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Monday, Nov 13, 2006

Steam RACE

Valve announces that RACE is coming to Steam, and that SimBin's World Touring Car Championship game will be available for digital distribution on November 24, 2006. In this case, retail boxed copies will also include Steam services, a first for a non-Valve product: "In addition, all retail copies of RACE sold for the PC in the EMEA territories will include Steam functionality for auto-updating, matchmaking, and anti-piracy encryption."

Czechs Ahoy - Armed Assault

The Bohemia Interactive Website (thanks Frans) has word that Armed Assault is now available in the Czech Republic, and is now the number one selling game for a couple of local retailers.

Evening Q&As

  • Spore
    Joystiq interviews Spore's Chaim Gingold and Chris Hecker talks with this pair from EA/Maxis about Spore, their upcoming simulation game: "And then there's this question of EA's forward-looking roadmap, which shows how to create new IP's. So we're really interested in a lot of those aspects of EA moving forward. It seems like EA's finally getting the clue that they can't just sequel products endlessly. Or license them. Well, obviously Madden makes an immense pile of money. But you have to have a mix. Just like the movie industry, and literature, and music, you have to have this churn of new talent and new ideas. It's great that a super-mega, Fortune-500 corporation understands that they have to be moving in that direction. Not everyone in EA will be able to do their own giant, new product, but you want to start innovating at all levels."
  • Europa Universalis III
    The Europa Universalis III Q&A on talks with the development team at Paradox Interactive about the upcoming strategy sequel: "In cooperative multiplayer, several players can play the same country. Each player is equal in game terms, so it does rely on your cooperating. However, for the larger countries cooperative multiplayer can be very rewarding. As Spain, (for example) one player could focus on diplomacy and warfare in Europe while the other concentrates on exploration and colonization, making the task of handling a country such as Spain a lot easier for the player(s). All they have to do is agree on how to spend the money."
  • Scions of Fate
    RPG Vault's Scions of Fate Q&A - Part 2 continues their conversation with Samuel Kim about Western version of the MMORPG known as YulGang: Balance of Power in Asia: "By combat-oriented, I'm wondering if you mean PvP vs. PvE. Scions of Fate is a game designed to help build and make online communities so, of course, there is PvP AND PvE. But if you were to ask which of the two the game is more focused on, I would have to respond by saying the party system. Partying up is absolutely key in Scions of Fate, whether it be for PvP OR PvE, the game is much simpler when you're not alone. One of the more unique aspects of combat in Scions of Fate is the combo attack system. By using ability points, players can set combinations of attacks and skills to decrease overall casting time and increase overall damage. Plus, they look cool."
  • 9 Dragons
    The 9Dragons Q&A on MMORPG.COM talks with Steven-Elliot Altman, writer on the upcoming MMORPG: "As Howard Marks announced recently, 9Dragons will always be a free-to-play game (Hopefully the world's best free-to-play game!) supported by in-game advertisements. The nature of those advertisements have yet to be announced, but I'm whispering in your ear now that you may actually appreciate the way we're going to handle them, and we hope to have our community of players vote soon on some of the placement issues as well. We're also planning to allow players to create their own advertisements. Like I said, this is truly a game for the players."
  • RF Online
    MMORPG.COM's new Game-On Podcast offers an audio interview with Kyle Rowly about RF Online, Codemasters' MMORPG.

Evening Previews

Ships Ahoy - Medieval II: Total War

SEGA of America offers the chance to go medieval once more, as Medieval II: Total War is shipping, and Creative Assembly's RTS sequel should be marching into North American stores:
SAN FRANCISCO (November 13, 2006) – SEGA® of America Inc. today announced the North American release of Medieval II: Total War for the PC. Developed by The Creative Assembly, this visually stunning game spans four and half centuries of the most turbulent era in Western history and provides players the reins to experience and rewrite one of the most fascinating periods of history to become the greatest power of the Middle Ages.

Medieval II: Total War drives the Total War franchise to a new level by completely upgrading the game's battlefield rendering system, eliminating the clone armies of the past games in the series and including a new, more realistic animation system. With over 10,000 troops now to command and hundreds of unit types, players can experience massive battles in graphically rich environments enhanced by dynamic weather effects and vastly diverse terrain. Leading armies across Europe, the Middle East, and even the Americas, players will encounter brutal real-time battles and the pure bloodlust of medieval warfare. As players progress, they will shape their empires by strategically determining whether to build castles for military power or cities for technology and trade, allowing for a greater depth of gameplay.

Medieval II: Total War for the PC is rated "T" for "Teen" by the Entertainment Software Review Board and has an MSRP of $49.99. For more information on the game, please visit Screenshots and artwork can be found on the SEGA FTP site at

Bus Driver Announced

The Official Bus Driver Website and product section are both live (thanks Frans), heralding development of this upcoming mass transportation simulator. The first Bus Driver screenshots are online. Here's word on the game, which lists a Winter 2006 release date:
Bus Driver is a realistic simulation of a bus driver's duty.

As a bus driver, you have to drive to a timetable on a planned route, whilst obeying traffic rules, and taking care not to upset or injure your passengers. This makes Bus Driver unlike any other driving game - the experience of driving a bus is very different from blazing through a racing circuit.

Bus Driver offers over ten different kinds of buses to drive, an expansive city environment with various districts, and over two dozen routes with varying weather conditions set at differing times of day.

Postal Bundle

Running With Scissors announces the release of a compilation of all the installments in the Postal series of intentionally outrageous first-person shooters in a bundle called the Fudge Pack, almost keeping a straight face in saying the title relates to holiday fudge. The package includes Postal, Postal 2: Share the Pain, Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend, a pair of fan-created projects, and extras, described thusly: "bits and pieces of POSTAL lore ranging from POSTAL BABES to our favorite video slices from the cutting room floor. "

Atriarch Status Report

The Atriarch Website (thanks Frans) explains the recent silent period from World Fusion concerning development of their upcoming MMORPG. The update covers reasons for the lengthy development cycle for this project, what they've been working on, and their intention of staying the course in creating this game that's been in the works since the late 90s.

A Craving for Blood Game Plans

Matrix Games announces they have licensed the novel A Craving for Blood for an upcoming computer game:
Staten Island, NY, October 13, 2006, Matrix Games ( is excited to announce that they have licensed the rights to developed a computer game based on the popular novel, A Craving for Blood by Mark H. Walker (

“I’m elated to have a chance to bring this book to life on the computer screen,” stated David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix Games. “Mark has knack for bending genres, be they literary or gaming, and the gritty combat and conflicted heroine in A Craving for Blood is Mark at his best”.

“Matrix Games is the only publisher I feel could make this work at the high standards I want. Gamers are going to be very excited about this one.” said Mark Walker.

A Craving for Blood moved into the ten most popular novels on Booklocker ( this week. The novel features a witches brew of Abrams tanks, three-story tall robotic fighting machines, and macabre assassins. Nevertheless, it’s a brew that will keep reader's noses buried in the binding as they bore through this darkly, yet grittily detailed, military science fiction thriller.

The Early Show now offers two new HellGate: London movies, one is the official GStar 2006 Promo Trailer, and the other a ShakyCam gameplay movie. The official trailer is mirrored on 3D Gamers and Worthplaying.

Morning Q&As

  • Aveyond
    Tales of the Rampant Coyote's Interview With Amanda Fitch talks with this game designer about Aveyond, her indie-developer RPG: "I wanted to play a game like Kings Quest VI, but I found out that game companies weren't making these sorts of games anymore. I rolled up my sleeves and decided to make the game that I wanted to play. After I finished my first game, Gaea Fallen, I wanted to play an RPG like Final Fantasy VI, but alas, I had the same problem. No one seemed to be making them anymore. So I made Ahriman's Prophecy. Both games were freeware and Ahriman's Prophecy was popular enough for me to consider making games for a living."
  • The Future
    On The Wii, The PS3, The 360 And The PC Part 6 on FiringSquad continues this series on the future, asking their set of pet questions of Tilted Mill's Jeff Fiske and Infinite Interactive's Steve Fawkner.

Morning Previews

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Out of the Blue

Well, turns out Sunday Night Football was as rough on the Giants as Monday Night Football often is, which was ugly. I thought the game would expose the weaknesses of a team everyone was assuming was a powerhouse, and I was right, but I thought the Bears would be the exposed team, not the Giants.

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