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Sunday, Apr 18, 2010

June Singularity Confirmed

A new Singularity trailer on GameTrailers offers a look at Raven's upcoming first-person shooter where time is one of the weapons in the player's arsenal. The clip shows off a bunch of gameplay, and concludes saying: "The Future is in Your Hands," and offering a June 29, 2010 release date, which is in line with previous indications.

Men of War Patch

A new patch for Men of War is now available, updating Best Way's World War II real-time strategy game to version 1.17.5. The patch is available on Gamer's Hell, The Patches Scrolls, and WorthPlaying, and the patch notes follow. Continue here to read the full story.

Op Ed

Thanks Joker961.

Roger Ebert's Journal - Video games can never be art.
Why are gamers so intensely concerned, anyway, that games be defined as art? Bobby Fischer, Michael Jordan and Dick Butkus never said they thought their games were an art form. Nor did Shi Hua Chen, winner of the $500,000 World Series of Mah Jong in 2009. Why aren't gamers content to play their games and simply enjoy themselves? They have my blessing, not that they care.

Do they require validation? In defending their gaming against parents, spouses, children, partners, co-workers or other critics, do they want to be able to look up from the screen and explain, "I'm studying a great form of art?" Then let them say it, if it makes them happy.

Gamasutra - A Critical Retort to Roger Ebert on Games as Art.
Yes Mister Ebert, you cannot win a film. But why would it be logical to follow by saying that since a film cannot be won you can only experience it, implying that you can only win and not experience a videogame? Mister Ebert, a videogame allows both, by virtue of its existence as a thing to be played. You cannot win without first experiencing, or else you have not been playing, and if you have not been playing then, well, you have just been watching.

Platform Nation - Ebert Is Right… For Now.
Right now, videogames can be projected to move into a state where they will mirror films creatively and financially. You’ll start to see a trend of fewer games coming out, fewer publishers taking risks, large game budgets. The independent studies will not get their say, they will be weeded out. Call of Duty, Halo, Gears; they could be just the fewer games we get. Casual gaming can’t save us. Lets guess around 100 games come out every year, and around 40 mainstream films come out every year. The number of games is going to just go downhill given the trend, and the independent studio will be at risk of failing.

Attack of the Fanboy - Does anyone really care about 3-D?
There are two types of product innovation – one that takes something that already exists and improves it, and the that other invents a technology and tries to find uses for it. James Cameron spent ten years developing a camera that could create the film he had wanted to make for years. Samsung and LG developed 3-D televisions because people seemed to like Avatar. Hmm.

Steam Top 10

Here are the top 10 bestselling games for the week on Steam:

  1. Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  3. Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City
  4. Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Ultimate Sith Edition
  5. Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse
  6. Left 4 Dead 2
  7. Mount & Blade: Warband
  8. Just Cause 2
  9. Commandos Collection
  10. The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews

Out of the Blue

We voyaged north yesterday to celebrate the birthday of our younger niece, which was a lovely old time. We were driving home when I tried to find the score of the Mets game from earlier in the afternoon, and it took a while to find out the game had hit extra innings, and was still underway. We got to listen all the way home, and got to see the ending on TV some six hours after it started, thanks to the fact that the game went 20 innings, the fourth time in their history the Mets have played a game of 20 innings or more (out of 42 in baseball history), and only the first time they've won a game that long.

R.I.P.: Cop Who Made Video Games Dies At 83.

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