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Tuesday, Mar 27, 2012


Ships Ahoy - Gettysburg: Armored Warfare

Paradox Interactive announces Gettysburg: Armored Warfare is now available via digital distribution, offering this alternate history multiplayer shooter/strategy hybrid from Radioactive Software. Here's word on the game:

Union and Confederate troops spawn and vie for control of the battlefield with futuristic weapons and familiar formations. Both sides battle over control points as time passes and players lay waste to the enemy. The round ends when one side has reached zero attrition points and the other team is victorious.

PC Shoot Many Robots Next Month

Demiurge Studios and Ubisoft announce that the Windows edition of Shoot Many Robots will be released on April 6th, and that a pre-purchase bonus is now available through Steam:

Shoot Many Robots is now available for pre-purchase on Steam! Pre-Purchase and receive "The Scrap Pack" for the Medic or Pyro in Team Fortress 2!

Shoot Many Robots is a 4-player co-op run-n-gun action shooter that throws you into a tidal wave of degenerate robots with an array of weaponry that would make any shooter enthusiast proud. Save when you pick up the 4-pack to play with your friends!

Players take control of P. Walter Tugnut (The “P” stands for “Pickles”), a hillbilly who stockpiles guns, ammo, and beer in his dilapidated RV awaiting the inevitable robot apocalypse. When the abandoned factory in the distance begins producing robots on its own, Walter sets off in his RV on a robot-killing rampage, hoping to save humanity from an onslaught of robot hordes.

World of Mercenaries Announced

City Interactive announces World of Mercenaries, an upcoming free-to-play first-person shooter powered by the Unreal engine. The World of Mercenaries Website is online with a countdown ticking off the days until they start accepting beta applications in a week. Here are a few screenshots, and here's word:

Did upgrading your PC to a hardcore gaming machine leave your wallet a little light? Don’t worry, you’re still entitled to a premium gaming experience and City Interactive SA is going to give it to you with World of Mercenaries, a new free to play AAA first person shooter currently in development exclusively for PC.

Powered by Unreal Engine 3© and to be distributed digitally via Steam©, World of Mercenaries is a skill based competitive FPS with stunning graphics, fluid controls, customizable weapons and focus on teamwork as a core element for player progression. Immerse in the life of a fearless mercenary!

“Our veteran team is comprised of some of the most devoted FPS fans in the world and we’re excited to use our knowledge and experience to fuse the best elements of previously released games in the genre with new and exciting advancements – be it in terms of graphics, controls or skill based game play.” says Bogdan Oprescu, Executive Producer for the title. “Our closed beta program will be an integral part of the development process for World of Mercenaries, as it is our goal to deliver a game made by, for and with FPS fans. We are shaping the future of competitive FPS, and are fully confident it will be achieved with the enthusiasm and help of our beta testers.”

DICE: Console Certification Holds Up PC Patches

Speaking with PC Gamer, DICE executive producer Patrick Bach expresses frustration that the console certification process is holding up the release of patches for the PC edition of Battlefield 3. He goes on to explain the problems that can be caused when they need to fix problems introduce by patches, but he doesn't seem to actually explain what is preventing them from releasing PC patches whenever they want, though he does say this can be considered a benefit "because you get proper testing."

March UDK Beta

The Unreal Development Kit Website now offers the March beta of the UDK, Epic's free software development kit for creating Unreal-engine projects. As usual, there are a number of improvements and bug fixes in the new version. The new UDK beta is mirrored on Gamer's Hell.

Tribes: Ascend Beta Updated

A new "Cloak and Dagger Pack" now live in the Tribes: Ascend Beta adds a new map and other new features to Hi-Rez Studios' shooter remake. There's no word on this on the game's website, but this trailer offers a look at the new elements this update includes.

WW2: Time of Wrath Patch

Matrix Games now offers a new patch for WW2: Time of Wrath to update the World War II turn-based grand strategy game to version 1.90. Word is: "Fixes include adjusting the AI to react to enemy convoys in the Mediterranean and correcting problems with duplicated naval vessels ID, which were causing crashes in the game."

New Via Digital Distribution

On Sale

  • King Arthur - The Role-playing Wargame on Steam. Save 75%.
  • King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame on Steam. Save 40%.
  • Luxor Collection on Steam. Save 66%.
  • Might & Magic- Heroes VI on GameFly. Save 50%.

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Into the Black

Rovio Acquires Futuremark Games Studio

Rovio Entertainment announces the acquisition of Futuremark Games Studio, the game developer launched by the benchmarking specialists at Futuremark. "They are an incredibly talented and experienced team, and we are thrilled to have them on board," said Mikael Hed, Rovio Entertainment’s CEO. "Rovio’s success is founded on the excellence of our team, and Futuremark Games Studio is going to be a superb addition."

Good Old Games Becomes announces they are dropping the Good Old Games designation for their digital distribution service to better reflect their plans to offer more recent titles on their DRM-free marketplace. Here's a bit on what this means:

Don’t worry, no matter how new we’re getting, will always stick to our three core values: No DRM, Fair Pricing, and Love for our GOG-ers. Newer means simply newer games, whether they’re big, recognized names, indie games, day-one releases, or pre-orders. Pre-order for Legend of Grimrock for only $11.99 today, or pick up Trine and The Whispered World right now; Spacechem, Machinarium, and Darwinia are coming soon. We have more than 20 great indie and newer games signed on that will be showing up in the next few months.. These games lead the way on our the transition from Good Old Games to simply It doesn’t matter what G, O, and G stand for, Gee Oh Gee dot com stands for high-quality, DRM-free gaming, each week with bigger and newer games.

Legend of Grimrock Next Month; Preorders Underway

As noted above, preorders are now being accepted for Legend of Grimrock, the now gold dungeon crawler. They say the game will be released on April 11th, and here's word:

Legend of Grimrock will be released for PC through Steam, and our own website on April 11th for $14.99. With these options everybody should be happy, whether you like to play on Steam, prefer a standalone version, or support the development of Grimrock and our future projects by buying directly from us.

We have been working extra hard for the past months, and this point can’t be stressed enough, we couldn’t have done this without the support from you guys! As a thankyou we have something special in store for you. That’s right, we are launching preorders TODAY for only $11.99 – that’s 20% off from the retail price! Pre-orderers get instant access to game’s goodies including a beautifully crafted game manual, Legend of Grimrock world map, custom made grid paper to print out for all your mapping needs, Grimrock theme music, wallpapers, team photo and art sheets illustrating foul creatures of Mount Grimrock.

Gateways Demo

Smudged Cat Games now offers a playable demo for Gateways, a 2D platformer game making its way to Xbox LIVE Arcade as well as Windows on June 22nd. Here's a bit on the game: "Alongside the traditional platform elements such as jumping on enemies heads, spikes and moving platforms are the gateway guns. The gateway guns allow you to place two gateways on the walls, floors and ceilings of the lab so that when you pass through one you emerge out of the other. As progress is made through the game different types of gateway gun are introduced with different effects."

BioShock Infinite Trailer

A new trailer offers the fourth in the series on the Heavy Hitters in BioShock Infinite, introducing the Siren in the first-person shooter sequel in the works at Irrational Games. Once again Ken Levine and his cohorts explain this boss' role in the game, and offer a look at some concept art as well as gameplay footage. Here's a screenshot, and here's the clip: Continue here to read the full story.

World of Warcraft Hotfixes

The World of Warcraft Website has a list of the latest hotfixes applied on the server side of Blizzard's MMORPG to address balance issues and other problems from the game's recent version 4.3 update. Here's the short change list: Continue here to read the full story.

Hand-Drawn Shooter Kickstart

This Kickstarter Campaign is for a project called "College-Ruled Universe," a side-scrolling space shooter with RPG elements with a distinctive hand-drawn style. The Not Quite Fantasy Blog has more details on the game, as well as links to a prerelease demo.

The Indie Gala Bundle

The Indie Gala has the latest in the new wave of indie game marketing bundles. This includes familiar features like a pick your own price scheme, bonus games if you pass a minimum, and a charitable contribution. They are also holding back information on a few secret bonuses that will be revealed next week. The games revealed so far are Trapped Dead, Greed: Black Border, and Future Wars with Grotesque Tactics and Twin Sector as the bonus games for beating a minimum price.

Op Ed

KOSU Radio - How The Smithsonian Screwed Up Its Video Game Exhibition.
To me, this videogame-oriented People’s Choice Awards is all about the madness of too many cooks, and it’s why the exhibition, while groundbreaking because it’s there at all, feels kind of horribly generic. With the exception of the inclusion of Irrational Games’ BioShock, Bethesda Softworks’ Fallout 3, Valve’s Half-Life 2 and Clover Studio’s Okami, The Art of Video Games is never boldly disruptive. It is therefore tragically disappointing – and often suspect – at its very core.

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Out of the Blue

Well I'm off a bit today for the aftermath of my recent tooth extraction. When I went for a follow-up a couple of weeks ago, I pointed out a small protuberance in the area, which turns out to be a bone fragment. The doctor is pretending a decision about this will be made today, but we both know his plan is to remove it. When he broached that, I asked: So more surgery? He replied: A minor "procedure." Of course procedure is code for surgery, but I'm trusting he's right about the "minor" part and that this won't be a big disruption.

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