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Friday, Jul 03, 2009

Two Worlds II Announced

TopWare Interactive and Reality Pump announce Two Worlds II, an RPG sequel planned for release for Windows, Mac, and consoles this winter. The Two Worlds II Website is online, here are a few screenshots, and here's the announcement:
Karlsruhe, 3rd July 2009 – in the coming winter, the role-playing world of Antaloor will once again open its portals to PC, Mac and Next-Gen consoles. Following the fantastic worldwide sales success of the game’s famous predecessor, TopWare Interactive will once again open a radically new chapter in the fantasy world of Reality Pump.

“Two Worlds II” presents a totally new gamer experience, one in which 2 years of intensive development has enabled quantum leaps in all spheres: completely overhauled AI and balancing standards, experienced authors, the active combat system and the brand-new engine all combine to provide an unforgettable experience where excitement, sheer enjoyment and graphics rule. “Two Worlds II” simply sets new technical benchmarks in the RPG genre, thanks not least to its seemingly unlimited number of dynamic light sources, micro-detail Parallax Mapping, 24 Bit HDR Post Processing, Space Ambient Occlusion and Human Eye Accommodation.

The story of “Two Worlds II” is staged a couple of years after Part 1 - and it will lead you into hitherto unexplored parts of Eastern Antaloor where you'll find many brand-new locations packed full of atmosphere - from dusty deserts to awe-inspiring temples.

Alexandra Constandache, the Executive Producer of TWII commented, “We intentionally opted for a completely independent game with radical new technology. This was the only way to ensure that we harness the enormous potential and experience gained from the making of the first “Two Worlds” project - and make full use of the further technical development of internal Reality Pump tools that has been on-going since the first “Two Worlds” was developed. This new release window gives us enough time to systematically implement both our own requirements and the feedback of the “Two World” fans, enabling us to create a breathtaking RPG experience.”

AND - we'll shortly be bringing out the next version of your hotly-awaited ““Two Worlds” magazine, the “Antaloor Post” - and in it we'll tell you all about the latest developments direct from the developers at Reality Pump! If you want to be on the inside track when it comes to having inside info about Antaloor, go to and register for the newsletter - you won't regret it!

Section 8 Beta

The Section 8 Beta Testing on FilePlanet is now open to all FilePlanet users, so you can now join in with a free account, though this is only open to US and Canadian players for now. Here's word on testing TimeGate's upcoming first-person shooter: "This event is a staggered beta with keys distributed first come, first served with limited access. Beta keys will be distributed on a regular schedule."


TweetCraft is an in-game Twitter client that works in World of Warcraft for your tweeting pleasure. Word is there are also plans for a version to work within Champions Online. Thanks Frans.

Blood Bowl Patch

Another new patch for Blood Bowl is now available to update the fantasy-themed sports game to version There's no word on what the new patch does. The download is available The Patches Scrolls.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines Patch

Another new unofficial patch for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines is now available with further homebrew support for the Source-engine RPG from defunct developer Troika games. If you are curious, this is the 43rd unofficial patch for the game by our rough count, which is not counting the unofficial patch that actually came out before the game's single "official" patch. The new English-only version 6.3 addresses some minor issues, suggesting this third-party patching marathon may be approaching the finish line. As always, the patch can be found on its official home at The Patches Scrolls.

EVE Bank Robbery

Billions stolen in online robbery reports a huge bank robbery is the latest cataclysm in EVE Online, CCP's sci-fi MMORPG where such intrigues are intrinsic to the game (thanks Mike Martinez). The story outlines a run on one of the game's largest banks after a virtual robbery, which apparently spooked depositors. The robber turns out to be the player who had been chief executive at the bank, who has now been expelled from the game, not due to the robbery, which is "legal" within the ruthless context of the game, but because he then traded the virtual currency for real cash, a violation of EVE's terms of service. The robber then apparently used the cash for medical bills and a deposit on a house. "I'm not proud of it at all, that's why I didn't brag about it," the robber tells Reuters. "But you know, if I had to do it again, I probably would've chosen the same path based on the same situation."

Morning Previews

  • CrimeCraft on Ten Ton Hammer.
  • Global Agenda on Developer blog on the coming beta.
  • Natural Selection 2 on IGN. Meet the Onos. Ono you didn't!

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Out of the Blue

Well, the Fourth of July holiday is clearly underway, as the fireworks were going off in force around here last night, freaking out our poor Hudson the wonder dog but good. There's more on the way, so we'll just have to batten down the hatches. Boom!

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