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Tuesday, Jan 31, 2012



Radical Entertainment announces Radnet, a series of free content releases for PROTOTYPE 2 that will follow the release of the upcoming open-world action sequel. Only the console versions of the game are mentioned, as is a single-use code, so presumably this is one of those console-only dealies as a disincentive to used game purchases. There is still news about the Windows edition of the game, however, as the Facebook page announces it is delayed:

Hey all, we just wanted to let you know that the PC version of PROTOTYPE 2 is unfortunately going to be delayed until July 24th. Radical Entertainment has always been extremely dedicated to all our fans, and we just wanted to make sure you heard the news from us FIRST. We'll share more details with you soon.

Radical Testing Unannounced Game

In addition to the above, the Radical Entertainment Website also notes they are looking for focus testers for an unannounced "M" rated game. The Focus Tester Application is where to sign up if you are over 17 and in the Vancouver, BC, Canada area.

Timothee Besset Leaves id

TTimo's blog has word from Timothee Besset that he's left id Software, where he began as their Linux port maintainer in 2001. His new Dallas-area gig will be in gaming, but not another first-person shooter. He also indicates he was not one of the recently announced layoffs at the RAGE developer, saying: "I resigned from id earlier this week," somewhat cryptically following that with: "Folks who know me well were not terribly surprised, but I suppose I need to put that out there officially." Thanks Ant via LinuxGames.


The UDK Website now offers a new January beta of the Unreal Development Kit, updating this toolset for the creation of Unreal Engine 3 games and projects. They show off the new features of the latest version, and showcase Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, an impressive UDK project. The download is mirrored on Gamer's Hell.

Steam for Mobile Released

Valve announces that Steam for Mobile Devices is now available worldwide:

January 31, 2012 -- The Steam application for iOS and Android devices, announced last week, is now available to all gamers around the world.

Launched last week in a closed beta, the Steam app allows gamers to chat with Steam friends, browse community groups and user profiles, view screenshots and user-generated content for their favorite games, read the latest gaming news, stay up to date on unbeatable Steam sales, and more.

Want to check it out? Simply download the Steam app (free of charge) and log in to your Steam account via the mobile app.

Steam is a leading platform for the delivery and management of PC and Mac games with over 40 million accounts around the world and over 1,800 titles offered.

For more information, please visit

Syndicate Co-op Trailer

More co-op action from Syndicate is on display in this new trailer from the upcoming first-person shooter based on the cyberpunk franchise. Word is: "More than just a shooter, Syndicate requires you to adapt quickly to many new gameplay features. This video gives an overview of the new gameplay mechanics, plus some useful hints and tips."

Crusader Kings II Trailer

A new live-action trailer shows off sloth, another of the Seven Deadly Sins, as expressed through Crusader Kings II, Paradox' upcoming medieval strategy/RPG sequel. Word is: "By this point our King has survived battles, assassins, the crusades and even marriage. Finally, he is free to turn his mind to such noble pursuits as art and philosophy. Or just eating chicken in bed."<

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Into the Black

Thief Gold Steals Its Way Onto announces the addition of stealth/action classic Thief Gold to their roster of DRM-free games:

In THIEF™ GOLD, you have a wide range of equipment at your disposal: a blackjack, a sword, lockpicks, holy water, explosive mines, flash bombs, and seven types of arrows to assist you on 12 treacherous missions in a steampunk-medieval metropolis called the City. The game’s FPS mechanics are a big change from then-traditional DOOMlike “shoot and run” to the unthinkable "it's quite amazing how much fun it can be to avoid action". The game received much critical acclaim (92! Metascore), with reviews ranging from “immersive gaming experience”, through “bloody good”, to the quite expected “my favorite game of all time”.

You don’t have to get your hands dirty to get THIEF™ GOLD from’s secret stash for $9.99.

BF3 Patch Plans Summary

BF3Blog sums up all the information they've gathered on the next patches for Battlefield 3, DICE's military shooter sequel. They cover tweaks and changes known to be coming to the Windows and console versions of the game, and also round up some unconfirmed tidbits from various clues they've discovered along the way.

TERA Region Blocking

Massively has word on another situation brewing in TERA besides the lawsuit filed by NCsoft over the MMORPG. They say the company is currently IP blocking users from half the world, excluding users from Asia, Africa, Russia, and the Middle East, saying: "While we appreciate that there are players in these regions who would enjoy playing on En Masse servers, it's unfortunate that the vast majority of internet traffic we see from these regions is from cyber-criminals relating to account theft, gold-farming and other hacking behavior." Thanks VG247.

Dark Reign Redux

Dark Reign Redux offers the chance to revisit this classic real-time strategy game online using Silverlight. This is not just a straight port of the original, however, as word is: "Play this classic real-time strategy game on modern systems, updated with new features while still preserving that original game play that you have come to know and love." Thanks Darth Guybrush.

Rovio Positive About Piracy

An interview on talks with Rovio's Mikael Hed about the flyaway success of Angry Birds (thanks Ant via Neatorama). This includes the company's take on how piracy may help them:

"We could learn a lot from the music industry, and the rather terrible ways the music industry has tried to combat piracy."

Hed explained that Rovio sees it as "futile" to pursue pirates through the courts, except in cases where it feels the products they are selling are harmful to the Angry Birds brand, or ripping off its fans.

When that's not the case, Rovio sees it as a way to attract more fans, even if it is not making money from the products. "Piracy may not be a bad thing: it can get us more business at the end of the day."

According to Hed, Rovio has taken some more positive lessons from the music industry, including how it sees its customers.

"We took something from the music industry, which was to stop treating the customers as users, and start treating them as fans. We do that today: we talk about how many fans we have," he said.

"If we lose that fanbase, our business is done, but if we can grow that fanbase, our business will grow."

Men of War: Condemned Heroes Website; Trailer

A new Men of War: Condemned Heroes Website is live as an online home to the next installment in the Men of War series of World War II real-time strategy games. The site includes various expected resources for the game, including a new teaser trailer. Continue here to read the full story.

City of Steam Interview, Media

An interview on GamingClimax talks with Mechanist Games about City of Steam, their upcoming online real-time strategy game. The conversation covers their philosophy for the game, and is accompanied by trailers and screenshots. Thanks Cutter.

THQ Receives Stock Delisting Warning

Develop has word that NASDAQ has warned THQ that its stock is in danger of being delisted after trading for less than one dollar for more than 30 days. Word is they have 180 days to reverse this trend by having 10 consecutive days where their stock trades at more than $0.99 per share.

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Out of the Blue

Today has the funniest label in the NFL's protracted run up to the Super Bowl, as it is officially "media day." Anyone who has allowed themselves to be exposed to the hype in this two-week buildup to the big game (and I don't blame anyone for trying to avoid it), knows that every one of the 14 days, including Super Bowl Sunday itself, is a full-on media day. Anyway, the fun part about today is how the foreign press gets involved, as there are always some wonderfully off-the-wall questions translated from overseas reporters who do not actually follow the sport.

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