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Thursday, Mar 10, 2011 Mar10 Day

Grimlands, UFO Online, and Magic Campus Announced

gamigo announces three new games: Grimlands, a post-apocalyptic MMORPG/third-person shooter that should enter closed beta testing in the fourth quarter of this year, UFO Online – Fight for Earth, a new tactical 3D browser-based MMOG due to enter closed beta in the second quarter of this year, and Magic Campus, a Flash-based RPG featuring turn-based battles. The Grimlands Website has details, screenshots, and a gameplay trailer. Likewise, the UFO Online – Fight for Earth Website has further info on that game along with screenshots, and this trailer.

Gold - Starpoint Gemini

Iceberg Interactive announces that Starpoint Gemini is gold, and LGM Games' tactical sci-fi RPG is now in manufacturing. The game is slated for retail release across U.K., Benelux and Scandinavian territories on March 25. Here's word on the game:
Starpoint Gemini is a tactical space RPG set in a science-fiction universe, which focuses on the control and strengths of individual vessels and their captains. Players can travel the rich vastness of the Gemini star system freely, fight skirmishes with rogue ships, trade commodities, research anomalies, buy new vessels, upgrade their ships with state-of-the-art technology, increase their experience and rank to become more powerful and ultimately use all that in large scale engagements against other fleets of hostile ships.

On Battlefield 3 PC 3D Support

BF3Blog has details from GDC on stereoscopic 3D support in the PC edition of Battlefield 3, DICE's upcoming military shooter sequel. Word is: "Battlefield 3 will support both Nvidia’s 3D Vision technology, and rival AMD’s HD3D. DICE will use 'explicit 3D rendering', which in essence means each frame is rendered to each eye, while retaining much of the image quality and detail that was in a regular 2D image." Thanks James.

League of Legends Co-op versus A.I. Live

Riot Games announces the promised co-op versus A.I. mode is live in League of Legends, their Defense of the Ancients-inspired strategy game. This trailer shows off the new mode, and here's an outline of how this works: "Players will now be able to square off against a team of enemy AI bots on Summoner’s Rift, one of LoL’s well-known maps. Players will be able to select from either “Beginner” or “Intermediate” skill level, then join with a team of allies seeking a similar challenge. This fast, convenient way of finding matched cooperative sessions makes for the perfect practice venue for players who are either just starting out or testing the skills of a new champion before battling live opponents." Gets Mightier and More Magical now offers fantasy-themed first-person RPG Might and Magic 7: For Blood and Honor and fantasy-themed turn-based strategy game Heroes of Might and Magic 4 Complete. As always, each game is devoid of DRM and updated for modern operating systems. They also announce a quest for social networking:
In recognition of these games’ availability on, Good Old Games is giving customers the chance to become a GOG hero. Good Old Games will award prizes to those brave souls that complete the quests, and one lucky hero will win the grand prize of a Good Old Games-branded sword and shield, as well as $150 in coupon codes for Customers can declare their intent to be a hero by following Good Old Games on Twitter and retweeting this tweet: “Become a GOG Hero, help spread the word about our new Ubisoft releases, and win a free GOG game #gogcom”. Further quests will be posted on for the next three weeks.

Might & Magic Heroes 6 Diary, Preorders

Speaking of Might and Magic (above story), a new video developer diary from Might & Magic Heroes 6 discusses the upcoming fantasy-themed strategy sequel. Also, Ubisoft announces details on preorders and a Digital Deluxe edition of the game:
Today, Ubisoft released details on pre-orders for Might & Magic Heroes 6 on PC. All gamers who pre-order Might & Magic Heroes 6 from the UbiShop will gain access to a 2-hour game prequel map for get exclusive hands-on time ahead of release. Additionally, each pre-order will receive an additional in-game Hero and Artifacs with special abilities to use in the final game.

A Digital Deluxe edition of Heroes 6 is also available. This Deluxe Edition will come with extra pre-order benefits including an exclusive Heart of Nightmares map, four bonus Heroes and two Artifacts as well as the game soundtrack, an A3 poster with exclusive artwork and a digital artbook to dive deeper into the world of Ashan.

Faxion Online Open Beta

Open beta testing is now underway for Faxion Online, a free-to-play MMORPG from UTV True Games. Here's word: "Set within the world of Limbo; players join the forces of Heaven or Hell as they fight for control over the territories of the Seven Deadly Sins in an ongoing epic battle that relies upon team coordination and player skill to determine the outcome." More details are on this page.

Mactabilis and Demo Released

Side-scrolling arcade shooter Mactabilis is now available. Here's a description: "Mactabilis is a high definition shooter with rpg elements. Customize your ship, select from a large array of weapons or even create your own! Follow the engaging storyline that carries you through beautiful, multi-level, adrenaline filled missions." A trailer, links to purchase the game, as well as links to a playable demo are all available on the Mactabilis Website.

Super Crossfire Next Month

Radiangames announces Super Crossfire will be released next month for Windows, OS X, Web (Flash/Unity), iPad, and iPhone next month, saying this "represents the ultimate version of the Crossfire concept. It combines the best of the first two XBLIG games, adds a unified system for playing all 160 waves, then adds new enemy types, online leaderboards in every mode, and achievements." This trailer shows off the arcade shooter's hairy action, here are some screenshots, and here's more on the game:
Super Crossfire is an intense shooter with a distinct twist: Players can warp between the bottom and top of the screen at any time. Combined with a massive upgrade system, intense gameplay, visuals, and audio, and a huge variety of enemy types and waves, Super Crossfire is the next evolution in the arcade shooter genre.

FIFA Manager 11 Patch

The German Football Manager 2011 Website now offers update #3 to patch this sports simulation sequel. Downloads of the patch are mirrored on AtomicGamer, Gamer's Hell, and The Patches Scrolls. The English change log follows. Continue here to read the full story.

Hearts of Iron 3: Semper Fi Patch

The Paradox Interactive Forums announce the release of a new patch to update Hearts of Iron 3: Semper Fi to version 2.04d. Here's word: "Official patch should now be at distributors etc. Get it from where you bought the game. The official patch is the same as the last candidate patch 2.04d which you can find here in case you don't want to use the patch from your distributor (not recommended): This is for PC only, I have no information right now for when the patch will be released for Mac." This "not recommended" manual patch is mirrored on AtomicGamer, Gamer's Hell, and The Patches Scrolls.

On Sale

The Spring Break Sale on Direct 2Drive gives 20% off when you use the code "hangover" at checkout. The 5th Anniversary Sale on GamersGate offers a huge selection of games up to 75% off.

Into the Black

Link of the Day: Solid Snake Vs. Sam Fisher. Thanks Clayton.

Metal Assault Weapon Details, Trailer

Aeria Games announces details about some of the weapons in Metal Assault, describing the heavy artillery in the upcoming side-scrolling action game. This information is accompanied by a batch of screenshots of these weapons, as well as a trailer showing them in action, which is embedded below. Continue here to read the full story.

PC Bastion This Year

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announces a publishing deal for Bastion, saying Supergiant Games' action/RPG is coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade this summer, and PCs later this year (we mistakenly thought this was a console-only title when it was unveiled at PAX in September). The game will be on display at PAX East, and here's a bit on what it's about:
Bastion features a compelling interactive story and imaginative hand-painted environments, all available in stunning HD. The game is dynamically narrated, gradually revealing a rich back-story as the narrator reacts to the player’s actions in real time, giving context and deeper meaning to their interactions in the world around them.

In Bastion, players assume the role of “the Kid,” a survivor of a cataclysmic event that shattered the world around him, as he faces the monumental task of constructing a safe haven for him and his loved ones from broken remnants of the past. As players journey into the wild unknown, they will confront strange beasts, forge an array of customizable weapons, and gain new powers from specially-brewed spirits.

The Secret World Website, Trailer

Funcom announces a new website for The Secret World, their upcoming conspiracy-laden MMOG, also offering The Secret World GDC 2011 Trailer with a look at the game. Word is: "The new video offers gamers a unique glimpse into the world, the monsters, the myths, and the gameplay of the much anticipated online game. In ‘The Secret World’ players get to play the character they want to play without being limited to classes or levels, as they adventure through modern-day, real-world locations."

Shift 2 Unleashed Trailer

A new "dangerous corners" trailer from Shift 2 Unleashed offers a somber analysis of the curves on a racetrack, dealing with the strategy and the danger involved in taking corners. The clip includes footage from the upcoming installment in the Need for Speed series of racing games to illustrate the point. Below is the embedded clip. Continue here to read the full story.

Dreamlords: Resurrection Launches

Paradox Interactive announces the launch of Dreamlords: Resurrection, Lockpick Entertainment's free-to-play MMORTS based on the Dreamlords series. They celebrate this by offering new players a free pile of 1,000 ducats, space bucks that can be used for the game's microtransactions, saying: "The promotion will last for a limited time, so players are encouraged to start a new character today." This launch trailer shows off the game, and here's word on what to expect:
Dreamlords: Resurrection, developed by MMO studio Lockpick Entertainment, is a unique mix of two genres – the Real-Time Strategy (RTS) and the Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) - where the player takes on the role of a Dreamlord. Through a combination of both long -term strategic planning as well as intense real-time battles, Dreamlords must inspire and unite a small group of followers into a battle-ready army ready to conquer land, defend the populace against the Nightmares that roam the world, and band together with other newly awakened Dreamlords.

Atlantica Online Improvements Near

Nexon announces they will begin hosting Atlantica Online in North America on March 22, saying this will bring improvements to this strategic turn-based MMOG. Word is: "Several improvements to the game have already occurred, such as the removal of the Stamina system in February. North American players will have a vast amount of new content to look forward to when the migration is finalized in March, such as the Three Kingdoms content update scheduled to take place on April 5."

Dragon Age II Launch Trailer

This trailer celebrates the launch of Dragon Age II, BioWare's role-playing sequel that's now available in North America and due in Europe tomorrow. The clip includes cinematics, gameplay, press quotes, and, of course, dragons. The embedded version follows. Continue here to read the full story.

RIFT Founder's Pricing Plan Extended

Trion Worlds is extending the Founder's Pricing plan for RIFT, their just-launched MMORPG:
Trion Worlds today announced that the “Founder’s Pricing” plan for the studio’s recently released MMORPG Rift™ has been extended until March 31st. Exclusively available to early adopters of the online fantasy game, the Founder’s Pricing plan features a $9.99 USD/month price for a multi-month subscription. For more information on Founder’s Pricing, along with details on additional subscription plans, please visit

PC Toy Soldiers Nears

Signal Studios announces Toy Soldiers: Cold War, an upcoming sequel to Toy Soldiers they will be showing off at PAX East this weekend, saying the toy-themed action/strategy follow-up will be coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade, just like the original (thanks Eurogamer). Something we didn't notice in the announcement at first is that it also includes word to expect the original Toy Soldiers for Windows soon (thanks Big Download). Word is: "Due to its overwhelming success, Signal Studios is pleased to announce the PC release of Toy Soldiers coming late spring/early summer 2011."

MicroVolts Open Beta Begins

Rock Hippo Productions announces the promised open beta of MicroVolts, their free-to-play online third-person shooter. Word is: "The open beta test features a variety of new content including one new game mode: Elimination, two new maps: Castle and Junk Yard, an achievement collection system and all-new customization items. In addition to the new content, a brand new website is also live and includes upgrades to the Club House providing players with a wide range of unique community features. As a special thank you to players who participated during the closed beta testing phase, they will receive a special accessory 'Gift of the Present' for their character. Players who were registered early were also lucky enough to receive a 'Main Beta Key' which can be redeemed for the special limited edition Rock Hippo costume."

Crytek on Crysis 2 Cheating

The Crysis 2 Blog addresses cheating in the recently released demo for Crysis 2, Crytek's upcoming first-person shooter, saying there will be more safeguards against this in the full game (thanks Grey Viper). Word is:
We know that some people have been playing with an unfair advantage in the Crysis 2 demo. Rest assured that although the demo does not have these features installed, our team has been working for some time on various anti-cheat measures that have been introduced for the retail release of Crysis 2. We would like to make sure everyone is aware of how important this issue is to us, and that we will continue to strive for a cheat-free community with Crysis 2.

Hawken Announced

The Hawken Website is online, unveiling an upcoming Unreal Engine 3 mech-themed multiplayer first-person shooter from Adhesive Games. The game does not yet carry a release date, but the plan is to release it for Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 via digital distribution at "a relatively low cost compared to boxed games." This trailer offers a work-in-progress look at the game, and here's a description of what it depicts: "All clips in this video were captured from actual network game matches. The third person shots are from a spectator camera, gameplay is first person." Their media page also offers the trailer as well as screenshots and a wallpaper.

ArcaniA – Gothic 4 Released in the U.K.

PQube announces that ArcaniA: Gothic 4 is now available in the U.K., offering the latest installment in this role-playing series. Word is: "The story continues ... ArcaniA: Gothic 4 is the fourth episode of the famous Gothic RPGs. The story picks up 10 years after the events of Gothic 3. The hero from the previous titles is now king. But mysterious forces have blackened his soul. After a seemingly unprovoked attack which wipes out an entire village, the sole survivor, a shepherd, sets out on the quest for answers and revenge."

THQ Spending Big

Gamasutra has word from a THQ investor briefing call that the company is projecting they will spend around $50 million on the Warhammer MMOG Dark Millennium by the time it comes to market next year, with THQ CFO Paul Pucino saying they expect the game to be profitable, as it will "continue to generate [revenue] over a long period of time -- five, six, seven, eight years." On a similar theme, MCV reports a £2 million U.K. marketing budget for Homefront, the upcoming first-person shooter.

Forsaken World Launches

The Forsaken World is now live, offering all comers access to this free-to-play MMORPG with a fantasy theme from Perfect World Entertainment. Confusingly, the site says "open beta March 9," though an announcement last month said the open beta would start February 23 and the game would launch March 23, but the announcement indicates this is a full launch: "Thanks to the active closed beta community, Forsaken World is launching today, Wednesday, March 9, two weeks ahead of schedule. Characters are now permanent and all players can now log into Forsaken World." Here's a batch of new screenshots celebrating the occasion.

Gratuitous Space Battles Patches

New patches are now available for Gratuitous Space Battles, updating Positech's space strategy game to version 1.56 and adding new campaign maps to the game's Galactic Conquest expansion. The base game can be updated through the auto-updater, and the new version will address some bugs, alter the game's difficulty settings, and add support for additional maps. Then Galactic Conquest owners can apply this patch (direct link) which adds three new campaign maps. The Galactic Conquest patch is also mirrored on AtomicGamer and Gamer's Hell.

Gary Grigsby's World at War: A World Divided Patch

Matrix Games announces the release of a new patch for Gary Grigsby's World at War: A World Divided, updating the World War II strategy game to version 1.040, addressing some bugs and adding JumboTron support. Word is: "The update comes with the usual bug fixes, some increases to modability including a file structure overhaul, new features like widely variable screen resolution options (all the way up to 6400x4800!), rule changes, a new scenario, and more." The download is available on this page.

Garry's Mod and Kinect

The Yelp Engineering Blog describes a Kinect hack allowing the use of Microsoft's motion controller as an interface for Garry's Mod, the Source-engine sandbox game. This trailer shows this in action, and this page offers code snippets. Word is: "Feel free to branch it and hack it into your own, better, creation." Thanks Ant via Reddit.

Spicy Horse's Free-to-Play Plans

The American McGee interview on Joystiq talks with the Spicy Horse developer about Alice: Madness Returns, the upcoming Alice sequel. In addition to discussion of the new game, they touch on plans for what will follow, and he says the Shanghai-based developer will shift its focus to free-to-play games after the return of Alice's madness. "Well, we don't see that the future for us is in triple-A console games," the expatriate American tells them. "We actually are trying to make games that are online, free-to-play, 3D advanced casual games, so as we finish this we're going to transition the company back to where we were intending to be when we finished Grimm."

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