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Sunday, Sep 18, 2005 Batman Day - National Cheeseburger Day (USA)

Evochron Alliance Unveiled

The Evochron Alliance Website (thanks Frans) reveals the next installment in the Star Wraith/Evochron series of space combat games. Here's a bit:
Evochron Alliance is the sequel to Evochron, which introduced space-sim fans to a diverse universe of interactive real-time sc-fi gameplay with several new and unique elements. Set in a newly colonized area of space, Evochron Alliance continues where the original left off and adds a single player campaign involving an elusive alien race known as the Vonari. As a freelance mercenary, you will soon be called upon to protect the Alliance territories and confront the Vonari where they live.

The sequel includes many new features requested by the players, including revised graphics, shipyard construction system, new hidden benefits, new weapons, new technology, custom mission designing, enhanced custom system designing, and more.

Gold - Russian Vivisector

The Action Forms Website (thanks Frans) has the brief news that the Russian edition of Vivisector: Beast Inside us gold, saying the first-person shooter should be in Russian stores by September 30. There are also some new screenshots from the game on 3D Gamers.

Sunday Preview

Sunday Screenshots

Falcon IV: Allied Force Patch

The Lead Pursuit Website now offers the second patch for Falcon 4.0: Allied Force, updating the reissue of this modern combat flight simulator to version 1.03 (thanks Frans). Word is: "There are many improvements to all areas of simulation and these are detailed in a news item below. In addition, there is also a fix to ensure that Artificial Intelligence (AI) pilots attack air-to-ground targets more efficiently and more effectively. We hope you enjoy the enhancements in this patch and we would like to thank everyone again for their continued support and interest in Falcon 4.0: Allied Force!"

Sunday Game Reviews

Sunday Hardware Reviews

Out of the Blue

Struggled for hours this morning with a BSoD on reboot that persisted past all logical efforts to isolate or repair it. It finally occurred to me that the only thing that had changed was a flash card was now in a slot on the printer. As unlikely as that sounds as a potential cause for my machine to crash, I was out of options enough to try it, and, unlikely or not, it worked.

Oh those nutty computers!

Overnight Links: Thanks Mike Martinez and Ant.
Play Time: Grow Cube.
Link: The Worst Halloween Costumes of All Time. Thanks Warren.
Stories: Ground crew races to rescue plane.
The Slurpee at 40 - Has it grown up?
Moose loves mare, but gets nowhere. Thanks Devicer. Pepe le Pew with Antlers.
Science: Company Wants Settlers on Mars.
By 2050, an Urban Planet (registration required).
Will We Merge With Machines? Thanks space captain.
Images: Waffle House Sign. We need buildings made of that material.
Fun with Propaganda 5.
Media: Pretty fly for a white guy.
MythBusters Videos.
Teh Funny: FoxTrot.
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