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Thursday, Dec 29, 2011

Bethesda & Interplay Fallout Settlement Nears?

An article on The Fallout wiki attempts to summarize the current state of the long-running legal dispute between interplay and Bethesda over the rights to the Fallout series of post-apocalyptic role-playing games. This includes a Q&A that mentions that this no longer includes any conflict over the "Fallout Trilogy." Here's that: "Both sides have previously agreed to drop this from the case (Bethesda raised it, and Interplay agreed). The case now just concerns future Fallout games." There's also this update stating that Bethesda has filed a motion to seal portions of the case, saying that this can often be an indication that an out-of-court settlement is in the works. Thanks Le Wastelander.

A Vampyre Story 2 On Hold, Cancellation Possible

A report on, in the site's native German, offers indications from Autumn Moon Entertainment's Bill Tiller that A Vampyre Story 2 is on hold, and if publisher Crimson Cow does not soon find an investor for it, the vampire adventure sequel may be cancelled. Here's the English version of his comment:
AVS2 got 30% done. Then due to a couple of game companies that failed to do what they the said they would with our engine they ran us over budget and so neither AME or Crimson Cow had the money to finish it. So Crimson Cow has the rights to do it, and they have tried to get it funded a few times and are trying now, but so far no luck. So call it on hold. It could be cancelled soon though. I'm not sure.

J.E. Sawyer's New Vegas Mod

No Mutants Allowed has a new modification for Fallout: New Vegas, created by J.E. Sawyer, project director on Obsidian's RPG sequel. The post offers downloads of the mod, an outline of what it does, and a Q&A with Sawyer explaining why these changes are not part of an official patch.

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Well my prep work went smoothly, so I'm off for a tooth extraction tomorrow. This will be pretty early, so I'll most likely update afterwards: Hopefully I'll be on just the proper amount of painkillers to make it a fun update, rather than a missed one.

R.I.P.: James Rizzi, US pop artist, dies aged 61. Thanks Acleacius.

Prepped Links: Thanks Ant and Mike Martinez and Acleacius.
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Science: Mosquitoes Pick Out Human Meals With Help from Microbes. Thanks nin.
More time at school 'boosts IQ'.
Bid to host Square Kilometre Array telescope.
Images: Matej Kren's 'Idiom': Fascinating Book Wormhole Overwhelms The Eye.
Grammar matters.
Media: Don Cherry's Piano Desk. Thanks Drexal.
What Dubstep Sounds Like to Your Parents.
The Funnies: Buttersafe.
Follow-up: Soyuz back in service after failed launch.
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