience needs to see the player alone in a vast, dangerous universe with only his ship and crew to rely on. Third, and this one is hard in today’s gaming climate, handholding must be kept to a minimum. Maybe you give the player a brief tutorial mission or two, but then all kinds of direct intervention by the game to tell the player where to go must stop. You feed the player clues through a dozen or two different ways, sure; but a game like this succeeds on the player’s sense of discovery and achievement as he begins to connect the dots in his mind. For modernity’s sake I would advocate for systems that allow the player to keep all kinds of notes in a sophisticated journal (for example, with direct links to the starmap), but let the player make those entries himself.

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Out of the Blue

So "crating" the Gunnar-man up in my office has worked as a practical solution to him marking in the house, even if it doesn't address the root cause. He seems to enjoy feeling special, the AC up here doesn't hurt, and Hudson the wonder dog doesn't seem to mind him leaving her alone during the day, as that suits a terrier, especially an elderly one. Of course, there's always a twist to be found. We were up here when Hudson started pawing at the door, and when I opened it, she was there in a huge puddle of *her* urine! I barely had time to register the odd question of whether it was actually her peeing in the house, when her nemesis the smoke detector chirped the low battery warning that she hates so much, at which point she ran upstairs, leaving me with the solution to the mystery of what happened, and a big puddle to clean. As my nanna used to say... it's always something.

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