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Sunday, Sep 19, 2010 Talk Like a Pirate Day. Yarr! in Flux has a message that suggests the service is in some sort of transitional state, saying: "unfortunately, we've decided that simply cannot remain in its current form." They also say: "This doesn't mean the idea behind is gone forever. We're closing down the service and putting this era behind us as new challenges await. On a technical note, this week we'll put in place a solution to allow everyone to re-download their games. Stay tuned to this page and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates." We contacted them about this, and were told simply: "As the message on the site says, this doesn't mean GOG is gone :). We'll have more to share in the coming days.", dedicated to "good old games, first launched by CD Projekt in October 2008, with the plan of offering DRM-free older classics updated for modern systems for online sale at bargain prices.

Fallout MMOG Tease

There's an image of a pamphlet on Ripten that appears to be a teaser for Fallout Online, the Fallout MMOG, under development at Interplay in spite of legal challenges from Bethesda. The flier is a tongue-in-cheek promotion for the Church of Harold suggesting the game is to include a cult based on the ghoul who has appeared in every major installment in the Fallout series. Thanks Dev.

Amnesia Postmortem

Amnesia postmortem on the Frictional Games Website reflecting on the first week of availability of the survival horror game from the creators of the Penumbra series (thanks joao). The post outlines a good news/bad news situation. The good news is that, as is reflected by comments in the forums here, the game has been very well received, both by critics, and by gamers, as reviews from both have even exceeded their optimistic expectations. The bad news is that sales of the game are trailing a little below the level they need to remain in business, expressing concern that a day 0 pirate version of the game was available 24 hours before its retail release, as apparently some unscrupulous website leaked their review copy. Here's part of their assessment of this situation: "This is of course not all the income we will make from the game, but is still a bit discouraging when comparing to recent XBLA releases and similar. So why is [sic] not sales [sic] higher? Piracy? People waiting for future massive discounted sales? Game too scary / niched? Right now we have not got a clue, but hopefully it will become clearer further on." Here's their conclusion:
On almost all fronts, we area extremely pleased with this release. It has in many ways exceeded our expectations and it makes all the hard work, pay cuts, etc worth it in the end.

The most distressing thing is the sales though. Even though we are far from complaining, it feels like we do not have the financial security we would like to have, to truly be able to focus on making the best game possible. So what should we do? The things we have discussed include: Increase the cost of the game, doing a console port instead of Linux/Mac, do a less niche title and more. Now is too soon to make a decision though and we have to see how the coming weeks and months go.

Finally, I know I say this a lot but we truly mean it: Thanks to all who have supported us by buying the game, spreading the word, and what not. We hope you all will continue supporting us in the future as well! All of Frictional Games sends their finest regards and thanks for this support!

M.A.T. Interview

The M.A.T. interview on is a sparsely formatted conversation with Mr. Saturn, lead game master at SubaGames about their upcoming online first-person shooter also known as Mission Against Terror, which happens to be entering open beta testing this afternoon. They discuss his taste in games, the influence of games like Counter-Strike and Team Fortress, competing with other online FPS games, the reception the game has already received in China, and more.

Steam Top 10

Here's this week's list of bestselling titles on Steam according to Valve.

  1. Sid Meier's Civilization V
  2. Star Wars Collection
  3. R.U.S.E.
  4. Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition
  5. Star Wars Battlefront II
  6. Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  7. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  8. F1 2010
  9. Star Wars Empire at War: Gold Pack
  10. Monkey Island: Special Edition Bundle

Sunday Previews

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews

  • HIS HD5870 iCooler V Turbo 1GB Graphics Card on MetkuMods.

Out of the Blue

Avast! The scurvy dogs of the NFL have scheduled the Giants to play on Sunday Night Football tonight to see which of the Manning brothers will be manning up to lead his mates to victory. The trouble is tonight is the premiere of Boardwalk Empires, the new HBO crime series starring Steve Buscemi that MrsBlue and I have been looking forward to for many a fortnight since it was announced. Unlike FoxTrot, we're still in negotiations over which broadcast will be walking the plank to the DVR, but I'll probably end up losing on this one.

Anyway, happy Talk Like A Pirate Day, and happy birthday Adam West!

Links: Thanks Ant and Mike Martinez and Acleacius.
Play: PC Defense.
Saunavihta Vortex.
Images: House of the Undead. Thanks Joker961.
Time slice photos. Thanks Devicer.
Media: Master Le Cosplay- Crysis Nanosuit V1.0. Thanks Joker961.
Thousands of birds caught in 9-11 memorial lights.
Female Ninja Deadliest Trick - Vagina Bubbles.
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