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Sunday, Oct 19, 2008


PCGA Slaps LucasArts quotes Intel's Randy Stude, president of the PC Gaming Alliance, criticizing LucasArts over the lack of a PC edition of Star Wars: Force Unleashed, which LucasArts has said was based on the difficulty getting the game to work on lower-end PC systems. The quotes, excerpted from a full interview to be published later this week, call the decision to avoid the PC "uneducated," and Stude also says LucasArts "hasn't made a good PC game in a long time," not that reviews for Force Unleashed are that stellar, either. Here's a bit more: "They're not really creating product within LucasArts themselves. They're going at it job shopping their IP. That may be a little controversial for me to say, but that's what I see. There's no development team necessarily within LucasArts any more, they've basically turned into an intellectual property machine and supporting the PC, why should they? It really doesn't fit their property." Thanks Sepharo and Kotaku.

SotSE: Entrenchment Price Oopsie

Ironclad talks about Sins of a Solar Empire Entrenchment on Big Download talks with Craig Frazer about the "micro-expansion" for Sins of a Solar Empire, Ironclad's 4X strategy game. In discussing the add-on's $9.99 price point, Craig reveals they have inadvertently priced the add-on as a bargain: "Not really, we've kicked ourselves a bit. At this point in development we've realized the price is too low, but the bar is now set for the other two expansions. Our team got overly excited, feature-creep sunk in, and we went over budget in terms of content and features. I suppose from the gamers' point of view it's a good thing, but [we] are going to try and pace ourselves a little better next time around!"

Dead Space PC Controls Nerfed?

WhatIfGaming has a post about the controls in the PC edition of Dead Space, after playing around with a prerelease edition of the sci-fi horror game. They take strong issue with the controls, saying "The smoothness compared to consoles is just not there, and from what we can tell it doesn’t seem like a patch can fix most of the issues. Inventory stack access becomes frustrating when fighting with monsters and aiming for on-the-fly changes." They contacted EA and got the following explanation: "Dead Space for PC is an equivalent experience to that on consoles. The controls are different and customizable, but we feel it’s in the best ability for the players to match what the console experience is like." Reviews of the PC edition are not yet appearing, it will be interesting to see whether this is considered an issue for others.

StarCraft II Interview

The StarCraft II Brain Trust Interview on talks with producer Chris Sigaty, lead designer Dustin Browder, and PR rep Bob Colayco about Blizzard's coming RTS sequel. They discuss complaints about the decision to split StarCraft II into three different SKUs (story), which they feel is based on "confusion" that they anticipated, sort of, as Browder says: "We definitely went with this choice and knew that there was going to be some confusion among the fans. But there was a little more confusion than I thought there [would be]. We had Rob Pardo get up there and do his presentation and really try to show the fans exactly what we're trying to accomplish. But I think a lot of guys on the Internet just saw the headline and just assumed that this meant "Oh my God, I have to buy three different boxes and they're probably all going to ship at the same time, and they're just trying to milk me for money." And that's just not the case. These things are going to be a trilogy; it's chapters of a story. They're going to be months or years apart as we work on them--obviously, closer to months, we hope. [laughs]" Avoiding further confusion, Bob Colayco quickly adds: "Minimum, a year between each."

Mistake -1 for Half-Life

This barebones Mod DB page offers downloads of the Mistake -1, a horror-themed modification for Half-Life that's a prequel to Mistake. Details are surprisingly scant, but there's a write-up on Planet Half-Life that's pretty informative. Thanks Ant.

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Out of the Blue

Well, I'm back on the NFL horse, so to speak, with the Giants game today. I'll admit that after being thumped by the Browns last Sunday, I could not bring myself to watch a single sportscast all week. Just call me the jewel of denial.

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