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Thursday, Jun 04, 2009

F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin Armored Front Patch

Steam now has an automatic update for F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin, Monolith's horror-themed, first-person shooter sequel. The update adds two new "Armored Front" multiplayer maps, unlocks Collector's Edition multiplayer heads for all players, and fixes a bug with music cross fades when switching between two tracks.

Killing Floor Patched

A new Killing Floor update is now automatically available via Steam News. The new version of Tripwire's co-op survival/horror game adds settings for the Voice Message system to reduce the amount of messages played, adds a "Friends" tab to the Multiplayer menu to allows you to see which servers your Steam Friends are on, and addresses some bugs.

Ships Ahoy - Light of Altair

As announced on the Light of Altair Website, this sci-fi colony building simulation is now available via digital distribution. The game is available on Direct2Drive and Steam, and likely other places as well. The Steam edition is currently on sale for 20% off, and word is: "The Steam version of Light of Altair features 30 achievements and a complete suite of publishing and development tools available free of charge."

Next E3 is June 15-17, 2010

Even before E3 2009 attendees can get used to sunlight again, 2009 E3 Expo Takes Video Game Industry to Next Level has word that the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo is scheduled for June 15-17, 2010, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The announcement from the ESA also includes details on this year's just-completed show: "Over the course of the 2009 E3 Expo, more than 41,000 attendees from 78 countries viewed hundreds of new products and developments from 216 exhibitors."

Mount&Blade: Warband Video

Paradox Interactive has released a new gameplay video from Mount&Blade: Warband, the upcoming multiplayer expansion for the action/RPG. The clip is posted on the YouTube, and is accompanied by a list of new features revealed at E3 and a handy recap of other features unveiled at the Game Developer's Conference:
Key features revealed for the first time at E3:
· Overhauled graphics; HDR, FSAA, Depth of Field, Soft particles, Tone Mapping and many other effects are all now implemented.
· Majority of Models are being redone.
· Multiplayer battles can now handle up to 64 players with Mods including ‘Team Death Match’ and ‘Search & Destroy’.
· Ability to become the ruler of a faction and convince lords to become your vassals in the Single Player Campaign.
· Ability to upgrade your companions to vassalage by granting them land.
· Improved Mechanics for Soldier Morale: Soldiers will break and run away if their morale gets too low.

A summary of additional features previously revealed at GDC are Multiplayer for up to 32 players, improved strategic AI, improved graphics and optimization including customizable quick battles, extended diplomatic options and new weapons, armor and animations, a new faction with unique troops and equipment.

Other aspects introduced in Mount&Blade: Warband are improvements to the combat system with more physically accurate horse archery, a variation in horse sizes, and more options when embarking on sieges.

Brütal Legend Lawsuit

Activision sues to stop Jack Black game has word that Activision is suing developer Double Fine Productions claiming that Double Fine transferred rights owned by Activision for Brütal Legend to Electronic Arts. The report has no responses from Double Fine or Electronic Arts, but says: "Activision claims it still has a valid contract to release the game and has invested roughly $15 million in it."

Left 4 Dead 2 Interview

Before its time? Valve explains Left 4 Dead sequel to Ars is a sit down between Chet Faliszek and Ars Technica as Valve looks to assuage the anger of fans over plans to release a sequel so soon after the original Left 4 Dead. The gist of their reasoning is how much bigger a project this is than their Team Fortress updates, though he also describes how Gabe Newell had to be talked into the sequel, saying it was against the character of the company. Chet outlines all the content the sequel will offer, and provides reassurances that existing L4D mods will work with L4D2.

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Metal Gear Solid: Rising on PC

Metal Gear Solid- Rising In Development For Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC has word that Metal Gear Solid: Rising will be the first MGS game to simultaneously sneak onto three platforms, as it will be released for Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. According to Martin Schneider of Konami Digital Entertainment: "Now even more gamers can immerse themselves in the franchise and experience the groundbreaking series as Metal Gear Solid: Rising heads to the platform of their choice." The twist in Rising is that players will play as Raiden: "Raiden first debuted in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system as a playable character and appeared as a non-playable cyborg in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system."

East India Company Next Month

Paradox Interactive announces a July 28 release date for East India Company, the naval real-time strategy game set in the 18th century developed by Finnish developer Nitro Games. Also, the E3 presentation of the game with lead designer Kim Soares is now available on the YouTube, here's part one, and here's part two, and there's a new piece of music from the game's soundtrack on the East India Company Website. Finally, some new features of the game were revealed at E3:

· Extensively moddable: from damage values, to trade item prices, to ship textures.
· Multiplayer support for up to 12 players.
· Multiple ways to win the game: accomplishing all campaign missions, forcing all other companies out of business or conquering the whole of the East Indies.
· Multiple approaches possible: focus on trading, warfare and conquest or use diplomacy to reach your goals. East India Company can also be played as a pure trading game.
· Dynamic economy where supply and demand affect prices of trading items.
· Create your own armada with a maximum of 100 ships.
· Different multiplayer battle modes including ‘Last Man Floating’ and ‘Domination’.
· Unlock new ship types as they become available, from smallest sloop to 90 gun ship-of-the-line.

Molyneux Promoted

Molyneux promoted to creative director of Microsoft Game Studios reports that Lionhead honcho Peter Molyneux is now the creative director of Microsoft Game Studios in Europe. We can only hope that this will lead to some wildly speculative announcements about future projects, though Molyneux throws some cold water on that, saying: "What you're not going to see is ten Peter Molyneux games. The value of this role is for someone like myself going in and making those little tiny lights of an idea shine as brightly as possible and ensuring everybody within the organisation clearly understands why we're making those titles, the purpose of those titles and their importance to Microsoft overall." He also remains on as head of Lionhead, and continues work on their two upcoming games.

On Turtle Rock/Valve South

Gamasutra has an E3 chat with Valve's Doug Lombardi to clear up the status of Turtle Rock Studios, the developer acquired by Valve during development of Left 4 Dead. For a while the team operated out of Irvine, CA as "Valve South." This arrangement no longer exists, but Lombardi explains that this does not mean they actually closed the studio, as things were a little looser than that, and after L4D was complete, the remote office complicated the process of moving people onto different projects:
After several members of the Valve South team -- which Lombardi described as only ever numbering "nine or 11 in total" -- moved up to Bellevue, the remaining staff were not enough to justify a fully-fledged studio.

At that scale, "the idea of having an office with a receptionist and all of that kind of goes out the window," Lombardi said. As far as Booth and his current team, "that group of people looks like the original Turtle Rock again, and I think they may even prefer to call themselves that," he added.

No details were offered regarding that group's upcoming project, but Lombardi did conform it is once again a collaboration with Valve.


The FINAL FANTASY XIV interview on chats briefly with Hiromichi Tanaka and Nobuaki Komoto about the just-announced next installment in the RPG series. They ask about similarities to FINAL FANTASY XI, the previous FF MMOG, and Tanaka explains the difference: "FFXIV is completely different from FFXI and as such, there won’t be any porting over of characters from FFXI to FFXIV, even though the character design is similar. We will not be using the PlayOnline system but a new design." Komoto goes on to elaborate: "The game systems will be different. FFXIV will have new in-game systems for character development as well as an expanded job system. It is quite different from FFXI. Many features of FFXI will be improved upon. We want to bring content for solo players and casual players as well as large party play from the beginning of the game."

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Out of the Blue

Hudson the wonder dog eventually forgave MrsBlue for her assault yesterday, we think from her behavior that she may have thought MrsBlue was actually mad at her, so the reconciliation was pretty easy. This incident does have us rethinking what can be done about this low area next to that driveway, as it does seem a recipe for disaster (we've actually had a friend tumble into it was well), though it would sure take a lot of dirt to fill it in.

R.I.P.: Chicago blues legend Koko Taylor dies at 80.

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