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Saturday, Dec 13, 2008

Play Rise of the Argonauts in the UK

Andy from German site YiYas let us know that his German edition of Rise of the Argonauts is completely multilingual, so English voice-overs and text are available. This could be handy for gamers in the UK who want to play Liquid Entertainment's new action/RPG by picking up a European edition, since the official UK variant has been pushed back until February for some reason.

Need for Speed in Trouble?

The Electric Playground reports learning that Electronic Arts has cancelled development of future projects in the Need for Speed series due to declining sales and declining critical reception for the street racing series. They offer no hints about the source of this news and admit they've received no official confirmation of this from EA. This report is picked up on 1Up, where they offer a quote from the EP story that we cannot actually find there, attributing the following noncommittal statement to EA's Colin Macrae: "We're working through a process on people, products, and facilities at EA and don't have any announcements today." Thanks Mike Martinez.

GTA4 PC Patch Issues

The rocky launch of the Windows edition of Grand Theft Auto IV lead to a quick patch, but this has lead to problems of its own, reports Voodoo Extreme. It seems a number of issues have been reported, and Rockstar offers a workaround for one that can lead to stuck keys. This involves rebooting your computer after unplugging any DirectInput devices, and if the problem persists, uninstalling the drivers for these devices.

Open Source Uru Live

The Myst Online Website reports a new twist in efforts at breathing new life into Uru Live, the MMO Myst game that's failed a couple of times now. In July it was announced that Cyan was regaining control of the property, saying they were working on a relaunch they called MORE Urulive, which would allow fans to create their own content. Now due to funding issues, they are going a step further, as they will be releasing the source code for the servers, client, and tools for MystOnline as an open source project. Word is: "We will also host a data server with the data for MystOnline. MORE is still possible but only with the help from fans. This is a bit scary for Cyan because this is an area that we have never gone before, to let a product freely roam in the wild. But we've poured so much into UruLive, and it has touched so many, that we could not just let it whither and die. We still have hopes that someday we will be able to provide new content for UruLive and/or work on the next UruLive." Thanks Ant and Slashdot.

Kane's Wrath Patch Plans

A post to the Command & Conquer Forums by community manager Apoc outlines plans for the promised second patch for Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath, which will update the RTS game to version 1.02. And while he cannot offer a release date, he says the patch is "very close to production and testing completion and is looking strong." The post has a complete list of planned changes, and here's a summary: "That's right, we are nearing the production completion of Patch 1.02 for Kane's Wrath, a strong follow-up to the epic 1.01 patch, this patch is squarely aimed at making "numerous" economic balance changes across all 9 factions. We've been watching replays and reading the boards all across the C&C community the past couple of months and feel the 1.02 balance changes we are implementing will be dynamic and yet not earth-shattering (Jeremy Feasel, our lead balance designer on this patch will concur). The list may look long, but in reality these are very targeted changes which we have been testing for a while now and have no doubt it will bring Kane's Wrath to yet another new-level of play. Plus 9 factions, yikes, that's a lot of units to handle!" Thanks Ant and Planet Command & Conquer.

Return to the Burning Sea & Free Trial

The Pirates of the Burning Sea Welcome Back Program offers previous subscribers to Flying Lab Software's seafaring MMORPG the chance to return to see (or sea) how things have changed since they sailed off into the sunset. They also now offer 14 day free trials for new subscribers. Thanks Mike Martinez and Kotaku.

Wolfenstein Interview

The Wolfenstein Developer Interview on 1Up chats with Eric Biessman of Raven about the coming return to World War II with a new Wolfenstein game. One of the questions they ask is just what is taking so long: "No offense taken! We spent time doing research and development for the game, really focusing on what worked well for the license and removing what didn't work so well. Wolfenstein is an intense and dynamic story-driven combat experience where the occult comes to life. It's filled with traditional kickass Wolfenstein combat, sci-fi weaponry, strange occult creatures born from dark experiments, and evil Nazis. We knew that this was the key to making the game great, and we kept that as our driving goal throughout development. We took the time necessary to create a design to fill those criteria. In the end, put the time down to our dedication to deliver a great experience."

Star Wars: The Old Republic Q&A

The Star Wars: The Old Republic Q&A on 1Up is a house call with Dr. Greg and Dr. Ray and other folks from BioWare to discuss Star Wars: The Old Republic, their upcoming Force-powered MMORPG. Along the way they promise to satisfy your inner Star Wars nerd: "We're going to walk you through this universe; we're going to show you how everything works. But if you're somebody who's really into it, and you really want to see how new things have developed -- how old characters [developed], where their timeline went that you didn't get to see -- that stuff's always going to be there for you. And we always want to make sure -- KOTOR was the same way -- that there are nods in there for the fans who are really looking for them."

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