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Sunday, Apr 12, 2009


Leaked StarCraft II Details?

OS X Reality and each now offer alleged StarCraft II details, said to be from Blizzard's upcoming StarCraft II Battle Report II. The info is reportedly from Blizzard's website, where some simple detective work allowed users to find the next set of revelations about the upcoming RTS sequel. These articles contain spoilers, though since none of this is officially confirmed, they could be fake spoilers.

Airborne Rangers Cancelled

Ash Monif's LinkedIn page lists Airborne Rangers on this developer's résumé as a cancelled project, so this shooter revealed in February '08 is now dead. We never got any details on the project, but he describes the game as a subscription-free online shooter for PS3, X360, PC, iPhone, Windows Mobile, and Web for which he produced "a fully functional Vertical Slice Demo." The description also indicates this was a cross-platform game: "Key features included: Virtual monetary point system (reward & paid), Extensive character & weapon customizations, Pervasive cross-platform interactivity & mini-games, Compelling 3D social space, Web-Client, and Progressive in-game fiction timeline." Thanks superannuation.

id the "Multiplatform Developer"

Hollenshead Rages about PC gaming, E3 surprises on GameSpot talks with id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead about Rage, QUAKE LIVE, and more. When asked about multiplatform support in Rage and whether id still considers itself first and foremost a PC developer, the answer was no:

Well, actually it's been a fundamental, sort of philosophical shift at the company, is that we really have transitioned from, first and foremost, a PC developer to a multiplatform developer. And so when John [Carmack] developed id Tech 5 (see below), it really was targeted from the initiation as a multiplatform technology solution.

Now, there's no question that our roots are in PC gaming. And when I play a first-person shooter, keyboard and mouse is the configuration that I want to play on. I'm devoting my gaming time right now on the PC to Quake Live. I like a little Rock Band on the console, to be honest about it. But we feel like, in terms of your triple-A, big-budget, big-market title, that you really have to be cross-platform to be successful, unless you're a first party.

So as an independent developer, we feel like we have to be on all the relevant platforms. So we don't really view ourselves as PC first. I think I would say that John says that probably the primary development platform for Rage is actually the 360.

Op Ed

Times Online - We have films, books on Iraq, why not games?
"The horrified response in some quarters to Six Days in Fallujah is a consequence of that outdated viewpoint. If, indeed, this were a game where you simply blasted enemies to boost your score, it would be a disgusting exploitation of the events in question - but talented game developers evolved the medium away from that long ago. War games, both modern and historical, are now often exercises in accuracy and balance, concerned with documenting the reality of conflict as much as with providing an entertainment experience."

Gamasutra- The Gaming Analysis Process (GAP).
"What is the GAP? No... It's not the trendy shopping outlet where you get your fix for Polo shirts and Khakis... It's a definitive video game profiling system that uses random integers to determine a subject for in-depth analysis and also acts as a new method of exploration into the often uncharted and overlooked world of video games and the deep composition associated with them. GAP attempts to distinguish and study several key stages of a games molecular makeup, ultimately the base mechanics that compose all games everywhere."

Mod DB - Creativity in Constraints.
"So where have we seen this in mods? Many projects seek to put themselves out there in comparison to retail AAA products, utilizing every facet of technology that engine X can afford them plus more. Many modders are set to make their “best game ever” on their first go, and as a result their project takes a nosedive after a tumultuous development period or proceeds down the long road of development that rivals the incubation period for the fabled Duke Nukem Forever."

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Out of the Blue

Happy Easter to all who are celebrating, and Passover continues as well. Today is also Orthodox Palm Sunday, and on a more secular front, today is also National Licorice Day and apparently "Walk On Your Wild Side Day," so we've got candy lovers and transvestites covered as well.

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