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Sunday, Jan 31, 2010

BioShock 2 Midnight Madness

Best Buy has posted a BioShock 2 Midnight Store List where those in the U.S. eager to pick up BioShock 2 can line-up the evening of February 8 so they can pick up their copy of the underwater shooter sequel at the stroke of midnight on February 9. At that time they will also release Dante's Inferno for those picking up the hellish console game.

On TF2 Cheaters

The Team Fortress 2 Blog has a post that recalls the recent TF 2 Soldier/Demoman war, noting the stats suggest some cheating may have taken place. They offer the stats and the following analysis:
Now, I have no actual proof that these men cheated. Lucky for me, then, that I am still in possession of basic common bloody sense. The top Soldier, for example, would have had to kill a Demoman every 2.5 seconds for a week straight, somehow circumventing respawn timers or the need to actually traverse across a map, without once pausing to sleep or go to the bathroom. In other words, he is either cheating, or he is a hallucinating sleep-deprived psychotic with severe constipation and unerringly good aim. In either event, I am confident he is ashamed of himself.

Vendetta Online Adds Station Conquest

Vendetta Online announces the addition of a new Station Conquest mode to this Windows, Mac, and Linux space combat MMORPG, a new gameplay system that allows groups to take over space stations using coordinated attacks. The system is now live, and there are plans to expand it over the coming months "to allow surrounding territory to be held for the benefit of the station." Full details follow. Continue here to read the full story.

PEREGRINE Glove Delayed

If the glove don't play, you must delay, and thus The PEREGRINE Website reveals that the release of the PEREGRINE glove-based controller has been delayed from this month (which is waning fast) to sometime before the end of the quarter on March 31. They've also shaved $20.00 off the suggested retail price for this gesture-based controller, as the full price is now $149.00 and the preorder price is now $129.00. As before they are offering other preorder incentives as well: "a PEREGRINE First-Edition Kit, which includes three limited-edition PEREGRINE faceplates, a product launch certificate of authenticity, and charter membership in “PEREGRINE FTW” – an exclusive program that will offer members-only promotions, new product news, exclusive contests and training sessions with Evil Geniuses pro gamers." Thanks Big Download.

Chris Taylor Interview

There's a short Q&A with Chris Taylor on where they talk with the supreme commander at Gas Powered Games, asking seven questions about Supreme Commander 2, the upcoming RTS sequel. When asked if the game will suffer from compromises to accommodate consoles, Chris' answer suggests he thought he was being asked the opposite, as he explains how the console versions will not suffer due to compromises for the PC edition: "That was something we were very wary of from the start, and worked very hard not to let that happen. Consider this, a huge percentage of the UI was custom made for the 360, the engine was optimized for the multi-core architecture and we came up with quite a few console specific control scheme enhancements. We developed the idea of Strategic Mode and the Stretch Cursor all because of the need for better control on the console. And you won’t believe how intuitive and natural it is to use Paint Attack, the complimentary attack selection to Paint Select."

SHODAN Don't Surf

What Might have Been on the Irrational Website outlines some discarded concepts from early in the development of System Shock 2, including a story concept Ken Levine says "had the player going to a spaceship to assassinate a character similar to Colonel Walter Kurtz from Apocalypse Now." Another idea for the action/RPG sequel involved zero gravity, and he also discusses the way the game was developed in a single 900 square-foot room, and how they embraced the idea of "F'ing with the player."

Steam Top Sellers

Ignoring the 20 entries this RSS feed has spit out since the last update, here are the 10 Steam weekly bestsellers it ended up with:

  1. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Limited Edition
  2. Mass Effect 2
  3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  4. Mass Effect 2 Digital Deluxe Edition
  5. Global Agenda
  6. BioShock 2
  7. Star Trek Online Digital Deluxe Edition
  8. Mass Effect
  9. Aliens vs Predator
  10. Left 4 Dead 2

Sunday Previews

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews

  • Arctic Cooling Universal USB Charger on RBMODS.
  • HP DeskJet F4480 Printer on Test Freaks.


Out of the Blue

Today is an exciting day for me as a tackle football fan, as I can get not watching the Pro Bowl out of the way two weeks earlier than normal, which seems efficient.

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