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Monday, Feb 23, 2009

New TF2 Scout Details

A new Team Fortress 2: The Scout Update outlines the Force-A-Nature, a double-barreled shotgun to be added to The Scout's arsenal in tomorrow's Team Fortress 2 patch. The update offers a link to buy a real Force-A-Nature t-shirt and a poll to help determine which of the Scout's three unlockables should be released first between The Sandman, Bonk Energy Drink, or the Force-A-Nature.

Takeda III Demo

A playable demo for Takeda III is now available, providing the chance to try your hand at running a clan as a Feudal Lord in historical Japan in this strategy game sequel from Magitech Corporation. The demo is an 820 MB download, available on and Gamer's Hell. Further details on the game can be found on the Takeda III Website.

Dawn of War II Patched

A note on Steam has word that a patch is available for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II, fixing a problem that caused missions to stop populating. It looks like this was posted Friday, so apologies for missing it at the time, though by virtue of the game's use of Steamworks, presumably most users got the update automatically anyway.

Light of Altair Revealed

The SaintXi Games Studio Website has details on Light of Altair, a science-fiction colony-building game telling the story of man's first expansion into the stars. The site offers screenshots, a few movies, and information on the game, which involves exploring, terraforming, and colonizing moons and planets. Word is: "Light of Altair is a sci-fi colony building game with a deep plot. Grow colonies from landing pod to metropolis, while sending off new spaceships to expand your territory to other worlds. You are not alone in space, 8 factions from different parts of the world are all following their own agendas in the solar system; diplomacy and orbital-combat are essential to learn." Thanks Gamer's Hell.

3000AD Patches

The 3000AD Downloads Page has a pair of new patches. There's a new patch to update Galactic Command - Echo Squad SE to version 2.11.07, and the version control file outlines the one interface tweak, the one balance tweak, and the one key bug fix in the new version. There's also a new version 1.01.04 patch for Universal Combat Collectors' Edition, again the version control file can satisfy your curiosity over what this does, which includes the same interface and balance tweaks as the Galactic Command - Echo Squad SE patch, as well as a couple of additional tweaks/fixes.


Shrapnel Games now offers online sales of a Mac edition of BRAINPIPE: A Plunge to Unhumanity, offering Mac users the chance to experience Digital Eel's latest offering and the hypnotic take on classic arcade gameplay it provides, while still allowing them to think different.

Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble on Steam

Steam now offers online sales of Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble at a 10% discount between now and March 2. They have also added Slamit Pinball Big Score to their offerings.

New Eternal Silence

The Eternal Silence Website announces a new version of this Source engine modification is now available via Steam. Word is: "It's been less than 3 weeks since our steam release and Eternal Silence 3.3 is already live. This patch includes 2 new maps, ctf_asteroid and de_asteroid as well as a host of other fixes. These new maps have been a load of fun for our testers and bring back some nostalgia from the old 2.3 days."

Wanted: Weapons of Fate Movie

A new diary movie from Wanted: Weapons of Fate features gameplay footage and developer narration to explain the curving bullets that are a signature of the movie the upcoming shooter recreates. They show off the way bullet curving works in the game, and explain the rather obvious implications of how this changes gameplay from the typical shooter. The clip is posted on AtomicGamer and Gamer's Hell.

H.A.W.X Movie & Preorders

A new movie is available from Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X, showing off more of the upcoming aerial combat game in a clip that focuses on the game's use of GeoEye, and don't fool yourself girl, it's looking at you. The clip is available on AtomicGamer and Gamer's Hell. Also, Ubisoft sends word that preordering the game at GameStop will earn you an exclusive in-game FB-22 fighter plane, while Steam is offering a free copy of Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII if you pre-purchase the game from them for digital distribution.

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  • Star Trek Online on IGN.

Into the Black

Sierra On-Line: The Best of Early Computer Games on Gunaxin has a rundown on some of the incredible number of adventure games Sierra On-Line produced back in the day. Thanks Mike Martinez and Digg.

Singularity Movie, Date

The official Singularity Website is online as home to Raven's upcoming time-traveling shooter. The site offers an overview and a bit on the game's back story and a new Singularity introductory trailer, with the promise of more soon. The site also offers a Fall 2009 release window, which contradicts previous indications the game would be launched in the summer. Thanks Gamer's Hell.

PC Riddick Demo Too

A PC demo for Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena is also in the works, even though the announcement below only touts plans for console demos for the updated Chronicles of Riddick game. Our request for information on a possible Windows demo was met with a confirmation that a PC demo is in the works, but does not currently have a set release date, which is perhaps why it is not mentioned in that announcement.

Assault on Dark Athena in April

Atari announces Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena will be release on April 7 in North America and April 24 in Europe, with playable demos for Starbreeze Studios' HD Riddick remake/update expected next month on Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network. A new The Chronicles of Riddick- Assault on Dark Athena Website is live, and here's a bit more from the announcement:
Featuring the brand new full-length ‘Assault on Dark Athena’ campaign, an HD remake of the classic ‘Escape from Butcher Bay’ and multiplayer options including the unique Pitch Black mode all on one disk, The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena will deliver an incredibly rich experience to gamers following its worldwide release this coming April.

Renowned developer Starbreeze Studios has effectively combined stealth, vicious hand-to-hand combat and ferocious gunplay in The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena, creating an irresistible game with something for all fans of action gaming.

MS: Windows 7 to be "Great for Games"

"Windows 7 will be great for games, undoubtedly," is the unequivocal quote from Microsoft's Chris Lewis on, saying: "It's all good news - it's even more robust, it's quicker relatively, and the early testing cycles are proving very promising overall." He promises they will have more to say on the topic later in the year, reaffirming their commitment to PC gaming and the Games for Windows program. He states: "Ultimately we're a Windows and PC company at heart, and that's not going to change, and the development on both platforms will remain central and important. The business ebbs and flows, and there will be times when we do more on one platform than the other, but they do co-exist very nicely, and as a company we're in a pretty unique position that we have a strong legacy on PC."

Jack T's Days in Court

GamePolitics has word that today a Utah House of Representatives committee will hold a hearing on the video game legislation drafted by disbarred attorney Jack Thompson. The bill amends the state's truth in advertising law to criminalize the sale of adult-rated media to minors, and Thompson has claimed it does not fall into the same constitutional traps as have previous attempts at such legislation in various areas. In another Jack Thompson note, GamePolitics reports that Thomson has followed through on his threat to appeal his disbarrment all the way to the US Supreme Court, hoping his case is heard by the highest court in the land, even though 99% of such appeals are not.

Funcom Loses Cash, CFO has a story in Funcom's fourth quarter financial reporting, saying the company had operating losses of $23.3 million, said to be caused by underperformance by Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, their fantasy-themed MMORPG, which made an initial splash, but suffered "shorter average subscription periods than anticipated." Additional word is Olav Sandnes, the company's CFO, has resigned the company, offering an optimistic quote about the mess: "Funcom is a company with a substantial potential based on a unique combination of skill sets in a fast growing global market. I wish Trond Aas and the rest of the organisation all the best in realising the full potential of the company."

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Out of the Blue

It seems to be slowing down now, but for a few days there was a surprising amount of spam in my inbox using the word "crysis" in place of crisis, things like "financial crysis," with no sense this relates to a game. I guess this is another effort at thwarting filters, which does not seem to actually work.

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