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Friday, Sep 25, 2009


Borderlands Screenshot, Movie

Gearbox Software has released a screenshot of the Crimson Lance, "real bad guys" from Borderlands, who are some of the enemies you'll run into after level 15 of Gearbox's upcoming role-playing shooter. Also, there's an new trailer on the YouTube offering episode 2 in their Claptrap Web Series, where their rolling mascot fulfils the life's dream of any actor, as he gets to direct. There's a Q&A with Randy Pitchford about the Crimson Lance on Giant Bomb, and here's a quote about them from Randy to accompany the screenshot:

So, Borderlands is pretty damn huge. How huge? We're talking 60+ hours of questing availalbe to the player in just the first play through. But the thing is, all of those screenshots and trailer footage have just been showing the noobie areas of the game. You havent even met the real bad guys yet in Borderlands; the content past level 15.

What we've been trying really hard to hold things back and not reveal too much and spoil most of the game. Yes, it has been mentioned that Borderlands has other environments in the game like snowy mountain tops and the military installations but we arent showing it! Remember all of those movie trailers you've seen that give away all the best stuff and the whole damn story before you're even at the theater? Yeah, we think that sucks too.

We are just a few short weeks away from release and we want to assure gamers there is way more to Borderlands. A lot more. So to get that point across here is just a tiny little tease.

Meet the Crimson Lance.

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Into the Black

Link of the Day: Wrong End Bosses. Thanks Ant.

2 Million BF Heroes, Update Next Week

Electronic Arts announces that Battlefield Heroes has crossed the 2 million registered user plateau, also saying that the Heroes of the Fall content update will be released Wednesday of next week for the subscription-free online third person shooter. Here's an outline of the new content, and your opportunity to gain fame and fortune (or at least fame) by naming a new map:

To celebrate this milestone, on September 30, EA will release a free ‘Heroes of the Fall’ update for the game, including a brand new map.

Set against the backdrop of autumn colors, the new map will be infantry-focused and set in a village with dozens of intersecting canals. Intense battles will play out on the bridges and crossings, while sneaky players can use the alleyways and channels to move unnoticed for sudden flanking maneuvers and rear-guard actions.

Starting today, EA is accepting proposed names for the new map at Players can submit a proposed name for the soon-to-be released map, and that name may be selected by the Battlefield Heroes development team.

“Along with this new map, ‘Heroes of the Fall’ includes a slew of changes including upgrades of the Gunner class and improvements to the friends system,” said Ben Cousins, General Manager, Battlefield Heroes team. “We’ve also added a brand new ranking system for the game – players can earn cool new titles for their heroes as they play – showing everyone on the battlefield how dedicated they are.”

Dead Rising 2 MP Details

GameVideos has a clip showing multiplayer action in Dead Rising 2, and has details Capcom revealed at the Tokyo Game Show on multiplayer support in the upcoming zombie infestation sequel. Word is the game will include a Running Man style reality TV show that pits the public against zombies. Here's a bit:

Like a modern day gladiatorial contest, those lucky enough to get a grandstand seat urge the contestants to spill more zombie blood, with over the top takedowns greeted by rapturous applause and the promise of slow motion replays on the arena’s jumbotron.

Dead Rising 2 allows players to experience Terror is Reality with a series of multiplayer challenges for up to four players via online play. Whether you're jumping into giant hamster balls and mowing down the undead; seeing who can place the most drill buckets on zombies’ heads, or taking to the arena on a motorbike with chainsaws for handlebars, the challenges promise to feature the over-the-top action and humour that Dead Rising is known for.

Adding to the competitive nature of these events is the ability to prevent your opponents from scoring, with competitors fighting dirty to claim victory.

Requiem: Memento Mori Launches

A thread on the Requiem Forums announces the launch of Requiem: Memento Mori, a major overhaul of the subscription-free MMORPG that launched under the name Requiem: Bloodymare. Memento Mori adds new maps, new items, and a dizzying number of tweaks and changes. This page has an overview and screenshots, while that forum thread has complete details, as well as the overjoyed reaction from game players. Thanks Acleacius.

Runes of Magic Goes Tower Defense

Frogster Interactive announces a new PvP Tower Defense mode is now part of Runes of Magic, their subscription-free MMORPG. There are some screenshots, and this page offers a gameplay video in the Visdun Fortress. Word is: "Upon entering the tower defense mode arena, two teams of three players each have the ability to summon monsters. Alternatively, players can take to the battlefield and defend against the opponent’s hordes in melee combat. But, the most powerful way to defend against the attacks is a variety of five different towers. An Ice Tower slows down monsters on their way to your fortress, a Lightning Tower attacks five targets simultaneously, and an Arrow Tower attacks individual opponents, and in doing so wreaks huge damage."

Modern Warfare 2 Videos

Some new ShakyCam movies from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are available on the YouTube. There's an eight-minute clip called 1st mission in MW2 leaked, a 30-second clip called Modern Warfare 2 Custom 5 Classes Confirmed (Grenadier, First Recon, Overwatch, Scout Sniper, and Riot Control), a seven minute clip titled FourZeroTwo talks customization, a 90-second clip named New Multiplayer Gameplay in the Docks, and more if you poke through this listing.

Intel's On-Demand Gaming

Intel invests in games-on-demand HDTV service outlines Intel's investment in, a games-on-demand service for high definition TVs developed by Canada's TransGaming for release in Q2 2010. The service will use Intel CE media processors to deliver on-demand HDTV gaming through consumer electronics and set-top boxes. It's not clear if this is for high-end gaming like recently announced cloud services, or is another way to play solitaire on your TV, but word is Ubisoft and Electronic Arts are among the "leading game publishers and content creators" with whom they are partnering.

Epic Tokyo & Unreal Engine 4 Plans

Epic's Mike Capps announced at the Tokyo Game Show that Epic is founding a Tokyo office to concentrate on local sales and support of its Unreal Engine technology, though he says they may branch into game development in the future, reports Gamasutra. Also, Eurogamer has a report on future plans that has been corrected since it was first posted, where Capps talks about future plans for Gears of War and the Unreal Engine. The corrected part of the article quotes Capps' clarification: "If we ship a game in the next few years, it'll be Unreal Engine 3. If we ship a game on next [generation] consoles, it will likely be Unreal Engine 4."

Mac BioShock Next Month

Eurogamer has word that Mac users can expect the release of a Mac edition of BioShock next month. Preorders are being accepted on Feral's online shop, where the game carries a full $50.00 price tag. System requirements are 1.8GHz Intel CPU, 1.5 GB of RAM, a 128MB graphics card, DVD drive and OS X 10.5.8, and word is: "This game does not support GMA graphics cards with shared RAM."

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My back pain has subsided to the point where it only bothers me when I lie down. Trouble is, that is my preferred method for sleeping. I'm going to give this a couple of days more, but as it is now, this is not a sustainable situation. No sleep and no coffee make Blue something something...

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