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Thursday, Sep 09, 2010

Section 8: Prejudice Unveiled

TimeGate Studios tweets about an exclusive debut trailer on GameTrailers introducing Section 8: Prejudice, an upcoming sequel to their science-fiction first-person shooter. The clip shows some high-tech combat with a narrative highlighting the low-tech roots of the conflict. A preliminary Section 8: Prejudice Website is online, and the trailer concludes saying to expect the game in early 2011.

APOX Announced

BlueGiant Interactive announces APOX, a real-time strategy game due later this year for PC and Mac that's "set in a near post-apocalyptic, Mad-Max-esque universe." The game's official website should be online soon with a gameplay video, and here are some screenshots. "APOX is an RTS game at its core, although it blends in elements of FPS and RPG genres. We introduced FPS concepts like equipping multiple weapons, weapon drops, and limited ammo. We added RPG elements such as experience (veterancy) and giving units a high level of customization. We can put any soldier type into any vehicle type and essentially create dozens of unique unit variations," says Mark Currie, Lead Designer.

Steel Storm Open Beta

Kot-in-Action Creative Artel announces Steel Storm, an episodic top-down shooter for PC, Mac, and Linux. The Steel Storm Website is online, offering the beta of the game's first episode for free, though the Windows version is not ready as this is being written. It seems the game is following the shareware model, as the first episode is to remain free even after it's out of beta, and they are already accepting preorders for Episode 2. Word is: "Steel Storm is an old school top down arcade shooter with score oriented competitive gameplay, and is designed for people who like fast paced action and have limited amounts of time to play computer games."

APB Rescue Nears?

Develop reports that insolvent developer Realtime Worlds may be on the verge being rescued. They say barring an 11th hour disaster, to expect an announcement next week that the part of the company responsible for APB: All Points Bulletin has been bought. The part of the company developing Project MyWorld was purchased last week, and they now report speculation that the mystery buyer for Project MyWorld is none other than former Realtime Worlds chairman Ian Hetherington.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Delayed

The Ubisoft Forums offer details on plans to beta test Assassin's Creed Brotherhood on the PlayStation 3. The announcement also includes a revised release date for the stealth action sequel on all three platforms, saying it is due on November 18 for consoles, and in Q1 2010 for PC. The game was previously expected on November 16 of this year. No reason for the setback is offered. Thanks Big Download.

ATI Catalyst Hotfix

A new ATI Catalyst 10.8b Hotfix is now available for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. The new drivers enable both GPUs on Radeon HD 4870 X2 and Radeon HD 4850 X2 graphics cards and offer DirectX 10 performance improvements when playing Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. with forced on Anisotropic Filtering using ATI Catalyst Control Center on Radeon HD 3xxx, ATI Radeon HD 4xxx, and ATI Radeon HD 5xxx series of accelerators. Thanks [H]ard-OCP.

New StarCraft II Map

PC Gamer has word on Burning Tide, a new official map for StarCraft II that should already be in players' map lists. Word is: "It’s got a new, resource-hoarding objective, collectible resource caches, and rising lava tides."

Europa Universalis III: Divine Wind Media

Here are some screenshots of Europa Universalis III: Divine Wind, the just-announced grand strategy expansion. There's also a new gameplay trailer on the YouTube.

Neverwinter Interview

The Neverwinter Interview on GameBanshee gets answers from Cryptic COO Jack Emmert and PR manager Ivan Sulic about Neverwinter, the recently announced Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. Topics include how long the game has been in development, co-op and AI-controlled allies, whether they can present user-created content on hosted servers, faithfulness to 4th edition D&D rules, and more.

Frozen Synapse Preorder Discount

Independent developers Mode 7 Games announces a 25% discount on preorders of Frozen Synapse, their upcoming turn-based tactics game for Windows and Mac, development of which is being funded by such preorders. You can get the discount by entering the code "INDIEPOWER" at checkout. They say that those who preorder will still receive immediate access to the game's ongoing beta test along with an additional copy of the game to bestow upon a friend. Also, a new trailer shows off the game and some of the praise it has received from the gaming press.

Valve on Failure

Interview: Valve on 13 things they’ve failed at on PC Gamer hears from Valve's Gabe Newell, Erik Johnson, and Doug Lombardi, who discuss some of the development failures of their successful studio. Examples include the first few months of the Steam service, their fairy game, and console shortcomings. They also demonstrate the making lemonade out off lemons approach, describing a number of features that are currently present in their games as a direct result of some of these "failures."

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Patched

Steam News announces a new automatic update that's now available for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, updating the new shooter sequel. The patch has a few fixes, mostly related to audio. Here are the details. Continue here to read the full story.

Tropico 3 & Absolute Power Patched

Steam News has word on new updates now automatically available for Tropico 3 and the Absolute Power add-on for the island dictator simulation. Here are the combined patch notes. Continue here to read the full story.

Evening Previews

Evening Screenshots

  • Borderlands: Claptrap's New Robot Revolution on Blue's News.

Into the Black

Link of the Day: My Other Ride Is a Light Cycle. Why do I think some of you have this one already?

Portal 2 Co-op Trailer

A new trailer from Portal 2 shows off more of the cooperative multiplayer support in Valve's upcoming platformer sequel. We start with a previously released scene of our two plucky robots (we're calling them Phallus and Ovum until told otherwise) before showing more of their teamwork in action, all narrated by our old pal GLaDOS. The embedded version follows. Continue here to read the full story.

Brian Wood Memorial Fund

The Brian Wood Memorial Trust is now active, following the death of Relic designer Brian Wood in an act of heroic self-sacrifice. The fund is accepting donations for Wood's widow Erin and her unborn child, as word is: "Thank you so much for your kind support, prayers and well wishes for Erin and the baby following the tragic loss of her husband, Brian Wood. In memory of Brian, a memorial trust has been set up to help Erin and her family through this difficult time." Thanks loonyboi via Kotaku.

Din's Curse Patch

The version 1.007 patch for Din's Curse has made a rapid transition from beta status, and the full patch is now available on the Dins Curse patches page. Here's word on the new version of Soldak Entertainment's action/RPG: "This patch improves a bunch of effects, improves unique items, added some new options like Hide Crappy Items, Don't Click on Pets, and Very Slow Pace, and fixed/balanced/polished several things." This page has the complete patch notes.

Need for Speed World Goes Free

The Need for Speed World Website announces that this online racing game is now "completely free to play." Previously the game would allow players to progress to level 10 for free, but required the purchase of their Starter Pack to progress further, but now players can go all the way to level 50 and access all game modes and content for free. They also announce compensation for those who already bought the starter pack: "Our VIP gamers who bought the Starter Pack before today (Sept 8th) will soon be receiving a little present from us in the form of three free 7-day car rental vouchers for the BMW M3 GTR, the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 and the Audi R8 4.2 FSI Quattro. We wanted a way to say "Thank you" to our most ardent fans and cool, fast cars seemed to be the best way. We'll be emailing codes to all the qualified gamers shortly. Thank you again for all your support and passion." Thanks Axe.

Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades Announced

1C Company announces Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades, an upcoming real-time strategy game that is a sequel to Real Warfare: 1242, as they continue to plumb the middle ages that were also the setting of their XIII Century series. The game is in development at Unicorn Games for release in Q2 of next year, and here's more on its setting: "This new title allows players to witness the key events in the history of the Teutonic Order in the 13th century, namely conquering the pagan Prussia. All battles form a single storyline campaign. The player will act as a Komtur of the Teutonic Order as they relive the battles of the crusaders, challenges include the low manpower of the Order and the strong resistance of the heathens."

Europa Universalis III Divine Wind Announced

Paradox Interactive announces Europa Universalis III Divine Wind, a fourth expansion for their grand strategy sequel Europa Universalis III, saying this will be released in December in "response to the clamor from its loyal fan base." Here's a teaser trailer for the add-on, and here's word on what it will offer: "The fourth expansion to the classic historical strategy epic, Europa Universalis III Divine Wind is set in the Far East and will enhance every aspect of the original game to create an even deeper and more rewarding experience. Requiring Europa Universalis III Complete as well as the Heir to the Throne expansion to play, Divine Wind introduces a new graphical style, a more detailed map, and a wealth of new oriental provinces to control."

Nation Red Updated Demo

An updated version 1.74 demo for Nation Red is now available, superseding the sample of DiezelPower Studios' arena-based zombie shooter released over a year ago. The new demo is available from AtomicGamer, Gamer's Hell, and WorthPlaying.

StarCraft II Authentication Fix Coming

Users having to re-authenticate StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty every time they attempt to play Blizzard's RTS sequel is due to a bug, rather than a policy change, reports GamePro. "We’re aware there’s a bug in the authentication system, as far as the system being able to know that you’ve logged into the system for 30 days," a Blizzard representative tells them. "We’re trying to address this problem in an upcoming patch." The rep also responded to a post on the forums saying the re-authentication was intentional, saying: "There’s been a miscommunication with the [customer-service] guys…there’s no change with the 30-day authentication policy." Thanks Big Download.

On Guild Wars 2 Content

Designing Guild Wars 2 Dynamic Events on GDC Vault is a video of the entire hour-plus ArenaNet presentation at GDC Europe. In the clip ArenaNet's Eric Flannum and Colin Johanson discuss the evolution of MMORPG content and how dynamic events will work in Guild Wars 2 and how these will differ from public quests in games like Warhammer Online. There's also a report on where they say the upcoming MMORPG sequel will feature a player-created quest chain, and of course if you leave things up to the fans you're going to end up with things like mega-sharks. Here's word: "Everything from a magically created giant shark to more standard slave rebellion scenarios were presented, but, as you might expect, the huge boss battle suggested by Mega-Shark won out, and the panel chose the creation of the shark as one of the main events in the chain." Thanks Guild Wars 2 Slovenija.

Rulers Of Nations Trailer

The Rulers Of Nations Website has a new trailer from Rulers of Nations - Geopolitical Simulator 2, showing off gameplay from the upcoming global strategy simulation. The clip depicts virtual renditions of world leaders engaging in failed diplomacy before the guns come out. The game is due for release by the end of this month, and here's more on what it is about: "Players must solve the same complex issues that face President Obama including the global financial crisis, the US budget deficit, Afghanistan (the new Vietnam for NATO countries?), Iran (the next nuclear power?), and global warming. Rulers of Nations, created by using the new Version 2.0 of Eversim’s powerful and most realistic geo-political game engine, also includes new challenges such as creating energy sources from solar to deep-sea oil drilling, managing refugees after a catastrophe, colonizing countries, and buying black market weapons."

Star Wars: The Old Republic Trailer

A new trailer on Star Wars: The Old Republic Website depicts the rebel alliance's attempts to get to the roots of the mysteries behind Darth Revan, both Jedi and Sith. Word is: "The Jedi Civil War left many unanswered questions. In the difficult days following the showdown between Darth Revan and Darth Malak, the Jedi Order struggled to survive, leaving little time for investigations. Redeemed as a Jedi, Revan traveled into deep space in search of a mysterious evil. We now know that the source of this evil was the reconstituted Sith Empire, but that solves only a portion of the mystery… "

Sword of the Stars II Interview

The Martin Cirulis interview on StrategyCore talks with the CEO of Kerberos Productions about Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter, Kerberos' upcoming space strategy sequel. Along the way they discuss diversity of star systems, colonization, flight system mechanics, colony control, fleet combat, ship design, and much more.

Games for Windows LIVE Activity

Major Nelson posts his list of LIVE activity for the week of August 30. As usual this includes the top Games for Windows LIVE Titles (based on UUs). The list follows. Continue here to read the full story.

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Out of the Blue

Today is a happy occasion, as tonight marks the beginning of the tackle football season with the Saints playing the Vikings. The past couple of baseball seasons the Mets have saved their meltdown for later in the season, but they completely imploded long ago, so the NFL season can't come quickly enough from my perspective.

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Science: Your Very Own $400,000 Robot. Thanks Neutronbeam.
Whistleblower Claims Many US Interpreters Can't Speak Afghan Languages.
Media: Pacific Sun Cruise liner in very heavy seas. Thanks The Flying Penguin.
"Weird Al" Yankovic reads Green Eggs & Ham.
"Jiffy" Crew strips Down and Rebuilds a Jeep - Under 4 Mins.
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Follow-up: Regulatory Capture Of Oil Drilling Agency Exposed In Report.
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