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Saturday, Nov 19, 2011 Half-Life's Anniversary (1998)

Persistent Scrolls

IGN has word from a MineCon presentation from Mojang, on Scrolls, their upcoming card-style strategy game. They outline what they did and did not explain about the persistent aspect of the game: "In the same presentation Mojang's Jakob Porser stated that Scrolls would require players to be online to play. The demo shown allowed him to face off against an A.I., and it isn't known if a connection will be required at all times whether or not you're playing against an A.I. opponent."

More Dota 2 Beta Invites Coming

The Dota 2 Blog offers word on the DotA 2 Star Championship and a changelog for a new beta version of Valve's upcoming MOBA game. There's also news that more players are being added all the time, and invites are going out, and yours is on the way: "If you’ve been perusing the forums out there (or watching Steam’s game stats), you’ve probably noticed that we’re really cranking out invites now. So, if you’re still waiting for an invite, fret not, it’s coming!"

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta "Imminent"

An update to the Left 4 Dead Blog indicates that beta testing of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is about to begin, asking a relevant question about the tactical shooter update:
With the imminent release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta, we were curious; will you try CS:GO?

WWII Online Welcome Back Event

A new update is live in World War II Online: Battleground Europe, announces the website for the World War II MMOG. This paves the way for a first-ever USA vs. Germany mini-campaign, and they say they have sent out invitations to former subscribers to come back and participate. They offer registrations for players who did not receive there invitations. Thanks Eldon.

Hard Reset Interview

The Hard Reset Interview on truepcgaming talks with the developers at Flying Wild Hog about their cyberpunk first-person shooter. Much of the conversation focuses on their outlook as a PC developer. Here's a bit on their outlook on DRM: "In my opinion DRM is nonsense. It’s as if you would buy a book, and after you read it 2 or 3 times, it would self-destruct. I’m a gamer myself and I want to install my game how many times I want – I paid for it and it’s my property. When it comes to piracy – piracy is the act of illegally copying a game/software and then SELLING it to other people making profit on the illegally copied content. Most people who download ‘pirated’ games still buy retail versions. And this has been proved several times."

Op Ed

Bitmob - Metacritic isn’t the problem. Gamers are.
Metacritic itself isn't the problem, but people who slavishly believe an aggregate score -- or indeed, any numerical value absent of context -- are. If you make decisions purely off a metascore, you've essentially surrendered your ability to make decisions to 30-odd strangers who don't agree with each other. Basing an opinion off a metascore means you don't have an opinion at all. You have a number determined by a calculator, and you don't even know why it's that particular number. Congratulations. - The problem with the Spike Video Game Awards.
I present to you, fellow gamers, the following question: Why should the gaming industry, which is a first class industry providing first class entertainment, be accorded a third-class award show year after year? I’m not saying there is no place for Spike’s VGAs, but they are truly the equivalent of the MTV Movie Awards. Something, I might add, very few people outside of MTV and the 15-24 demographic find remotely relevant. As I have stated in the past, it is rather difficult to make the case for video games as a mature, relevant art form when the VGAs are our annual celebration. Thank you for propagating the stereotype, Spike TV, bang up work there.

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Out of the Blue

Netflix to bring back 'Arrested Development' (thanks Neutronbeam). Wow, it looks like it really is going to happen after I'd grown to accept that it never would. Cool.

Happy World Toilet Day. Thanks HARDOCP.

R.I.P.: Pac Man Fever's Gary Garcia passes away.

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