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Saturday, Apr 25, 2009 Anzac Day

Red Faction: Guerilla DLC Plans

A new Red Faction: Guerilla Interview on Strategy Informer talks with Volition Associate Producer Sean Kennedy about the upcoming shooter sequel. They discuss how much of the game's environment is destructible, a bunch of smack-talk about Fracture, lessons taken from Saints Row development, influences like Total Recall and Aliens, and DLC plans, saying: "there are plans for single-player, multiplayer and Wrecking Crew but I’m not getting into specifics. Anyone who plays RF: G will be very satisfied with the DLC." Also, Red Faction Underground now offers a second video developer diary in which writer Drew Holmes outlines one of the missions in the game, the clip is mirrored on AtomicGamer, FileFront, and Gamer's Hell. In a final note about this game, word is the Euro release date for the console versions has been pushed forward a week to June 5.

Zeno Clash Demo, DLC, & SDK Plans

Shacknews follows up on a Spanish-language interview on LagZero.NET by speaking with Chilean developer ACE team, confirming that future plans for Zeno Clash include the release of DLC, a demo and an SDK for the just-released combat game, as well as a patch to address some known issues. It's not certain when any of this will be released, but word is "it shouldn't take us very long."

BioShock Film on Hold

Variety reports Universal Pictures has thrown some cold water on the BioShock movie, saying the film tie-in with 2K Games' underwater shooter that was to be directed by Gore Verbinski is on hold. Word is some of the production staff has been let go as they work on figuring out how to trim the project's budget, which has grown to the $160 million range. The story does repeatedly stress how all parties involved are determined to work through these obstacles and make a BioShock movie a reality.

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Movie

A new trailer from Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood offers a look at Techland's upcoming wild west prequel. The clip outlining the game's storyline can be found on AtomicGamer and Gamer's Hell.

Star Trek Online Interview

The Star Trek Online Second Interview on Skewed & Reviewed talks further with Craig Zinkievich about Star Trek Online, Cryptic's upcoming Trekkie MMORPG. They get into some detail about what the game will include and how gameplay will unfold, including word on the holodecks with a tongue-in-cheek reference to a little cross-Cryptic play: "We’ll have holodecks – they’re too much a part of Trek to leave out. But they’re tricky. They’re so powerful that everyone on the team has their own ideas of what to cram into them. So we’re still working on what you will be able to do with a holodeck. Maybe you’ll be able to play Champions Online!"

Torchlight Interview

Exclusive Interview with Runic Games on the Runic Insider Forums is a conversation with just-formed developer Runic Games about Torchlight, their just-announced action/RPG. The conversation is very lengthy and detailed, drawing in many of the developers at Runic to share thoughts on the project.

New ioquake3

A new version 1.36 of ioquake3 is now available, updating this modified Quake III engine with a number of new features, including OpenAL sound rendering, Ogg Vorbis audio decoding, in-engine VOIP support, and much more. The new version is available as compiled packages as well as source code.

Op Ed

Planet CnC Post-Mortem: Tiberium Wars. Thanks Ant.
Tiberian Sun, for all its gameplay, musical or story failings, managed to create one of the most compelling visions of a ruined Earth that I've ever seen in a videogame. The post-apocalyptic theme was well-crafted, and in my mind the strongest part of the product. Though in many other ways I feel the Red Alert 2 that succeeded it was the better game, Tiberian Sun easily managed to capture my imagination more so than any other Command & Conquer title, be it Red Alert 2, Generals or whatever.

Gameplanet - Print vs. Online.
I say this because it seems these days anyone who thinks they can string a few words together can also be a writer, and writing about video games is pretty cool (you get free games, right?) but to me, it seems the internet has spawned cookie cutter game reviews which follow the standard “this is what the game is about, this is what the game looks like, this is what I did/didn’t like about it” format. Edge magazine gives me something the internet doesn’t: craft.

Saturday Previews

Saturday Screenshots

  • Pro Cycling Manager - Tour de France 2009 on Gamer's Hell.

Game Reviews

Hardware Reviews

  • ASUS ROG Rampage II Gene mATX X58 Motherboard on TweakTown.
  • ASUS M4A79 Deluxe Motherboard on Neoseeker.
  • Enermax Aurora Micro Wireless Keyboard on Hardware Secrets.
  • Enermax Galaxy Evo 1250W PSU on JonnyGURU.
  • Noctua NH-U12P SE1366 Cooler on PureOC.
  • OCZ Blade DDR3 6GB 2000MHz RAM on Legit Reviews.
  • Seagate 250 GB Momentus 5400.5 SATA Notebook Hard Disk Drive on Tech ARP.
  • Supermicro SuperServer 5035L-IB Barebones Server on Virtual-Hideout.
  • Thermaltake SpinQ Cooler on
  • TwinTech GeForce GTS 250 XT OC 1GB Graphics Card on TweakTown.
  • Vantec NexStar 3i Power Management External Hard Disk Enclosure on t-break.
  • Vigor Gaming Monsoon III LT CPU Cooling System on PC Perspective.
  • Zotac GeForce 9300-ITX WiFi Motherboard on ITREVIEWED.
  • Zotac GeForce GTX 275 896MB Graphics Card on Futurelooks.


Out of the Blue

Today is day one of the NFL draft, which is a big deal for fans of tackle football like myself, though obviously a snooze-fest for all others. Speaking of snooze-fests, I made the mistake of tuning in to some of the day long coverage of the event, and so I'm already pretty sick of it myself, and it doesn't even start for another three hours. Oh well, there's still time to get my second wind.

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