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Thursday, Jan 24, 2008

UT3 Beta Patch Change List

BeyondUnreal has posted a change list for an unreleased beta of Patch 2 for Unreal Tournament III. The extensive list includes changes affecting gameplay, the UI, networking, server administration, maps, and AI. Bugs will be fix, balance issues will be addressed and more in this update, which will also raise the players allowed variable to a maximum of 64.

Conflict: Denied Ops Movie

Computer and Video Games offers what they are calling an exclusive movie showing off Conflict: Denied Ops, Pivotal Games' upcoming co-op shooter once known by the title Crossfire. The clip runs about 80 seconds, offering a mix of live action and gameplay footage, concluding with an affirmation that the game is still due next month. Interestingly, the lip-synching on the dialog in the live action footage is inferior to what is seen in many current game engines.

C&C3: Kane's Wrath Trailer

The Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars Website offers a new cinematic trailer for Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath, the upcoming C&C3 expansion. The new clip, dated ten days ago for some reason, is available in high definition as a 17.2 MB download, which is mirrored on AtomicGamer,, and Gamer's Hell.

Crysis Soundtrack Next Week

Sumthing Digital announces they will be releasing the soundtrack from Crysis worldwide on January 29 as both a CD and a digital download, saying: "The CRYSIS Original Soundtrack features over an hour of original orchestral music written and conducted by award-winning film, television and video game composer Inon Zur and performed by the Northwest Sinfonia Orchestra." There's no word on whether you'll need up upgrade your CD player in order to play it.

Evening Q&As

  • Anarchy Online: Shadowlands
    The Anarchy Online: Shadowlands Q&A on IncGamers chats up Craig Morrison of Funcom about their science-fiction MMORPG. They discuss various aspects of the game, but it's not clear when the conversation took place, as at one point Craig says he does not think AO will ever go the free-to-play route, in spite of yesterday's announcement that free-to-play is one of the game's new subscription models (story).
  • Angels Online
    RPG Vault's Angels Online Interview - Part 1 kicks off a conversation with Joyce Zhou and Daniel Wang about Angels Online, UserJoy's free-to-play "cute, anime-styled 2D MMORPG set against a backdrop of the fight between Angels and Devils."

Evening Previews

Evening Screenshots

Into the Black

Bond 22 Is "Quantum Of Solace" (thanks Ant). An interesting choice, considering Casino Royale is probably the movie in the Bond series most faithful to the book upon which it's based. While Quantum of Solace is one of Ian Fleming's few remaining unused titles, those who have read For Your Eyes Only (a collection of Quantum of Solace and four other short stories) can tell you this Bond story is unique in that it features no action at all, and is not even a spy yarn, it is about a story of domestic non-bliss related to Bond by a fellow guest at a dinner party.

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Astronomers watch asteroids streaking toward Earth, Mars.
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Far Cry 2 Rumors Debunked

The Far Cry 2 Developers Blog features a video of Far Cry 2 Creative Director Clint Hocking addressing some rumors they've caught wind of about Far Cry 2, Ubisoft's upcoming sequel to Crytek's first-person shooter (thanks Gamer's Hell). In answer to reports that some of the game's enemies and possibly even its protagonist would have some sort of mutation they unequivocally state the game will contain no mutants whatsoever. Also concerned over reports that Far Cry 2 will be a PlayStation 3 exclusive, they clarify that the game will be released simultaneously for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

The Experiment Next Month

The Adventure Company announces February 5, 2008 as the release date for The Experiment, the recently revealed (story) North American edition of Lexis Numérique's adventure game known as Experience 112 in Europe. Here is the description of the game that accompanies the announcement:
Begin your innovative shared adventure in what appears to be a deserted old ship, grounded ashore on a beautiful Pacific island. You mysteriously find yourself in the ship’s operations room faced with a highly advanced panel of controls, surveillance monitors, and a wide array of sophisticated technology. As you watch the monitors for other signs of life, you discover a woman. Unable to find a way to communicate with her directly, you realize that you are her only hope. She needs your help.

The problem is, you too are being held prisoner by an unseen captor. Soon you come to realize that the only way to escape is to help one another. But… who are you? Who is she? Why do you control both your fates? Is escape from this floating prison your only goal, or is there a more cryptic scheme?

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky S.T.E.A.M. Plans

Valve announces S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky will be digitally distributed exclusively via Steam worldwide, with the digital release of GSC Game World's first-person shooter prequel to coincide with its appearance on retail shelves. The announcement concludes saying S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky is currently slated for release later this year, so we've asked GSC Game World if this means the game will miss its announced Q1 2008 release date (story), but have not yet received a reply. Valve has put up a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky Product Section on the Steam Website that features some new screenshots.

PC Grand Theft Auto IV in October?

French site reports they've seen indications that Grand Theft Auto IV is going to appear for PCs in Europe this October (thanks Gamer's Hell). The story is said to be based on retail plans, but there is no source offered, and even game release information from identified retailers is not always accurate, so we'll just have to file this under hopeful rumor for the time being.

The Settlers: Empire of the East Revealed

The German-language Settlers Homepage reveals plans for Empire of the East, an upcoming expansion for The Settlers: Rise Of An Empire, the latest installment in Blue Byte's series of strategy management games (thanks Gamer's Hell). The expansion is slated for release in March 2008 (in German-speaking territories, at least), and will offer a new territory (India), a new character, new buildings, a new geologist profession, new items, and more.

PC Warriors Orochi in March

Koei Forums point the way to a Japanese Warriors Orochi Webpage that shows that PC and PSP editions of Warriors Orochi are in the works. Gamer's Hell contacted Koei and learned this Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors hybrid is indeed coming to both platforms this March, and that the game will be released at that time in North America as well as Japan.

Mercenaries 2 Delay? and are both now listing an August 25, 2008 release date for Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (thanks Shacknews), suggesting another delay to Pandemic's open-world action sequel that was last projected for release this quarter (story). As noted in the GTA4 story above, retailers are not always accurate about these things (that said, the game's last delay was indeed revealed by retail listings), but this new date appears for all platforms on both sites (with the exception of's PC-DVD listing, which lists an April 8 release in what may be an oversight), so it seems likely that this is based on new information they've received about the game's scheduling.

Tarr Chronicles Prequel

This Russian-language product section offers one bit of English, revealing Tarr Chronicles: Sign of Pride as the title of an upcoming follow-up to Tarr Chronicles, the space combat game. Developer Quazar Studio's Russian Website for the game is also live, but Gamer's Hell dug up some English skinny, learning that the game is a prequel, set about 100 years prior to the events in Tarr Chronicles. English websites and further information are expected soon. It looks like the project's release date is first quarter of this year.

Kohnke & Perpetual Settle

Shacknews reports that Kohnke Communication has dropped it lawsuit against Perpetual Entertainment that alleged breach of contract, fraudulent transfer, and fraud, among other things (story). This follows shortly after Perpetual called the legal action "vague, uncertain, ambiguous and unintelligible" (story). Part of the settlement of this suit is an agreement to not discuss details about this, so we'll likely hear no more about the allegations contained within the PR firm's lawsuit against the former Star Trek Online developer that one of their roles in promoting the now-canceled Gods & Heroes was "convincing reviewers to write positive reviews" (story), a statement they later said was a typo (story), which, if they are to be believed, was apparently meant to read 'convincing previewers to write positive previews.'

Unreal Engine 3 Customers Subpoenaed

In other legal wranglings, Shacknews also reports that "multiple Unreal Engine 3 licensees have been served with subpoenas" related to Silicon Knight's lawsuit over Epic's support for the game engine (story). This is apparently an effort at digging into details of the contacts involved, which is normally confidential information, and it's possible that this could lead to this info becoming public. They have a quote from Epic's Mark Rein about this: "I'm leaving the litigation to the lawyers but, if this is the case, I'd like to apologize to any of our licensees who Silicon Knights have inconvenienced. We know that, like us, they just want to make great games."

Gold - NA SunAge

Lighthouse Interactive and Vertex4 announce the North American edition of SunAge is gold, and the science fiction real-time strategy game is due in North American stores by the end of this month:
Toronto, Canada – January 24, 2008 – Leading publisher Lighthouse Interactive and developer Vertex4 today announced that the highly anticipated North American version of their dynamic sci-fi real-time strategy game SunAge has gone gold and will begin shipping to major retail stores across Canada and the US on January 28, 2008. A bilingual French/English version will be released in Canada for Francophone fans. SunAge is an energetic RTS game that offers a unique experience, bringing modern innovation to the isometric style of real-time strategy. This PC CD-ROM game is Windows® Vista™ compatible. Erik Schreuder, CEO of Lighthouse Interactive said, “We are proud to bring SunAge to RTS fans across North America. This version includes upgrades and enhancements that were not included in the European releases. SunAge brings a mature and refreshing new take on the RTS genre and introduces some great new features that will appeal to many strategy fans. We’re thrilled to see that SunAge lives up to its promise.”

“SunAge has been a labor of love. The forums have been very active with a lot of positive feedback from fans in the UK, Scandinavia, Benelux and Italy, who have been playing the game since its European release in November 2007. We’re excited to finally bring SunAge to fellow RTS fans in Canada and the US,” said Roman Pfneudl, CEO of Vertex4. “The game has become so much more than I anticipated and we think SunAge has a lot to offer gamers who love to play real-time strategy games as much as we do. We look forward to hearing their feedback and will continue to support the game.”

SunAge is the modern day answer for RTS fans who want the best possible overview on their troops, while trying to outsmart opponents in frantic battles where strategy and tactics are more important than ever. If you are a core real-time strategy gamer, SunAge is for you!

Mount & Blade to Stores

Paradox Interactive announces Mount & Blade is heading to stores this year, after being on sale on GamersGate for some time now, which apparently has been a beta all along. They say: "After several years in BETA, the game is close to completion and scheduled for a worldwide release during Q2, 2008." Here's a bit more:
Mount&Blade is a single-player, third- or first-person action/role-playing game with a focus on medieval combat. Developed by the Turkish development house TaleWorlds Entertainment, the BETA version of the game has received acclaim worldwide by gamers impressed by everything from the realistic horseback combat to the sandbox gameplay. The latter enables players to roam the map freely in a medieval world that offers options ranging from hunting down bandits, trading for profit in the game's deep economical system and becoming a commander and taking part in the wars ultimately becoming a great lord of the realm.

Europa Universalis 3: Napoleon's Ambition Patch

The Paradox Interactive Forums has word on a new patch for Europa Universalis 3: Napoleon's Ambition, updating the RTS expansion to version 2.2. The update is available automatically from within the game, while a manual patch for the Gamer's Gate edition of the game is on The Patches Scrolls.

Battleground Civil War Patch

Matrix Games offers a patch for John Tiller’s Battleground Civil War to bring the historical wargame to version 1.01. Word is: "The update fixes an issue where a few Bull Run and Antietam scenarios were not showing up in the scenario selection window." The patch is available on this downloads page.

Morning Screenshots

Help Wanted

Zoonami is hiring. They are located in Cambridge, UK "working on a 2D game with a novel visual style." Thanks Gamer's Hell.

Morning Legal Brief

Thursday Game Reviews

Thursday Hardware Reviews

Out of the Blue

Is it just me, or does synchronizing one's computer clock online using the internet time function under Windows XP no longer work at all? I mentioned having trouble with this some time ago, but that was solved by finding a new time server with which to synch. This time, however, I have not been able to find any way to get this to work, and of course, it is vitally important that my clock be accurate to the split-second with atomic clock accuracy because… because… Well, okay, it's not that important, but it's still bugging me.

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