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Thursday, Sep 29, 2011


PC Assassin's Creed: Revelations Delayed?

The Windows edition of Assassin's Creed: Revelations is apparently delayed, and is now expected on December 2nd in Europe, a couple weeks after the console versions of the stealth/action sequel. This was found on the Czech Ubisoft Facebook page, as reported by Eurogamer by way of

Broken Sword Free on announces that to thank everyone for helping them pass the threshold of six million unique game downloads, they are giving away Broken Sword: Director's Cut + The Original Game for free. Here's word:

Last week, during CD Projekt Fall 2011 Conference, we've launched a counter on the main page which indicated the number of unique games downloaded at Today that counter hit 6 million unique game downloads, and to celebrate this fact and to thank all of you at, together with Revolution Software, we're lowering the price for first part of the acclaimed Broken Sword series to “free"! In order to receive the free copy of Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars free, go to the gamecard and click on “download now”, at which point the game will be added to your game shelf.

The special offer for Broken Sword is valid until October 1, at 7:59 a.m. EDT (11:59 a.m. GMT), so be sure to grab it by then and don’t forget to share the news with all your friends!!!

New Post Apocalyptic Mayhem DLC; Free Weekend; Sale

Steam News announces a weekend of free play on Post Apocalyptic Mayhem that concludes Sunday. This includes play on a new "Airplane Cemetery" map for this game of vehicular violence. This is accompanied by a sale, as both the game and its new Chaos Pack DLC are available at a 50% discount between now and Monday. The DLC adds three new vehicles for the game's Apocalyptic Wasteland tracks.

Ships Ahoy - Fate of the World: Tipping Point

Red Redemption announces the release of Fate of the World: Tipping Point, an updated and rebalanced edition of Fate of the World, their global strategy game for Windows and OS X. The game is available via digital distribution on the Fate of the World Website and Steam, with Steam offering a 20% discount between now and October 6th. There's also a free automatic update on Steam for owners of the original. Here's a bit on the game:

This next entry into Red Redemption’s Fate of the World series is a hardcore strategy game that puts players in hypothetical situations within a realistic world, with threatening scenarios based on the latest science and modeling technologies covering the next two centuries. Players must balance economic, political and environmental needs in order to save the world (or destroy it).

The game’s engine recreates the incredibly complicated interactions and unanticipated consequences caused as players make governmental policy changes to address major tipping points (such as the collapse of the Antarctic ice shelf). As global crises spread, players have to decide what is worth saving and what is an acceptable sacrifice.

RAGE Trailer

The Bethesda Blog now offers the sixth and final installment in their series of gameplay trailers from RAGE, id Software's upcoming first-person shooter, showing a little of the game's driving as well as combat. Word is: "With less than a week until launch, we’ve released the sixth and final RAGE gameplay video! Watch as your character infiltrates the Jackal bandit clan’s camp in order to retrieve a data decrypter that could help the Resistance defeat The Authority." Continue here to read the full story.

The Sims 3 Demo in a Browser

EA News announces the ability to play The Sims 3 Demo right in any browser with the latest versions of Adobe Flash and Java installed. Here's word:

You’ll get to play 20 minutes of some of the best content The Sims have to offer in this gameplay teaser. First, choose one of three classic character types as your Sim, and then send them off on their first adventure. Have your Sim explore an Egyptian pyramid, commune with ghosts in a haunted house, or let them party the night away with vampires. It’s up to you to decide what your Sim does next! Content in the teaser includes elements from The Sims 3, The Sims 3 Late Night, The Sims 3 World Adventures, and more.

The Sims 3is a simulation game that doesn't let you just create life, but play with it too! Create customized Sims with unique appearances, personality traits, and wishes, then build or buy the home of their dreams. Take control of their lives as they meet other Sims, explore their neighborhood, and even travel the world.

And don’t worry, once the teaser has got you hooked, you can buy the full game on Origin.

Psychonauts for OS X

A Mac OS X edition of Psychonauts is now available, both on Steam where it is now a SteamPlay game for both Windows and OS X, and through Mac App Store. Thanks Destructoid, where they have the full announcement of this, including word of an accompanying iOS app which is free. Here's a portion:

As of today, Steam users may download a free update to their Psychonauts game which includes--for the first time--achievements, cloud saves, and a slightly modified Meat Circus.

“We are really excited,” said Double Fine President Tim Schafer, “to finally be answering fans’ requests for a more difficult Meat Circus.”

Mr. Schafer was probably joking about that last part, as Meat Circus, one of the original game’s most difficult sections, has been made slightly less punishing in this update.

“Mostly because I’m getting older and it’s hard for me to press buttons that quickly. Hey, don’t forget to mention the achievements!” Schafer added, unnecessarily, because we already mentioned that feature.

War of the Immortals Closed Beta Next Month

War of the Immortals is an upcoming free-to-play, fantasy-themed MMORPG from Perfect World Entertainment. Signups are now being accepted for the game's closed beta test, which is expected to kick off on October 25th. Word is: "Starting Tuesday, October 25th, closed beta participants will be the first ones to draw their blades against the innumerable threats that await in War of the Immortals! New monsters, bosses, threats, and foes await you in the rich world of Motenia - with the very fate of the World Tree hanging in the balance."

Quoteworthy - Bach on Bad Company 2

"I don’t know why, but I always feel ashamed about the games I’m involved in making. I can’t even bring myself to start up “Battlefield Bad Company 2,” our last game, because I feel so ashamed. I know it is a great product but still I only see the things we could have done better." -- DICE's Patrick Bach. Thanks GameSpot.

New Via Digital Distribution


  • Farming Simulator 2011 Equipment Pack 3 on Steam.
  • Disciples III - Resurrection on Steam. Save 15% on prepurchases or 30% if you own Disciples III - Renaissance on Steam.
  • Rise of Immortals on Steam.
  • Supreme Commander on Steam.
  • Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance on Steam.
  • The Witcher 2 version 2.0 on


  • RailWorks 3: Train Simulator 2012 Deluxe on Steam.

On Sale

  • Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition on Steam. Save 80%.
  • Dungeon Siege III on Steam. Save 50%.
  • A Game of Thrones - Genesis on GameStop Impulse.
  • Starscape on Steam. Save 66%.
  • Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion on the Stardock Store. Save %10 if you own Trinity or Diplomacy. Thanks MoreLuckThanSkill.

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Into the Black

PC is Dead to I Am Alive

I Am Alive is no longer coming to Windows PCs, we learned today after receiving an announcement from Ubisoft today saying the post-apocalyptic action/adventure will arrive for Xbox LIVE Arcade and the PlayStation Network this winter. This follows a rocky development cycle that involved a delay, a switch in developers from Darkworks to Ubisoft Shanghai, followed by another delay and yet another. The game was first thought to be a console title, but Ubisoft later announced it would be coming to PCs as well, something that seemed to be confirmed as recently as three days ago, when an ESRB rating for I Am Alive was discovered, listing platforms as "Windows PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360." We contacted Ubisoft to ask why the PC edition was not mentioned in today's announcement, and were told, simply: "There will be no PC SKU for I Am Alive."

The Witcher 2 2.0 Released

The Witcher Website now offers the promised version 2.0 patch for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, a major update for CD Projekt RED's action/RPG sequel. They offer update instructions, patches for the English, Czech, Japanese, and Russian editions of the game, and one or more of the patches are mirrored on AtomicGamer, Gamer's Hell, and The Patches Scrolls. Here's the outline of all that's present in the new version: Continue here to read the full story.

BF3 Open Beta Begins

The Battlefield Blog announces the launch of open beta testing of Battlefield 3, the next installment in DICE's military shooter series. Here's word on how to get the Windows PC edition of the beta: "If you have already installed our new download service Origin, go to the section “Free games”, where the Battlefield 3 Open Beta will appear for download. You can also head to this product page via the web. If you have not installed Origin yet, it will ask you to do so before proceeding with the download of the Open Beta itself." Here's word:

Played on the Operation Métro map in Rush mode that won us Best Action Game and Best Multiplayer Game at E3, this is your chance to experience one of many flavors of Battlefield 3.

Make sure to head to our free social platform Battlelog to check your in-depth stats progression, start your own Platoon, and see how your friends are doing in the news feed. To get you started on the Operation Métro map, here are some playing tips straight from us at DICE. Enjoy, and let us know what you think!

We would also like to invite you to leave any feedback to us at DICE via the forums in the social platform Battlelog. Remember that this software is in Beta and does not represent final quality. For a full FAQ on the Open Beta, head here.

The Open Beta ends on October 10th. Return here for ongoing news, updates, and announcements during the Open Beta period.


Continue here to read the full story.

Dungeons – The Dark Lord Demo

A playable demo for Dungeons – The Dark Lord is now available for the just released standalone expansion for the bad-guy strategy game. The demo is available on AtomicGamer,, FilePlanet, Game Front, Gamer's Hell, Strategy Informer, and Worthplaying. Here's word on what the demo offers:

Hone your evil skills as you play Calypso, the Dungeons Lord’s despicable ex-girlfriend, in three extensive tutorial levels before jumping into a single-player map from the game’s ‘Soul Survival’ mode. In Soul Survival, you play as the Dungeon Lord himself, as you race against the clock to steal soul energy from the hapless heroes who enter your cleverly crafted dungeons.

Syndicate FPS Trailer

A new trailer from the upcoming reboot of Syndicate is now available (thanks nin), showing gameplay and story snippets from Starbreeze Studios' first-person shooter follow-up to the classic real-time tactics game. The clip shows various weapons, melee takedowns, Mirror's Edge-style navigation, and more. Continue here to read the full story.

MechWarrior Reboot News Nears

Since everyone just loves announcements about announcements, a tweet by Russ Bullock of Piranha Games has word that we may finally be getting some details about their plans for a MechWarrior reboot in about a month: "Hang in there #MechWarrior fans, but take a deep breath it may be another month or so" (thanks Hump). In the meantime, here's what it says on the Piranha Games website about this:

Fresh off our work with Luxoflux-Activision on Transformers2 for Xbox 360 and PS3, Piranha Games is partnering with Jordan Weismann, creator of the BattleTech universe, to develop the all new MechWarrior game. Set in the traditional BattleTech world, the new game is paying homage to 25 years of history and fan dedication with a complete reboot of the MechWarrior series.

The new MechWarrior is set on the planet Deshler in the year 3015 and places you in the role of Adrian Khol, a wayward nobleman who prefers partying and shirking responsibility over his training and studies. However, when House Kurita launches a massive invasion to conquer Deshler, resulting in the death of his entire family, Khol discovers a purpose to fight for.

Gamers will pilot a deadly BattleMech and use information warfare to dominate a dynamic-destructive urban battlefield. The game features include classic and new mechs from the BattleTech universe with persistent character development and plans for a single player campaign, as well as, co-op, and multiplayer gameplay.
“There are ambitious plans for this new MechWarrior”, says Russ Bullock, President of Piranha Games. “We want to capture the sense that you're piloting a giant, walking war machine in the middle of an incredibly dynamic battlefield”.

“Nothing is ever as satisfying as unleashing the kind of firepower that only a mech contains and watching it ravage your target” says Jordan Weisman of Smith & Tinker and co-founder of the BattleTech / MechWarrior.

MechWarrior is being developed for the PC and the Xbox 360.

Star Conflict Teaser Trailer

The Star Conflict Website offers a new teaser trailer from Star Conflict, Gaijin Entertainment's upcoming MMO space combat simulation. The brief clip includes the first snippets of gameplay and cinematics from the project. Continue here to read the full story.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic OS X Patch

Aspyr Support now offers a patch for the Mac edition of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, updating the different thinking edition of the vintage Star Wars RPG to version 1.03e. The new version adds support for Intel CPU Macs and support for bloom filtering and soft shadow effects "on Macs that support these features." The patch notes call this version 1.03d, but that seems to be a copy and paste from the open beta of the update. The download is mirrored on Gamer's Hell.

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