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Sunday, Dec 21, 2008

THQ & PhysX

THQ Selects NVIDIA PhysX Technology for Use in Its Worldwide Studios has word of another licensing win for NVIDIA and its PhysX game physics technology, saying simply that THQ "has selected NVIDIA PhysX technology for use by its studios worldwide." The rest of the press release recaps NVIDIA's view of what makes PhysX so great, along with a quote from THQ's Roy Tessler on that same topic: "The NVIDIA PhysX technology delivers astonishing physics effects and will help us develop the most competitive and innovative products in the marketplace. With support for both the CPU and the GPU, PhysX technology allows us the creative freedom to design compelling environments and deliver truly immersive gaming experiences."

Ensemble Retrospective

How many bites does it take to get to the center of the Ensemble Studios story? One, two, three... err, three! That's the scope of the "Age of Ensemble" retrospective on Crispy Gamer looking back at the history of the RTS developer through the words of the ensemble at Ensemble and industry pundits, even as the studio being folded by owner Microsoft Game Studios. The extensive series of articles concludes with a frank look at what Ensemble was up against by the end of its run, battling burnout after working on the same Age of Empires dynamics for a decade amid industry chatter that the RTS genre was dead, followed by the Halo Wars project, and the simultaneous difficulties inherent in creating an RTS game from a shooter that's targeted towards consoles.

Dragon Age: Origins Movie

The Dragon Age: Origins Gallery now offers the second video covering "bringing the Grey Wardens to life" in Dragon Age: Origins, BioWare's upcoming role-playing game. The clip features developer narration along with screenshots and gameplay videos introducing Grey Warden characters and their back-stories. The clip also mentions that voice acting veteran Peter Renaday will be supplying the voice of Duncan in the game.

New Silent Heroes for BF2

A new patch is now available for SilentHeroes updating this modification for Battlefield 2 to version 1.2. Silent Heroes centers around a fictitious conflict between Sweden and Norway, or as they editorialize: "The MOD about the OTHER made-up war against an oil-rich country." The new version adds new features along with seven new maps, and the installer is available as a "slim-pack" for those with version 1.1 and all the maps already, a full installer that works with a "vanilla" version 1.1 installation, and an installer for Macs, as well. Thanks Ant and Planet Battlefield.

New Battlefield: Pirates 2 Beta

The BFPirates Website now offers a beta 2 of version 2.0 of this seafaring modification for Battlefield 2, saying that the upcoming full release of version 2.0 will be in cooperation with EA: "Within a couple of weeks, EA has offered to help us unleash BFP2 Yarr2 onto the masses at large. We hope to make that release as solid as possible - and whereas our devs and testing team have done a fanstastic [sic] job getting out as many wrinkles as possible, here's your chance to pitch in and help us find any remaining issues." For those who participate in the beta, they promise a small patch to update it to the full version so you don't have to download the whole mod again when it makes its full release. Thanks Ant and Planet Battlefield.

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Out of the Blue

Well, today is the solstice, marking the first day of winter here in the northern hemisphere, and of course summer for those of you south of the equator. I guess this means that the additional snow we got last night actually fell during the autumn, though considering there's about a foot of it, that seems a little incongruous.

Wintery Links: Thanks Ant and Mike Martinez.
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Science: Sandwiches 'caused fainting fits'.
Images: APOD- 2008 December 21 - Analemma Over the Porch of Maidens. Thanks brother19.
Media: Halo 4 Planning Meeting.
Sketch Show: Policeman Getting In The Mood.
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