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Saturday, Mar 14, 2009 Happy π day!

Alpha Protocol Movie

A new episode of Gametrailers features gameplay footage from Alpha Protocol and interview with Obsidian's Chris Avellone about what to expect from the game, which is "you're not quite sure what to expect." Chris explains how the game's main character may contain elements of other spy heroes like James Bond and Jason Bourne, but that the player ultimately shapes the personality of his character. The show also includes Ghostbusters footage and the upcoming The Pitt add-on for Fallout 3.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Movie

The Star Wars: The Old Republic Website now features a second video documentary about The Star Wars: The Old Republic, the Star Wars MMORPG in the works at BioWare and LucasArts. The clip concerns the story and the setting of the game, starting with the emphasis on storytelling the game will offer, and how the game's setting justifies filling every player's dream of running around with their own light saber and how each class will have its own story arc within the game.

BF Heroes Server Beta Key Deal

The Battlefield Heroes Website has details on how you can get 16 beta keys if you preorder a server from one of their partners, offering a unique opportunity to pay to beta test a free game. They do stress that this will not put anyone further back in the queue as they distribute beta keys, saying: "Don't worry, we will continue sending out Beta Keys to people who signed up using the Beta Key sign up form (in the order of signing up) at the same rate. In other words, this will not delay the sending, nor reduce the number of Beta keys sent to people who signed up."

New HL2 Fistful of Frags Beta

The Fistful of Frags Website now offers a new beta version 2.5 of this Half-Life 2 modification set in the American old west. New maps, a new weapon, a new gameplay mode, faster pace, and more are all included in the new version. The new beta client is mirrored on FileFront and Gamer's Hell.

Blizzard Writing Contest

The Blizzard Creative Writing Contest offers the chance to win a trip to Blizzard's offices, word is: "To enter, submit a 3,000 to 10,000 word story written in English and set in the Warcraft, StarCraft, or Diablo universe by April 12 and earn your chance to visit the Blizzard Entertainment headquarters and meet the writers and staff behind the lore seen in the games and books." Complete details are in the official rules.

Op Ed

Telegraph - Don't blame Germany's school shooting on a video game.
"It puzzles me, this implication that violent 'low art' is to blame. 'High art' often contains shocking violence, too, yet one never reads an article that implies a connection between "high art" and murder. Nobody, I feel fairly sure, would suggest that Shakespeare is a dangerous influence on the young. Nobody would fret that reading Hamlet might encourage an adolescent loner to murder his uncle, or that Titus Andronicus might prompt him to butcher two men, bake their remains in a pie and feed it to the men's mother. Nobody is campaigning for the removal from the national curriculum of Romeo and Juliet on the grounds that it glamorises suicide."

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Out of the Blue

Happy Pi Day. It seems this celebration of geekiness is no longer unofficial, as the US congress has taken some time out of their busy schedule to make this an official holiday. I daresay this means the occasion has probably jumped the shark, but at least the goal of generating more interest in math and science is laudable.

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Coatings that 'self-heal' in sun.
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Sesame Street Layoffs. Thanks theAntiELVIS.
Letterman Stupid Pet Trick- Play Dead.
Follow-ups: Climate scenarios 'being realised'.
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