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Saturday, Nov 08, 2008

EVE Shooter Plans?

Eurogamer has a couple of reports from the EVE Online Fanfest, one with details on the next expansion for CCP's MMORPG, saying the next expansion after Tuesday's Quantum Rise add-on will be launched on March 10, 2009. They also outline hints CCP has laid out for plans for a shooter based on the EVE universe. They describe a showing of footage of a "Halo-style" shooter set on an "Earth-like planet." They also report EVE referencing their console aspirations, though it's not clear if the shooter game is part of this console strategy. The report concludes stressing that CCP is focused on expanding EVE Online, so this shooter project is still a ways off.

Stargate: La Releve BF2 Mod

The Stargate: La Relève Website now offers the release of the Stargate: La Releve modification for Battlefield 2. The proceedings on that website are in French, however, which I'm told is not uncommon in France, so there's no cause for alarm. A Babel Fish translation can help those of us who don't parlez, and there's a brief summary of the project on Planet Battlefield. In short, this is a teamplay modification based on the Stargate movie that pits US military forces against alien-augmented ancient Egyptians. Thanks Ant.

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