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Saturday, Dec 19, 2009

Crysis Wars Holiday Trial Underway

MyCrysis offers keys for the previously announced Crysis Wars Holiday Trial and announces the event is now underway, allowing free play in the multiplayer first-person shooter for all. Word is: "The trial keys will be enabled until Tuesday 29th December 21:00 CET" (3:00 pm EST).

Serious Sam 3 Next Year

Destructoid posed a serious question to Croteam honcho Roman Ribaric about when to expect the release of Serious Sam 3, and were told they are shooting for next year for the shooter sequel: "Serious Sam 3 is happening for sure," Ribaric told them. "It is currently planned to be finished in 2010."

Ghost Recon Future Soldier TMed

A post on superannuation shows the way to a new TradeMark registration request filed by Ubisoft for Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

Star Trek Online Klingon FAQ

Ask Cryptic: Klingons Part 1 on the Star Trek Online Website has answers to questions about the Klingon faction in Star Trek Online, Cryptic's upcoming Trek MMORPG. The concluding answer may surprise them with the number of responses it generates: "We've been looking all over for someone to help us out with Klingon Localization. However, at this time there seems to be a shortage of Klingon linguists. We're hoping that as the Klingon language becomes more prominent we'll be able to find someone to help us out with this. We’re also looking into ways we can farm this out to the community. Any volunteers?"

Gratuitous Space Battles Patched

Positech Games announces the release of the 28th patch for Gratuitous Space Battles, the independent developer's tactical space combat game. The significance of this patch over its 27 predecessors (which they stress have been more about new features and responding to user feedback rather than bug fixing) is the addition of custom challenges and a new messaging function that contacts you when your challenges are beaten or played, or when someone sends you a challenge. The game should update itself automatically for registered users and it is being sent out to the game's digital distributers for all others. There's more on the patch in Cliffski’s Blog.

Field of Glory Patch

A new patch to update Field of Glory is now available on the Matrix Games Website to update the medieval turn-based strategy game to version 1.02. This is described as a "comprehensive" update, which adds three new scenarios, nine new unit graphics, along with tweaks to improve the play by email system and "plenty" of bug fixes. There are further details in this announcement.

Avatar: The Game Trailer

The launch trailer for James Cameron's Avatar: The Game promotes the game tie-in for James Cameron's 3D science fiction blockbuster that's now in theaters. The clip can be viewed on the YouTube or immediately below. Continue here to read the full story.

Mass Effect 2 Screenshots, Interview

Ten new Mass Effect 2 screenshots show off more of BioWare's upcoming sci-fi RPG sequel, with a few of the shots focusing on the game's interface. On a related note, there's a Video Interview with Adrien Cho on IGN discussing the art direction in Mass Effect 2.

Order of War Update

A new Order of War Update is available automatically through Steam, adding new maps, new achievements, and new features for Square Enix's World War II real-time strategy game.

New Steam DLC

Steam now offers two new DLC packs for RailWorks: a Class 20 Diesel Locomotive and a Class 390 Electric Multiple Unit Add-on. They also feature a new Madballs Evolution Assault Skin Pack.

American McGee Goes Mobile

American McGee's Blog announces the launch of Spicy Pony, a mobile development division of Spicy Horse Games, which is about the only way to get more mobile than being named "American" and moving to China. The update explains the move, and announces the company's debut offering called DexIQ is free for this weekend. There's a video from the app on the YouTube.

Warcraft Retrospective Interview

Fifteen Years of Warcraft: The Interview on Gamasutra looks back at the long history of Blizzard's real-time strategy franchise in a sit-down with Samwise Didier and J. Allen Brack. Word is: "In this in-depth interview, the two reflect on the company's history, the evolving style of the Warcraft series, the position the company finds itself in in the overarching Activision Blizzard culture, and even the future of geek culture in the mainstream -- with video games and fringe film now at the top of the cultural heap in many respects."

Op Ed

Gamasutra - Virtual Items, Digital Snake Oil?
While the concept of paying for something so virtual initially seemed alien to me and my experience, I thought back to good old La Val’s Pizza in Berkeley, where I grew up. How many quarters did I scam out of my parents so that I could get a few more lives in Final Fight, or another go at Rampart? In essence I was renting time with the game -- the virtual items I was paying for were lives. In practice, these free-to-play games that run on microtransactions (even moreso subscription or pay-per-play games), which many core or old-school players decry, extrapolate from a revenue stream that comes from the very source of electronic games.

On Sale

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