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Tuesday, Apr 17, 2007

ArmA: Combat Operations Online Sales

The Atari Forums offer word that ArmA: Combat Operations, the upcoming U.S. edition of ArmA: Armed Assault, will be made available for online purchase and download from the Atari Website on May 1, the same day Bohemia Interactive's military shooter appears in stores. Word is: "Fans will be able to Download the FULL GAME directly to their computer and start playing the day of release without ever having to leave their homes. The game comes with a Full Color Digital Version of the Manual and works exactly the same as the retail version of the game - except that you won't need a CD of course!"

Shivering Isles Beta Patch

The Elder Scrolls Downloads Page now offers downloads of another new beta patch to update the Shivering Isles expansion for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to version 1.2.0416. The patch notes offer details on the new update. Once again, word is: "This patch is NOT compatible with copies purchased via direct2drive of Shivering Isles."

Lost Game Plans

LOST video game confirmed for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC reflects information gleaned from the most recent official podcast for Lost, the modern TV series that picks up where Gilligan's Island left off. The story says that according to what was said in the podcast, the project will be released for Xbox 360, PS3, and the PC.

New ForceWare Drivers

NVIDIA offers new beta version 158.19 ForceWare reference drivers for 8X00 accelerators running under Windows XP and Media Center Edition and Windows XP Professional x64 Edition or Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition. Thanks Zuckuss.

Evening Previews

Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific Patch

A new Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific patch is now available, updating the submarine combat sequel to version 1.2. The download is available on 3D Downloads, FanGaming, FileFront, FileShack, Gamer's Hell, GameSpot (registration required), and Strategy Informer.

Resident Evil 4 Patch

New patches are now available for Resident Evil 4, updating the European and the German editions of the horror sequel to version 1.10. The Euro patch is available on FanGaming, FileFront, FileShack, Gameguru Mania, Gamer's Hell, GameSpot (registration required), and Strategy Informer. The German edition of the patch is available on FileShack and Gamer's Hell.

Morning Q&As

  • Guild Wars: Eye of the North
    The Guild Wars: Eye of the North Q&A on GameSpot is a talk with Ben Miller about ArenaNet's upcoming Guild Wars expansion: "There are a couple reasons we chose to do an expansion rather than a stand-alone campaign. One is that with each new campaign, the game gets more and more complex and the tutorial areas become larger as we need to explain the new professions and the new mechanics. Instead of reinventing the 'tutorial wheel' yet again, we are using that energy to develop more content for existing characters. This brings me to point number two, which is that we have been seeing players wanting content for their existing characters. Players have invested an incredible amount of time building their existing characters, and we want to provide those characters with new adventures, experiences, armor, items, and so on."
  • Lord Of The Rings Online
    The Lord Of The Rings Online Q&A on GameInformer chats with Jeffrey Steefel about the coming Tolkien-inspired MMORPG: "The storyline will continue to expand through regular content updates that we deliver to customers as part of their subscription. We’re rolling out the game in much the same fashion as the stories in the books. Your character’s adventure will begin in Eriador at launch, which is where the first book was set. Then we’ll continue to expand this part of Middle-earth with more areas, quests, and features. We’ll continue to spread out, into Moria, across the Misty Mountains, and onward toward the perils to the South. Over time we will spread across all of Middle-earth. When we get to the point at which the Ring is Destroyed (years from now), there is still plenty of Middle-earth and ongoing narrative to explore."

Morning Previews

Tuesday Game Reviews

Tuesday Hardware Reviews

Out of the Blue

The rains have abated around here, but not before leaving us with more water in our basement than we've ever experienced before. Having tried to solve this problem by ignoring it, we are now facing the reality that we are going to have to try and do something.

Flooded Links! Thanks Ant.
Play: The Impossible Quiz. Thanks User Friendly.
Link of the Morning: Mechanical watch with a miniature slot machine.
Stories: 'New' Tolkien novel goes on sale.
IRS grants 2-day tax-filing extension for victims of storm.
Early Time Change Costs Kid 12 Days In Jail.
Science!: How (and How Not) to Battle Flu A Tale of 23 Cities (registration required).
Too much bacon 'bad for lungs'.
Media: Daffodils - MC Nuts raps Wordsworth poem for today's youth. Thanks Mike.
Sofa King. Thanks Zuckuss. NSF… prime time?
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