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Sunday, Jan 03, 2010

EA Server Shutdown Plans

An EA Service Update outlines a number of game servers being shut down for older EA titles on February 2. Owners of some of the impacted titles may be surprised to see EA's definition of "older" is loose enough to include the '09 editions of some games (thanks PlayStation University). The PC games included are UEFA Champions League 07, FIFA 07, Madden 08, NHL 08, and Tiger Woods 07. The full list follows. Continue here to read the full story.

Sony TMs Cloudsurf

A new filing by the Sony Corporation registers a trademark for Cloudsurf for everything from "audio tape players" to "video game machines for use with televisions," not failing to note "facsimile machines" along the way. There's not true indication of what this is for, but from the name, the sky's the limit. Thanks Estee via Destructoid.

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Out of the Blue

So it's the last day of the regular season for most NFL teams today, and we once again hear the repeated cliché from announcers that teams with no postseason hopes are "playing for pride." I guess that means I'm watching for pride too, though I'm not so sure where to find the pride in my team getting its ass kicked one last time.

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