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Monday, Apr 17, 2006

Baseball Mogul 2007 Demo

A Baseball Mogul 2007 demo offers the chance to get in touch with your inner Steinbrenner in a sample of Enlight's baseball management game. The demo is available on 3D Downloads, FileFront, and Worthplaying. Details on the game are on the Sports Mogul Official Website. Play ball!

Dear Diary

A new Shawn's Blog on the SiN Episodes Website offers a new diary on the development of Ritual's shooter sequel, going into detail on their approach to episodic gaming, describing how they will develop an overarching storyline for the entire series, but how each episode will also be a stand-alone experience.

The Late Show

A new X-Men: The Official Game movie shows off the centerpiece of the X-Men franchise, introducing the Wolverine from the upcoming action game based on the Marvel Comics series. The movie is available on 3D Downloads, 3D Gamers, FileFront, Strategy Informer, and Worthplaying.

Evening Q&As

  • Warhammer Online
    Mythic’s Mark Jacobs talks about the path to getting the Warhammer IP (Part 1) on GameZone discusses the upcoming Warhammer MMORPG: "All you have to do is look at the fantasy role-playing books, the fantasy battle books, they published a book called World of Warhammer long before World of Warcraft came out. So we’ve always known there is a hell of a lot of potential there. But we were never able to hook up. I mean you look at where we are now. When we did Camelot … at the time we spoke to them about doing an MMO, based on Warhammer, they already had a deal, and we had no money. All the money that we had, we sold part of the company to do the funding to do Camelot. No publisher wanted to give us any money to do Camelot, so we sold a piece of the company to afford to do the game. And so the timing for the first time in years had been right. They were coming off, what was obviously, a failed – there is no other way to say – venture with Climax. They needed a little time to digest all the information and see what went right and what went wrong. And there we were saying, ‘hey, when you are ready to talk again …’ So they took some time, and then we started negotiations. And eight months later, we had the license."
  • CellFactor
    Computer Games Online's CellFactor Q&A Part 2 continues their conversation with Artificial Studios Jeremy Stieglitz about Immersion Software's upcoming first-person shooter: "In the demo, there's Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag (the flags are actually physics objects like everything else), each supporting up to 16 LAN players and/or bots. Perhaps the modding community may be able to determine what more specialized modes can be dreamed up to best make use of the demo's PhysX capabilities -- the game code is completely editable using C# scripting, and the engine has an open content pipeline."
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    RPG Vault's The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Team Q&A #1 resurrects their one-question/many answers series by asking the Oblivion team at Bethesda Softworks the following question: "What was your role on the Oblivion team, and in regard to your contributions to it, what stands out most in your mind, what are you most proud of, and why?"
  • Apogee
    The Apogee Legacy #15 on the 3D Realms Website (thanks Frans) talks with Peder Jungck about Secret Agent, released in 1992.
  • Cold Fear Movie
    The Cold Fear Movie Q&A on FiringSquad discusses the upcoming game adaptation with Darkworks' Antonine Villette.

Evening Previews

Evening Screenshots

etc., etc.

Into the Black

Thanks Phil for pointing out that New York is indeed one of the places where the tax deadline is tomorrow, as explained in the Wikipedia entry on Patriot's Day: "In 2006, because April 15 fell on a weekend, the IRS said that 2005 tax returns would be due on April 17. However, for those states which send their tax returns to the Massachusetts processing center (Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, and the District of Columbia), the deadline is not until Tuesday, April 18." So there.

Extended Links! Thanks Mike Martinez and Ant.
Stories: Future sex: gizmos, robots.
Rabbit Restoration Effort Under Way. It's duck season!
Science!: Getting gas from trash.
Meat-Eating Dinosaur Was Bigger Than T. Rex.
Media: Japanese Girl Dressed as Seal Taunts Polar Bear.
Follow-up: Stefan Eriksson charged with multiple counts.
Teh Funny: ActionTrip Comic Strip.

Televised Pro Gaming

Professional Video Gaming Set for TV Debut has word that the USA Network is set to air several one hour television shows focused on online gaming. If their comparison to NASCAR and poker is accurate, then this is the start of the next big thing:
SAN JOSE, Calif. - Professional video gaming is set to debut on cable television later this year, potentially paving the way for the kings and queens of game controllers to become as familiar to American households as the faces of Johnny Chan or Annie Duke in televised poker.

Major League Gaming, the world's largest organized video gaming league, on Monday will announce a programming deal in which USA Network will air seven one-hour episodes in the fall, featuring the pro circuit and its players.

Though video gaming fans have been able to follow competitions on game Web sites for years already, MLG's television deal marks the first time regular TV viewers would be able track the ups and downs of a pro tournament, watching video gaming as a new kind of extreme sport.

"This is the sign that pro gaming has finally arrived to the mass market," said Matthew Bromberg, MLG's president and chief operating officer. "It's like poker was two years ago, or NASCAR 15 years ago."

Morning Metaverse

Thanks Mike Martinez.

Morning Safety Dance

Thanks Mike Martinez.

The Mod Squads - New Vavoom

The Vavoom Website offers a new version 1.20 of the Vavoom port of the DOOM source code (thanks Frans). Word is: "There have been a lots of changes in internal workings of the engine and progs, probably the most notable is support for modular progs."

Monday Game Reviews

Monday Hardware Reviews


Thanks Mike Martinez.

Out of the Blue

I did some checking and see that I was misinformed about this year's tax deadline, which seems to be today, rather than tomorrow. An article I found on the subject does mention "some exceptions" based on today's Patriots Day holiday in Massachusetts, but doesn't specify where… I'm pretty sure the IRS will not excuse lateness based on what you read on a gaming website, so there's your correction, though I would hope no one would being going solely on my word on this.

Taxing Links! Thanks Mike Martinez and Ant.
Link: Oreo Sculptures.
Stories: School Makes Kids Use Buckets for Toilets.
Man Trading Up From Paper Clip to House.
NYPD Deploys First of 500 Security Cameras. Big Brother's Big Apple.
Science!: Obesity Finds Niche in American Marketing. The next big thing.
Improve your hearing with a new pair of glasses.
Images: The Foam Monster That Ate Ellsworth Air Base. Thanks Phil.
Childhood Renaissance 3.
Media: Cooking with Liquid Oxygen LOX. Thanks Digg. Professor Bubba shows the way.
Teh Funny: Dr. Fun.
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