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Tuesday, Sep 16, 2008

The Witcher Enhanced Edition Patch Friday

A patch to update original versions of The Witcher with the new The Witcher Enhanced Edition content should be released on Friday, according to CD Projekt RED in response to our inquiry. Friday is the release date for the Enhanced Edition of the action/RPG in Europe, so it seems the patch release is timed to coincide with that. This patch will be free to those who have registered their copy of the original game at The Witcher Official Website.

Ships Ahoy - The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

Atari announces that The Witcher Enhanced Edition should now be available in stores in North America. The press release announcing the game's availability also outlines the titular enhancements to CD Projekt RED's reworked RPG, which include engine improvements, new content, new animations, a re-worked script and all-new voice acting. The game is due in Europe on Friday, and presumably a patch to add the enhanced content for owners of the original version of The Witcher will be available soon. The game is also available for online purchase and download from Direct2Drive, Impulse, and Steam.

PURE Next Week

Disney Interactive Studios announces they've begun shipping PURE to stores in advance of next week's release of this off-road racing game from Black Rock Studio. This is part of what's seeming like a new trend in advance shipping notices, as the game is due in stores on September 23 for Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. Word is: "PURE delivers heart-pounding racing experiences unique to the genre by taking players over the edge with massive jumps and spectacular airborne tricks. PURE is set in seven real locations all over the globe and features more than 35 multiple-route tracks and 70 unbelievable tricks."

Next Diablo III Class "Will Make Players Hate Blizzard"

Diablo III Interview on chats with the lead designer on Blizzard's upcoming action/RPG sequel, Jay Wilson. Interesting tidbits they single out include his comment that the only risk in previewing games is to the developer's ego and another comment that GTA 4 is like an MMO but with one quest. Most noteworthy is his statement that the next Diablo III class will make players hate Blizzard, as he says of their class choices that they "can't make everybody happy," so apparently they've made a class that will make nobody happy: "You can't make everybody happy, but I think when the game finally come out players will find there's a good class for them, one they will love as much as the ones that came before. And if they don't, I absolutely promise that in the expansions we'll consider bringing back old classes."

Spore DRM Text Drive

Ars puts Spore DRM to the test—with a surprising result relates the experience of Ars Technica with the controversial digital rights management in Spore. Their findings include that the life simulation can be installed an unlimited number of times on the same computer, that the game cannot be installed if the authentication servers are down for any reason, and most interestingly, they found a very simple way to get EA to authorize further installations by claiming they had rented the game. The catch there is that they were issued a new authentication code that rendered installations with the original authentication code invalid.

Mythic on EA's EU MMO Launches

Warhammer Online's Paul Barnett Interview on Eurogamer speaks with Mythic's outspoken creative director in another conversation about the impending launch of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Their sister site pulls a noteworthy quote as Paul reflects on the rocky launch of the MMORPG's European beta test (story). In spite of GOA's difficulties with beta sign-ups, Paul heaps praise on them, saying they were a logical choice because they have European experience, while skewering his corporate overlords at Electronic Arts: "EA couldn't have done it, what the hell would EA know about it? They know nothing about launching MMOs in Europe, unless it's spending lots of money closing them down I suppose." Eurogamer also highlights a comment by Paul, as he is predicting WAR will have a million subscribers after a year, and will eventually have three million users.

Red Alert 3 Movies

A new trailer from Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 takes a look at the allied campaign in the upcoming real-time strategy sequel. This clip can be found on AtomicGamer and Gamer's Hell. Also, a new "Tanya" trailer shows off Jenny McCarthy's muscles and her mad thespian skills from the Red Alert 3 cut-scenes. This clip is available from AtomicGamer and Gamer's Hell.

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Into the Black

Okay, the server has been re-relocated, and everything seems to be in order. I'll post more about his in the morning, but in the meantime if you notice anything that's out of whack, please feel free to let me know.

Crysis Warhead Nears

EA and Crytek announce Crysis Warhead is shipping to stores, paving the way for Thursday's North American and European release of the first-person shooter sequel. Here's how Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli characterizes the occasion: "The launch of Crysis Warhead marks a significant milestone for the entire Crytek family. The team at Crytek Hungary has delivered a dynamic and intense single player experience more than worthy of the Crysis franchise, while the multiplayer team in Frankfurt has revisited and extended multiplayer in the Crysis universe with Crysis Wars. They are both great representations of our studio’s core values of technical excellence, craftsmanship and quality."

Ships Ahoy - Mount & Blade

Paradox Interactive announces that Mount & Blade has finally landed in North American stores, after years of beta testing, and TaleWorlds Entertainment's action/RPG is due in Europe on Friday (September 19). Here's the party line on this project: "Mount & Blade is a single-player, third or first-person action/role-playing game set in the medieval war-torn land of Calradia. The game features groundbreaking horseback combat, intuitive swordplay, and a free-form environment in which players can roam freely to explore new cities, conquer foreign armies and earn a reputation as the realm’s most courageous warrior."

PC Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway in Two Weeks

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway for the PC will ship on September 30, a week after the console editions of Gearbox Software's upcoming World War II shooter sequel. The Windows edition of the game was noticeably absent from yesterday's announcement that the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions will ship next week (story). We contacted Ubisoft and they supplied the September 30 date for the PC.

Site Update

Okay, the time has finally come to make the second of our recent server moves, which will hopefully clear up the script issues we've experienced for the last month or so since the previous move. I need to thank John at UGO for helping make this all work, but more importantly Frans, who has again sacrificed his time to work through a lot of the issues associated with all this, and for putting up with my being an utter monkey about a lot of technical stuff, which certainly didn't make the process any easier. We don't anticipate issues resulting from the move, but if there are any, hopefully they will clear up over the next 24-48 hours as the DNS propagates. Thanks for whatever patience you have had for the problems this has caused using the site lately.

Gold - CellZenith

The Faramix Enterprises Website has news that CellZenith is gold, and this action arcade game will be available for online purchase and download on September 30, as promised when the game was announced (story). This press release has full details and a release info for the game they hope will be the next Geometry Wars. Preorders are currently being accepted.

James Bond Will Return... and Return... quotes a Cowen and Company analyst saying that Activision Blizzard is set to release new James Bond games annually, meaning some of them will not be specifically associated with a movie release. Analyst Doug Cruetz is quoted saying, "James Bond will become an annual franchise, which we had not necessarily expected given the lack of an accompanying movie next year." On a related note, a new Quantum of Solace movie was released last week highlighting the game's use of the Call of Duty engine (story).

Dead Space Movie

Another movie is now available to showcase the zero gravity gameplay in Dead Space, the upcoming futuristic horror game. The narrated clip discusses the disorienting aspects of playing when up may be down, the use of your magnetic boots, how enemies take advantage of zero-G, and more. The clip is posted on ActionTrip, FileFront, Gamer's Hell, and MyGameTrailers.

World of Warcraft Patch Notes

World of Warcraft Test Realm Patch Notes now have the notes on the new version 3.0.2 patch that's now live on the test servers (story) as Blizzard preps for an update that will precede the November 13 release of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King.

John Tiller’s Campaign Series Patch

Matrix Games offers a new patch for John Tiller’s Campaign Series, described as a "comprehensive update" bringing the tactical wargame compilation to version 1.04. This adds the ability to make the new assault and visibility rules optional, OOB improvements for all games, a new series of scenarios for Rising Sun, and more.

Steel Fury: Kharkov 1942 in November

Lighthouse Interactive announces November 7, 2008 as the European release date for the boxed edition of Steel Fury: Kharkov 1942, their historical tank simulation game, offering the less specific early November as when the game will be available for online purchase in North America. Here's how they describe this game from developers Discus Games and Graviteam: "The events of Steel Fury: Kharkov 1942 are based on a little-known Russian offensive that occurred during May 1942, in which a German counterattack had three Soviet armies surrounded, forcing them to fight their way out of the Barvenkovskiy Kotel ‘meat grinder’."

Fallout 3 Q&A

Peter Hines grilled on Fallout 3 on hits the Bethesda Softworks spokesperson with question about Fallout 3, their upcoming RPG sequel. They discuss the basics of the game, storytelling, working with Liam Neeson and other actors ("they're well known actors for a reason, and they're really good at acting"), future Fallout plans, and more.

Champions Online Q&A

A new installment of Ask Cryptic on the Champions Online Website hears from several members of the team at work on Champions Online, Cryptic's upcoming superhero MMORPG. Topics include alpha and beta testing, controllers, weapons, costumes, and more. Cryptic also announces a deal with IBM to provide servers for Champions Online.

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Yeah, it turns out I'll need a root canal on this touchy tooth after all, I'll get to have that next week. I'm thinking about one more incident like this and I'm just going to have 'em all yoinked and live on pudding.

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