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Thursday, May 21, 2009


TF2 Update, Free Weekend, Sale

Valve announces the Team Fortress 2 Spy/Sniper update is now automatically available via Steam, and the extended free-play weekend and a 50% -off sale for the teamplay shooter are now underway:

The TF2 Spy/Sniper Update is now available via Steam. To celebrate the launch and give players a chance to try the new content, Valve is hosting an extended TF2 Free Weekend. In addition, the game is being offered at 50% off its regular price on Steam. Both the sale and Free Weekend are on now. For more information, please visit

Terminator Salvation Replacement Plan

Evolved Games has details on how to replace defective copies of Terminator Salvation (thanks Bill). Word is:

In order to get a replacement copy of the Retail boxed PC version of Terminator Salvation, please contact our toll free number. They will coordinate the replacement and make sure everyone that was affected by the defective disc is taken care of. Again we apologize for any inconvenience that end users may have suffered do to this issue. We are committed to resolving everyone’s issue in a timely manner.

New CoH: Tales of Valor Map Plans

The Company of Heroes Website has an overview of the upcoming version 2.600 patch for Relic's World War II RTS game. They say the update is primarily to address bugs, but it will offer a new map to Tales of Valor's Operation: Panzerkrieg: "We are introducing a new map for Panzerkrieg along with a fix for the free defensive infantry bug. Some balance changes will also be incorporated for the Panzerkrieg tanks."

Overlord II Movies

The Overlord II Website has a couple of new gameplay movies from Overlord II, the action/adventure sequel that's due for release next month. There's a new "creature crush" trailer (beer goggles?) and a second developer diary with Triumph Studios talking more about the game.

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Into the Black

R.I.P.: The Voice of Mickey Mouse Passes Away. Thanks Mike Martinez.

Warner Bros. in Battle for Midway

MCV reports that Warner Bros. is making a $33 million bid to acquire assets of foundering game publisher developer Midway. This follows their earlier report that Warner Bros. had interest in Midway, and they say U.S. Bankruptcy court is considering a deal that would net Warner Bros. the Mortal Kombat series and Midway’s Chicago and Seattle studios. The deal would not, however, include the TNA series, nor would Midway's Newcastle or San Diego studios be included.

PROTOTYPE Preorder Bonuses

GameStop is offering PROTOTYPE preorder bonuses for those who commit to the open-world action game before its release for PC and consoles next month. Full details on the offer are on this page, and here's word: "Reserve Prototype and receive the GameStop exclusive Critical Hints Map with Biohazard Tube container and Alex Mercer figurine. Available for online and in-store customers while supplies last. Warning this figurine is so awesome that we can't ship it to criminals because of its potential to be used as a weapon."

Depths of Peril Patches

The Depths of Peril patches page has new patches to update the Windows or MacOS editions of Depths of Peril, Soldak Entertainment's action/RPG. They offer this warning: "They will NOT work with the Reflexive (also known as gamecentersolution), Arcade Town,, Gamer's Gate, Mac Game Store, or Steam versions of the game. If you aren't sure which version you have click here." This page outlines all the bug fixes and balance changes in the new version.

Commander - Europe at War Gold Edition

Matrix Games is now offering sales of the Commander - Europe at War Gold edition, which adds a new Fast Play mode with six additional campaigns and "a slew of other improvements and fixes since the original release" to the World War II grand strategy game. Word is: "This brings the PC version of the game to the same level as the recent releases for the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP." Owners of the original Commander - Europe at War are entitled to a free upgrade, all they need to do is install the version 1.12 patch found on this page to go for the gold.

Op Ed

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - The Extraordinary Saga Of Left Behind.
So what is the reality of the games? Well, it’s true that you can kill people. However, to do so loses you morality, and lose it all and you lose the game. The suggestion apparently made during its original release that you were slaughtering unbelievers were wholly untrue. There’s definitely a moral consequence to harmful behaviour, and murder is condemned. However, regarding the claim that there’s no converting - I can’t see how this could possibly be argued. The core point of the game is to recruit believers to your army. You either win people over to your side, or you don’t. You convince them to join you by playing music at them, by evangelising to them. Once they’re with you, you need to have them pray regularly or they go back to their sinful ways. Just how exactly can the claim be made that this is not conversion? And brilliantly - by far my favourite thing about the game - if you have your troops spend too long in the vicinity of heathens playing their rock music, they lose their faiths too. Convert them and they’ll shed their black gothic clothing and put on a nice pullover instead! - All That Gore Gets in the Way of Gameplay.
To find out, they conducted several experiments and surveys. In one experiment, they had people play two versions of Half-Life 2 — one “low violence,” the other “high violence.” In the high-violence version, players duked it out with their opponents, using firearms and causing mass death; in the low-violence once, Half-Life 2 became more like a game of tag, so that when a player “shot” her opponents they just floated “into the air serenely before they appeared to evaporate,” as the researchers describe it. The scientists also conducted surveys, asking more than 1,000 players to identify what elements of their favorite games gave them the most enjoyment.

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Out of the Blue

I haven't been able to find any locally yet, but WalterEgo brought me some of that throwback Mountain Dew made with real sugar when he visited, as I am not a fan of high-fructose corn syrup. I don't drink that much soda anymore, but I want to purchase as much of this as possible to support the real sugar movement. The Mountain Dew is noticeably different with the sugar, and while there is also throwback Pepsi, that's, well, Pepsi. What I really want is some Coca Cola using real sugar, just like when I was a ki... err, I mean like my parents say they used to have in the old days.

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