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Wednesday, Jun 16, 2010


Team Fortress 2 Patched

There's word on Steam News about a new automatic patch that's now available for Team Fortress 2, with a couple of bug fixes and TFBot changes for Valve's teamplay shooter. Here's the patch list. Continue here to read the full story.

New Steam Client

Steam News announces the release of an updated version of the Steam client, which will update itself the next time Steam users log in. The change list follows. Continue here to read the full story.

Defense Grid: Resurgence Map Pack 3

Defense Grid: Resurgence Map Pack 3 is now available though Steam, for $0.99 USD, adding new maps, and achievements to Defense Grid: The Awakening, Hidden Path Entertainment's strategy game. Here's word from the update on Steam News: "Today's Map Pack 3 release includes two more challenging environments - Urban Planning and Tactical Diversion. It’s the third of four great map packs in the Resurgence series. Urban Planning is a dense environment with restrictive build spaces, forcing difficult decisions against continuously attacking hordes. In Tactical Diversion, survey the small, snow covered platform and consider numerous possibilities. But be prepared for the aerial assault!"

Brink Delayed Again

The release of Splash Damage's upcoming shooter Brink is now delayed until 2011, reports VG247, saying this has been confirmed through Bethesda PR. The game was announced for a spring 2010 release before being delayed to fall 2010 prior to this latest setback. No reason for the delay is offered.

Project Dust Revealed

Ubisoft reveals plans for Project Dust, the codename for an upcoming game being designed by Eric Chahi (Another World, aka Out of This World), described as a "spiritual heir" to Populous, the Peter Molyneux-designed classic that put the players in the role of a god (or at least a really powerful landscape architect). The game is intended for release during the spring of next year as a downloadable title for Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. The news is accompanied by some concept art, the E3 Trailer from the game, and an internal Q&A talking with Eric Chahi about what he's been up to since the release of Heart of Darkness, and what to expect from this game, where he says: "Project Dust is the spiritual heir to Populous. The game is set in an extreme version of Planet Earth where nature unleashes her power in a much more violent way than what we are used to. Tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, wildfires, volcanic eruptions are what the days are made of for the people of Dust. In this kind of God game, users will play with powers to manipulate the world around them. Ground, water, lava, fire, plants and trees -model the world like a child playing sand castles on the beach. With such powers, players will help their people resist, expand and migrate so they can accomplish their quest to find a safe place." The embedded version of the E3 trailer follows. Continue here to read the full story.

Command & Conquer Sale

It's day three of EA week on Steam, where they are offering savings on all Command & Conquer games, which range from 33% to 75% off the regular prices for every game in the real-time strategy series.

Mount & Blade: Warband Patched

Steam News announces the availability of a new patch to automatically update Mount & Blade: Warband to Version 1.123. The new version includes changes impacting single-player play, multiplayer, and both, all outlined below. Continue here to read the full story.

Global Agenda Patched

Steam News announces the release of a new automatic update for Global Agenda, offering a solitary balance tweak for Hi-Rez Studios' espionage-themed MMOG: "Reduced damage protection on Oathbreaker Morale Boost from 40% to 20%."

It Came from E3 2010, Part 6

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Evening Tech Bits

Evening Metaverse

Into the Black

Link of the Day: The most amazing chess set you'll ever see. Thanks nin.

Crysis 2 Behind-the-Scenes Trailer

A new Crysis 2 trailer is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the first Crysis 2 trailer, focusing on the recoding sessions at the famed Abbey Road Studio to create the music for the trailer. There is also developer commentary about the clip, pointing out they were able to create the visuals in real-time using CryENGINE 3, rather than CGI. They also show several storyboards demonstrating how their concept for the trailer was realized. The embedded version follows. Continue here to read the full story.

New ATI Drivers

AMD's Gaming Website now offers downloads of new version 10.6 Catalyst reference drivers for ATI graphics accelerators. Among the changes in the new drivers are support for hardware acceleration of H.264 video content using Flash Player 10.1, image improvements in compressed images for the 5000 series, and official support for OpenGL 4.0 and OpenGL 3.3.

Rift: Planes of Telara Class Info

A new update on the Rift: Planes of Telara Website outlines the class system in Trion World Network's upcoming MMORPG, showing that while the game doesn't have a Soul Train, at least is has a Soul Tree. There are also some new additions to their Classes & Callings Section such as the Warlock. Thanks Cutter.

FIM Motocross World Championship Announced

Black Bean Games announces FIM Motocross World Championship, promising "to deliver the ultimate and extreme Motocross experience on console and PC" when it is released next year. "Following our long history of motorbike racing games, we thought something was missing in the overall market segment, the extraordinary fun of a spectacular off-road championship on two wheels," says Fabrizio Vagliasindi of Black Bean Games. "The FIM Motocross World Championship is the fastest growing motorsport discipline in Europe. Adrenaline, Fun, Mud, Engines, Motorbikes….the best ingredients for Milestone and Black Bean Games."

WRC Trailer

Unrelated to the Milestone news above, a new Milestone Blog is now online as a home to the Italian developer's projects, through it is written in English. Included is a "making of" WRC: FIA World Rally Championship trailer. This clip features commentary from the developers, and while this is in Italian, it is covered by a voice-over with English translations. The clip offers live action and gameplay footage illustrating the lengths to which they are going to create an accessible game that is also a realistic depiction of the sport of rally racing for hardcore fans. Milestone has also released some new WRC screenshots.

Fallout Online Beta Signups

A new Fallout Online Website is live for Interplay's planned Fallout MMORPG that's been slowly working its way through the legal system. The site is fairly unresponsive thanks to the combination of high demand and a Flash-heavy interface, but if you can get it to load you will have the opportunity to sign up for their mailing list and register your interest in being a beta tester. There is also some art and an animation showing their vision for the game. Though they sold the Fallout IP to Bethesda Softworks, Interplay retained rights to make a Fallout MMOG if certain conditions are met, a situation that has resulted in a court battle, which seems to be still ongoing. Thanks Duck and Cover.

Portal 2 Footage

Gameplay Monthly offers a ShakyCam video of the Portal 2 presentation at E3, with Valve's Erik Johnson narrating footage from the upcoming platformer, showing gameplay, as well as cinematics. The clip shows the environments of the ruins of Aperture Labs, interactions with a sidekick even more personable than the Companion Cube, a brief chat with GLaDOS, and some new gameplay mechanics with tractor beams, aerial faith plates, thermal discouragement beams, and more. The clip is at an off-angle, but is in fairly sharp focus.

Tron Evolution Trailer

The Tron Evolution: The Video Game E3 trailer offers a movie from the upcoming real video game based on Tron: Legacy, the upcoming real movie sequel that's based on a fictional video game (whew!). The clip offers a cinematic look updated concepts for light cycle racing and flying disc battles. Here's the embedded version. Continue here to read the full story.

Lord of the Rings Online F2P Beta

Turbine announces closed beta testing of the free-to-play version of Lord of the Rings Online is now underway. Word is: "Beta participants will help shape and refine new content and features to be introduced in Volume 3, Book 2, as well as the new in-game Store, when LOTRO Free-to-Play launches this fall." If you are interested in checking this out, beta signups are still being accepted.

It Came from E3 2010, Part 5

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Out of the Blue

Happy birthday to MrsBlue, as my better half was born on this date a couple of years ago. Let me correct that, she's probably my better three-quarters (you didn't think I was going to correct the "couple of years ago" part, did you?). We'll probably do something wild and crazy like going out to dinner to celebrate.

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