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Wednesday, Aug 18, 2010

PC Red Faction: Battlegrounds "Being Discussed"

Strategy Informer has a story about plans for DLC for Red Faction: Battlegrounds, the upcoming console-only installment in the Red Faction shooter series. At least it has only been announced for consoles, but they also have word from Project Manager Steve Powel, who tells them: "Other platforms are being discussed," which they add includes the PC.

Bad Company 2 VIP Pack #6 Released

The Battlefield Blog has news that the sixth VIP map pack for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is now available, also offering a trailer showing off the new pack. Word is: "This means that you now will have the chance to play Squad Deathmatches on one of my absolute favorite maps, Panama Canal. You also have the opportunity to engage in fierce Squad Rush fights on Laguna Presa. As per usual, the VIP Map Pack is free for new game buyers. If you picked up the game used, you can get a VIP code either through the Playstation Store/Live Marketplace, or via the in-game store. For PC players, this new content is free for all."

Realtime Worlds Courting Buyers

Edge Magazine has an update on the status of Realtime Worlds, as the APB developer is now in the hands of administrators. Joint administrator Paul Dounis offers a statement saying there are parties interested in buying the developer: "We are actively pursuing all these expressions of interest which have come from both the UK and US." He also clarifies that 53 of 210 employees remain at their Dundee offices and that the company's Colorado office have not been closed as was reported, and 14 employees remain there, down from 42. As for the future of APB, he says: "The game will continue and that is something we want all customers to be aware of."

Project Dust Renamed From Dust

The upcoming god game formerly known as Project Dust has been renamed From Dust, reports Joystiq, showing this was revealed though a sharpie-edited room sign at Gamescom. In spite of the impromptu nature of the name change, they have confirmed with Ubisoft that it is official.

Elemental: War of Magic Interview

Elemental War of Magic Q&A on GameShark chats with Brad Wardell about Elemental: War of Magic, Stardock’s upcoming 4X turn-based strategy game. Topics include the experience on previous 4X games that contribute to this game, research and resources, influence and diplomacy, trade, AI, multiplayer, modding, and more. On a related note, we have the Elemental "launch" trailer, which is embedded below. Continue here to read the full story.

Black Prophecy Trailer

The Black Prophecy "Gamescom" trailer is now available, showing off some combat from Reakktor Media's upcoming space combat game, as well as other elements from the game such as trade and crafting. Here's the embedded version. Continue here to read the full story.

Black Mirror 3 Trailer

The Black Mirror 3 "Gamescom" Trailer promotes the upcoming third-installment in this horror-themed point-and-click adventure series. This struck us with the realization that we must have missed the announcement of this game, and sure enough, it was announced two months ago for release on November 5 of this year. Word is: "The story centers on the Black Mirror castle in Willow Creek, and surrounding areas, thus tracing its roots to the original Black Mirror. Players can explore a total of 62 different locations, some of which may be familiar to players of the original game, and all locations have a completely new graphical look." Here's the embedded trailer. Continue here to read the full story.

Global Agenda Patched

A new update is now available for Global Agenda, the MMOTPS from Hi-Rez Studios, reports Steam News. The patch notes follow. Continue here to read the full story.

Counter-Strike: Source Beta Patched

Steam News has word on the release of a new version of the Counter-Strike: Source Beta. Here's the change list. Continue here to read the full story.

Game TMs

Internet sleuths superannuation report on three new trademark registrations filed by Backbone Entertainment, who have registered TMs for Arkopolis, Armor Up, and Wild East.

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Into the Black

Link of the Day: Geeky Money by Silvia Saavedra. Thanks Ant.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Space Combat Trailer

The Star Wars: The Old Republic Website has a trailer showing off the space combat in BioWare's upcoming Star Wars MMORPG. The clip shows a variety of ships doing combat in a variety of asteroid formations, but doesn't do much to refute the recent report that this will be "tunnel shooter" combat.

Diablo III Caravan Trailer

The Diablo III Facebook Page has a new trailer showcasing a Caravan and Artisan feature that Blizzard revealed today for the action/RPG sequel. Word is: "Just revealed at gamescom 2010, the Caravan feature in Diablo III is a loyal band of followers that will join you on your journey through Sanctuary. Included in the Caravan are three Artisans, which offer basic vendor features, as well as unique crafting options. Join Jay Wilson, Design Director, as he explains the Artisans and their features."

Top Games for Windows LIVE Titles

Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson's Blog has the list of LIVE Activity for the week of Aug 9, which once again has the list of top Games for Windows LIVE Titles (based on UUs). The list follows. Continue here to read the full story.

Mafia II Trailer

The "Tools of the Trade" Trailer (NSFW) from Mafia II offers a cinematic look at 2K Czech's imminent open-world action sequel. The trade in this case, of course, is crime, and hence the tools are guns, and many virtual bullets are fired in this clip. The embedded version follows. Continue here to read the full story.

Warhammer Online Patched

The Warhammer Herald heralds the release of a new patch for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning to update Mythic Entertainment's MMORPG to version 1.3.6. The update adds a new alternate item appearance system, an "Against All Odds" RvR mode to reward Realms when they are outnumbered, Sovereign Armor Split Sets, and Auction House enhancements. Here are the complete patch notes.

Gratuitous Space Battles Expansion Plans

The Gratuitous Space Battles Website announces plans for an expansion that will add new campaigns to add some context and remove some of the gratuitousness in the strategy/sim/management space combat game. Word is: "The game will not care if you have any earlier DLC or not. If you do, you will face fleets built from those extra races, but if not, you just get enemy fleets built from the original 4 fleets." Here's a bit more:
The GSB campaign is a singleplayer 'conquer-the-galaxy' style game, where you build up vast space fleets and kick interstellar ass. Rather than set, pre-determined fleets to battle against, the game utilises the fleets designed by other GSB players to provide an endless variety of opponent, so you will be pitted against real carbon-based intelligence on every step of your path to galactic dominance. The GSB campaign is not a full 4X game, but a contextual 'wrapper' for GSB that introduces new strategic concerns such as crew and cash shortages, repairing ships between battles, the need for construction and repair facilities, and the ability to issue a retreat order mid-battle.

Jagged Alliance Online Announced

bitComposer Games and gamigo announce Jagged Alliance Online, a browser-based MMORPG continuation of the tactical role-playing series. The game is being developed by Cliffhanger Productions for release next year, and presumably beta testing will commence soon, as they are offering beta signups on the Jagged Alliance Website as well as to attendees of Gamescom. There is also a new Facebook Page for the game, and here's a bit from the announcement:
Jagged Alliance Online will be built around the familiar Jagged Alliance games mechanics, which are a mixture of turn-based battles and real-time action. The player takes control of a group of soldiers, commanding them from an isometric perspective to complete tasks in order to earn cash as well as renown. If a player wants to stay on top, mercenaries will need to be trained and equipped with better weapons. If that's not quite enough, then mercenaries can be borrowed from friends or alliances can be formed with other players.

The Patrician Online Announced

gamigo and Kalypso Media announce The Patrician Online, a browser-based MMO installment in this strategy/trading simulation series that they plan to launch next year. Word is: "Thousands of players can experience the glory days of the Hanseatic League and build up their own trading empire. The focus of the game will be on trading goods between players and creating effective production chains." They also say the game is being developed along the lines of The Patrician IV, and when that game is released at the beginning of next month it will include a code for access to the closed beta test of The Patrician Online. The Patrician Online Website is live, and while it is in German, we've received assurances that an English version of the game is also planned.

Portal 2 in February 2011

Portal 2 is expected for release on February 9, 2011 (Valve Time), reports, pinning down the recently delayed release of the platformer sequel. They also announce the role of "the kindly British robot Wheatley" in the game will be voiced by Stephen Merchant, a writer on both the British and US versions of The Office, and an actor on the British version.

The Lord of the Rings Online Goes Free Next Month

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announces that the new free-to-play business model for The Lord of the Rings Online will leave beta next month on September 10. "Our LOTRO beta program has been a huge success and we want to thank all of our players who worked with us to get the game ready for launch," said Kate Paiz, Executive Producer of LOTRO, Turbine. "Our unique pricing model has revolutionized the industry and starting in September, players will be able to choose how they pay for and play one of the world’s best online games and we can’t wait to welcome millions of new players to Middle-earth!"

RTW Staff Rescue?

Activision may be saving some of the staff being axed at Realtime Worlds, reports Develop. They say the publisher has made a "swift and decisive" move to send staff to Scotland, and will be holding a special recruitment event in Dundee tomorrow and Friday. They say that Realtime Worlds' administration has put as many as 200 jobs on the chopping block. Blitz Games sends word that they will be attending this event to hire some staff. Says Blitz CEO Philip Oliver: "We know that Realtime World has some fantastically talented people and were very sorry to hear the news as it broke late last week. We think Realtime Worlds staff will be pleasantly surprised at the opportunities we can offer them and look forward to talking with them."

Torchlight II Trailer

The Torchlight II Website now offers the Gamescom 2010 Trailer from Runic Games' upcoming action/role-playing game sequel. About half the clip is quotes discussing the lack of multiplayer being the main shortcoming of the original Torchlight, and the other half shows the multiplayer action in Torchlight II that addresses this. Thanks Bob Bob.

More On StarCraft II Sales

IndustryGamers has another tidbit on the hot sales of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty since the launch of the real-time strategy sequel. They cite NPD statistics showing that the game not only topped all game sales, but all software sales, saying: "The all categories software PC chart sent to IndustryGamers by NPD reveals that StarCraft II dominated the PC industry for the month, ahead of eight-dollar software like Kaspersky Antivirus 2010, Webroot Antivirus with Spy Sweeper and big name, more expensive software like MS Office. The $100 collector's edition of StarCraft II also placed sixth on the all categories PC chart."

Op Ed

Cliffski’s Blog - Size Doesn’t matter.
Is Halo a better game than World of Goo? Personally, I probably enjoyed WoG better, but I haven’t finished either game, so I have no idea which is longest. Clearly, game length didn’t vaguely factor in for me. And That doesn’t put me in some minority either. A huge chunk of gamers never finish games. I’ve been gaming since pong and only ever ‘finished’ 3 games in my entire life. I got bored with Half Life (yes really) and Half Life 2, and Bioshock, and almost any game you care to mention. When I read about how some l33t haxxor ‘finished’ a game in 8 hours, I find it laughable. Imagine bragging about ‘finishing’ war and peace in 2 days. The idea is to enjoy the experience, not race to the end as fast as you can.

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