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Saturday, Dec 09, 2006 Quake II Released (1997)

Counter-Strike Prices Hot As A Pistol

A new Steam Marketing Message mentions the frequent updates being made to the Steam edition of Garry's Mod and their World War II week promotion, as well as an update on how the new free market economy in Counter-Strike: Source has revealed a weapon imbalance that will inspire some changes:
It's been six weeks now since the community's purchase habits began driving the pricing of weapons in Counter-Strike: Source. As many of you have probably noticed, the price of the Desert Eagle has been increasing steadily and is now somewhat out of control. This is happening because the Desert Eagle is considerably more useful than the rest of the pistols -- purchasing one of the others is not a smart buy. We'll address this by making the Five Seven, P228, and Dual Elites more effective. The prices of all pistols have been reset to their previous defaults in preparation for this change.

Secret Files 2 Trailer

The Secret Files: Tunguska Website offers a new Secret Files 2 trailer from the upcoming adventure game sequel. The trailer is only available in German at this time, offering hints at the game's premise in your choice of three different resolutions. Thanks Frans and Adventure Gamers.

Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory Patches

New Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory patches are now available, bringing Shockwave Productions' World War II aerial combat game to version 2.05. There are updates for the US and the international versions of the game, each adding bug fixes and other improvements, and there is a corresponding skins file to make use of the multiskin support the patch also provides. The downloads are available on the Shockwave Productions Website, mirrored on 3D Gamers.

Saturday Q&As

  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl
    GamePro's S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl Q&A (thanks Voodoo Extreme) talks with Anton Bolshakov about GSC Game World's upcoming first-person shooter: "The X-Ray engine S.T.A.L.K.E.R. uses has extremely powerful rendering technology, which made it possible for us to build the massive are very detailed levels. There can be up to one million polygons displayed. In the game there is fully dynamic lighting and shadows. Everything in the game casts a shadow. Day and night cycles have also been included in S.T.A.L.K.E.R., so as the sun moves over objects in the world we've created, what you see is accurate."
  • The Precursors
    The Precursors Q&A on Computer and Video Games talks with Deep Shadows about their FPS/space sim/RPG: "It is not that easy to combine three different genres, but we've solved this problem. It's right to say that our game Precursors is a free-play shooter - you can be sure that the game will be very dynamic, shooter fans will enjoy it. When you are on the planet the game will look like a shooter and an RPG; when in the space it will look like a classical space simulator. Fans of the space-sim genre will be able to spend time at the wheel of space vehicles. In FPS we have done various and good AI , a lot of weapons and damage system. Also, you will see a lot of interesting missions which are linear and non-linear."
  • Theatre of War
    There's a Theatre of War Q&A on Armchair General Magazine talking with Battlefront about 1C's coming World War II RTS game: "We like to think of TOW as being right in the middle between something like Company of Heroes (realism 'light') and Combat Mission (realism 'heavy'). The scenarios are mission driven and require tactics that are based on real world concepts, not just how fast you can lasso and click on stuff. Having said that, the amount of 'grognard' detail in TOW is purposefully kept to a moderate level. This means less minute control over unit behavior and a de-emphasis of features like Command and Control."

Saturday Previews

Saturday Screenshots

Saturday Mobilization

Thanks Mike Martinez.

Saturday Game Reviews

Saturday Hardware Reviews


Out of the Blue

Well, I wrote out a new check to the neighbor over their car. A few folks expressed the thought that I was being ripped off, with which I find it hard to argue. She got her estimate from the dealer, and I think it's safe to say that the only time anyone takes their car to the dealer for bodywork is when someone else is footing the bill. Oh well.

Neighborly Links! Thanks Mike Martinez and Ant.
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NASA Official Questions Agency’s Focus on the Shuttle (registration required).
Media: Car, meet Safe: Dropping A 300lb. Safe On A Buick.
Follow-ups: Lock cut on gate that would have blocked Kims' access to road.
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