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Sunday, Aug 16, 2009

Rocksteady Not Hitting Hitman 5

Rocksteady Studios is not developing the next Hitman game reports Prey's World Magazine, where they follow-up on recent indications in a developer résumé that the next installment in the assassination-for-hire series is in the works at the UK-based developer. During a Q&A with Ian Livingstone conducted at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival the Eidos Creative Director had the following response to the reports: "This is the first I’ve heard about it. Hitman always has been and always will be IO Interactive’s baby, which it still continues to be so. Rocksteady are not involved with the development of Hitman 5."

Play CoH Online in English

The Company of Heroes Community Website has instructions on how to play Company of Heroes Online in English, even though this online version of Relic's World War II real-time strategy game is being beta tested in China. Though setting the game up will require getting through a few screens full of Chinese characters, the process for getting it to display English is fairly simple and straightforward. They do warn that bugs may still be present, as the game is still in beta, and they also state that even though the game is generally "lag friendly" due to its network design, they cannot guarantee that North American or European players connecting to servers in Shanghai won't encounter any lag. They also warn anyone purchasing anything through the game's microtransaction system will have to call China if they need technical support.

HistWar: Les Grognards in Q3 announces that HistWar: Les Grognards is on track for release in Q3 of this year, revealing this turn-based strategy game has been in development for nearly ten years. They describe HistWar: Les Grognards as a FPC (First Person Commander) game, it will allow the simulation of almost all the battles of the Empire between 1805-1814. The screenshots area has a batch of 30 new screenshots from the game, and there's a new "Grand Army Bulletin" on with a bunch of details on the game.

Fallen Earth Beta Sign-ups

FilePlanet is now accepting applications from their registered users for the worldwide open beta event for Fallen Earth that's scheduled to kick off tomorrow. Details on testing were revealed last week but now they also point out this won't be completely open: "This will be a limited access first-come-first served beta with limited keys." Update: We're told this is actually only available to paid subscriibers, so this is the closed, paid for kind of open beta at this point.

More Lionhead Teasing

The fourth daily tease on the Lionhead Studios Website is a bit more philosophical than revolutionary, depicting Aristotle, and offering the following quote from the Greek philosopher: "He who is to be a good ruler must have first been ruled." We'll catch up on the quote we missed yesterday from Abraham Lincoln (thanks VG247): "Be not deceived. Revolutions do not go backward." Popular opinion is we'll find out what all this means on Wednesday at Gamescom.

DiRT 2 Trailer has a new trailer from DiRT 2, showing off the upcoming rally racing sequel. The clip offers a comparison between the game's graphics and footage of real racing. It's still apparent which is which, but the fidelity of the game is impressive nonetheless.

Op Ed

GameTopius - Did Consoles Ruin DLC?
For some reason, one of the most disdained new features of this console generation has been downloadable content. We don't like paying a few dollars for horse armor updates or some new cars and being nickled and dimed for costumes that are already on the game disc. We look at patches as little more than an excuse for developers to ship a half-finished game and have us beta test it.

It shouldn't have been this way.

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Out of the Blue

It was on this day in 1977 that Elvis Presley allegedly died on the can in Graceland while being enlightened by a copy of Dianetics. Of course we all know from occasional fast food restaurant sightings that the king lives on at the ripe old age of 79.

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